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2009 Subaru Forester - JF2SH61699H- W. Columbia, SC: August 30th, 2012
I went to the grocery store today; it was off and on rainy weather, so i had been running my windshield wipers a little. Turned off car; went in store, came back out, started car up - i noticed the time/temp/mileage display was black, then, i noticed the radio had lost power; then i noticed the wind shield wipers did not work, but not until i was out in the highway and needed to use them. This was dangerous and should never have happened. I made another stop, turned off car, went in store, came back out, started up car - at that time, the wipers, radio and display were back to normal??? This undependableness will not do. Subaru needs to repair my car at no charge. I believe my love affair with subaru is over, especially after reading all these complaints and what i experienced.

2012 Subaru Impreza - JF1GPAA67CH- Milford, CT: August 27th, 2012
Passenger side airbag turned off with adult sitting in the seat. Sensor replaced by dealer in july 2012, brought back august 2012 with same problem. Was informed by the dealer that the malfunction was caused by either an electronic device (cell phone) on the seat or the sensor may have been wet. I contacted subaru north america with this explanation and they confirmed that the new sensoring technology used in the impreza, was sensitive to electronic pulses and also moisture and possibly sweat. They confirmed that the airbag may turn-off and would not be activated during a collision. Subaru now considers this matter closed.

2006 Subaru Forester - JF1SG67616H- Sanit Louis Park , MN: August 24th, 2012
Tl- the contact owns a 2006 subaru forester. The contact stated that while driving 30 mph, he noticed that all of the warning lights were illuminated on the instrument panel. Within seconds, sparks were emitted from the instrument panel and the contact could smell burning. The contact turned off the engine and exited the vehicle. No one was injured. The fire department was called and extinguished the small fire. The vehicle was towed to the dealer where the contact was awaiting diagnosis. The manufacturer was not contacted. The failure and the current mileage was 95,000. Kmj

2012 Subaru Forester - JF2SHAGC4CH- Waltham, MA: August 17th, 2012
After sharp acceleration the check engine light came on and stayed on. No other issues noted. Two months later with 7500 miles on the odometer, the same thing occurred but this time the cruise control light and the vehicle stabilization light came on as well. Cruise control did not work and i assume the stabilization didn't either.

2011 Subaru Outback - 4S4BRBFC9B3- Anza , CA: August 18th, 2012
I keep replacing headlight bulbs and they keep burning out friday we had to drive a mountain road with fog lights only because they both burned out. There must be a problem as it is happening all to often.

2009 Subaru Impreza - JF1GE76669G- Indiana, PA: August 17th, 2012
My clutch started squeaking while driving on the highway. When depressing the clutch, the brake pedal moves toward the drivers side and down. Upon further inspection, i noticed the spot welds that hold the clutch and brake assembly to car were broken and starting to separate from the firewall. Eventually, the welds will fail and completely remove the assembly from the firewall. Thus, clutch and braking abilities will be gone and cause an accident.

2002 Subaru Impreza - JF1GG65522H- Summersville, WV: August 17th, 2012
The contact owns a 2002 subaru impreza. While having the vehicle inspected for routine maintenance, the contact was informed that the sub frame was corroded. The vehicle was taken to the dealer for diagnostic testing who stated that the sub frame would have to be replaced. The vehicle was not repaired. The approximate failure mileage was 115,541.

