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2009 Subaru Forester - JF2SH61699H - Electrical System Problems

VIN: JF2SH61699H
Location: W. Columbia, SC
Miles: 45000
Date Reported: August 30th, 2012

Description of Problem

I went to the grocery store today; it was off and on rainy weather, so i had been running my windshield wipers a little. Turned off forester; went in store, came back out, started forester up - i noticed the time/temp/mileage display was black, then, i noticed the radio had lost power; then i noticed the wind shield wipers did not work, but not until i was out in the highway and needed to use them. This was dangerous and should never have happened. I made another stop, turned off forester, went in store, came back out, started up forester - at that time, the wipers, radio and display were back to normal??? This undependableness will not do. Subaru needs to repair my forester at no charge. I believe my love affair with subaru is over, especially after reading all these complaints and what i experienced.