2010 Subaru Impreza - JF1GH7G68AG- Nashua, NH: August 16th, 2012
Engine completely seized while driving on the highway without any warning from the car's computer engine seizure was due to all of the oil leaking out of the engine from the oil filter area. This was a slow leak over a 5 month period. The biggest concern here is that the car's computer system did nothing to warn me of this impending catastrophic failure. No oil lights ever came on, no cel ever came on, the oil temperature gauge never moved from the middle. From the time the slight knocking in the engine started to the time of the engine seizing was probably less then 5 minutes. Even during the engine knocking no warning lights or cel came on at all. If i was not such an experienced driver i think this could have ended as a very bad accident. I could see somebody else being in a very scary and dangerous situation to have your engine completely seize up and stop while driving down the highway at a high rate of speed (68 mph) resulting in an immediate power loss, loss of power steering and loss of full breaking power while trying to navigate to the right side of the road safely. Upon alerting subaru of america and the local dealership about this they did not show any sense of concern about this issue. If a car has no oil in it and the engine seizes while driving without any warning from the cars computer this seems like a severe liability and faulty design in the cars computer safety features. Subaru of america just did not seemed concern about this issue at all so i feel obligated to make this issue be known to prevent any possible future instances of this happening and hopefully alerting subaru of america to this problem so they can review this and fix this issue for other subaru impreza wrx drivers and the safety of their occupants and other cars on the road. I am very, very thankful this did not happen when my children were in the car with me.

2012 Subaru Impreza - JF1GPAL63CG- Prior Lake, MN: August 16th, 2012
The contact owns a 2012 subaru impreza. The contact stated that while driving approximately 35 mph, the front passenger air bag warning lamp illuminated even though there was an occupant in the front seat. The vehicle was taken to a dealer who stated that the occupancy seat sensor detected wetness from the passenger's clothing which resulted to the sensor not operating properly. The manufacturer was not made aware of the problem. The approximate failure mileage was 12,800. Updated 08/29/12*lj

2010 Subaru Outback - 4S4BRDKC5A2- Sandy, UT: August 16th, 2012
The front end of the car shakes on smooth roads (recently repaved road) and it tends to persist whether you are accelerating or decelerating. Previously took car in for the dealership to look at this issue and they stated it was a wheel balance issue. They rotated my wheels, stated they balanced the wheels and also stated that i needed new tires even though there is plenty of wear left on the tires. The issue never went away on the shaking front end of my car and continues to be an issue today. ## vin passed ## 2010 subaru outback 3. 6r ##

2011 Subaru Legacy - 4S3BMBK64B3- Randolph, NJ: August 15th, 2012
At highway speeds going around turns steering is very loose, car to wonder and not maintain track causing you to jerk the wheel to currect..

2011 Subaru Forester - JF2SHADCBH7- Oakland , NJ: August 12th, 2012
I was driving and suddenly heard a very loud knocking noise. The car started slowing down and then stopped. Smoke was coming out from under the hood. The car was towed to a nearby dealership. They determined that the one of the connecting rods punctured the engine block which caused engine oil to shoot through the hole onto the engine block, melting the wiring, and causing the smoke.

2012 Subaru Outback - 4S4BRDKC0C2- Boulder, CO: August 3rd, 2012
Situation: traveling at 60mph up a steep hill on i70 west bound in left passing lane. Cars following close, and cars in the right lane. For the first time (new car) i used the downshift paddle on the left side of the steering wheel to downshift to accelerate. I tapped it to downshift one gear. It instantly dropped to 1st gear. The engine rpms went to red line or above. The car decelerated dramatically, and i was tossed forward. I attempted to upshift using the right paddle but there was no response, and the car remained in first gear. The car behind nearly hit me. The only useful control that i had was the steering wheel (brakes or accelerator useless). Further, i assumed the brake lights were not lit. Due to the alertness of the driver behind and the drivers to my right as i slowed dramatically and got off the highway to the right shoulder, a serious accident was avoided. Dashboard lights were lit, brake light flashing, etc. Car was towed to flatirons subaru in boulder, co. There the computer data logging confirmed both my speed and the rpms at redline or above. They were unable either to reproduce this behavior, or to determine the cause. I understand that they were told by subaru that this was the first time this had been known to happen, and then told to reinitialize the "adaptive" portion of the computer, which i believe they did. Overall, i was told that "this couldn't happen because there were safety locks to prevent it". When the recorded data confirmed my description, i think the mechanics were very surprised, and did try hard to understand this. I wouldn't accept the vehicle back because i am of the opinion that if you don't know why something happened, you can't be sure it won't happen again.

2002 Subaru Outback - 4F3BE686227- Saco, ME: August 2nd, 2012
We were driving on highway i-95 going between 55 and 60 miles an hour and the hood latch failed. The hood came up blocking our vision and broke the windshield. Extensive damage to car. We were traveling in the far right lane and were lucky that we could pull the car off the highway into the breakdown lane. We were very lucky no one was behind us.

1991 Subaru Legacy - 4S3BJ6320M1- Santa Monica , CA: August 1st, 2012
The contact owns a 1991 subaru legacy. The contact was sitting at a traffic stop when he attempted to shift into drive and the gear shifter detached from the vehicle. The vehicle was not taken to the dealer for inspection or repairs. The manufacturer was contacted and informed the contact to take the vehicle to the dealer for inspection of the failure. The failure and the current mileage was 123,259.

2008 Subaru Outback - 4S4BP62CX87- South Dartmouth, MA: July 25th, 2012
One wire leading to the rear cargo hatch (right side) broke and 3 others had cracked insulation due to a lack of resilience after flexing. These wires are flexed every time the hatch is opened and closed. All electrical parts on the hatch travel though this wiring harness (wipers, lock, etc. ). Had the failure of the lock not been noticed, further wear could have caused a short and a fire. The vehicle is only 4 and a half years old. Many other people have had similar problems going back to at least the 2005 model.

2012 Subaru Forester - JF2SHBBC7CH- Mandan, ND: July 25th, 2012
The contact owns a 2012 subaru forester. The contact stated that while driving 10 mph, she applied the brakes and the vehicle did not stop. The contact applied repeated pressure to the brake pedal but the brake pedal was depressed into the floorboard abnormally. The contact then applied the emergency brake and the vehicle stopped. The vehicle was safely driven to an authorized dealer but they were unable to determine the cause of failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The manufacturer was not made aware of the failure. The failure mileage was 2,800.

2012 Subaru Outback - 4S4BRCKC8C3- Lampe, MO: July 23rd, 2012
In early december of 2011 my wife and i purchased a 2012 subaru outback with a 4 cylinder engine, cvt transmission. We had to wait a day for our outback because it was being repaired do to a brake system recall. Ever since purchasing the outback we have had a serious issue when using the paddle shifters to slow down for a stop. When the tach slows to about 1100 rpm in first or second gear the engine then accelerates to up to 2500 rpm, slowing down and then speeding up again then repeating the cycle over even if you apply the brakes. Sometimes it would just run at 2500 rpm until you braked to a stop. I took the outback to our dealer and the subaru service advisor was very surprised when i drove it to demonstrate the very serious issue. It did exactly as i have described and even stayed at 2500 rpm. The service advisor and who i presume was the overall manager of the dealership took it for a drive without me. When they returned i was told that the way it operated was the way it was supposed to operate because of the engine needing to be more environmentally friendly. I stated i did not really believe that excuse and left. Since that first visit, the outback has started doing the very serious acceleration issue also in automatic drive at low speeds. I returned on july 19, 2012 to get my first service done. I left the car for the service and tested an exact (except for color) 2012 outback. This outback had none of the very serious acceleration issues that my outback has. When returning to pickup my outback i told the service advisor of this outcome and he stated i would have to contact subaru of america to elevate the issue. Respond as soon as possible as to where i can take the outback for repair of this very serious acceleration issue. My wife and i will be traveling via the outback very soon and need this very serious issue resolved before we leave.

2007 Subaru B9 Tribeca - 4S4WX85D174- Kenmore, WA: July 23rd, 2012
While driving this car it constantly loses acceleration. It will have no power then lurch forward and rev. It idles, lurches, and then has no acceleration. I have also replaced the sway bar bearings twice in this car as well as 2 oxygen sensors, and catalytic converter. The deal still cant fix the problem even with the service codes. This car is a danger and a safety issue.

2000 Subaru Legacy - 4S3BE6352Y7- Weaverville, CA: July 19th, 2012
I had a blowout on the freeway. Purchased replacement tire and drove 313 miles on this brand new tire and it developed a bubble and had to be replaced again.