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2002 Sterling Sterling - 2FZAAHCS52A- Braselton, GA: October 20th, 2011
2002 sterling box truck. Consumer states truck was on a local highway and starting making a high pitch grinding noise in the front wheel and snapped off *tgw the mechanic informed the consumer there was a spindle nut recall on the truck. The total repair bill was $ 3,602. 33 of which none of it was covered under warranty. The consumer contacted daimler trucks to inquire about the recall, but was informed, since the repairs were not completed at an authorized repair shop, the consumer would not be eligible for reimbursement. *jb. Updated 12/06/11. *jb

2003 Sterling Acterra - 2FZACFCS03A- Pine Lake, GA: July 21st, 2011
The contact owns a 2003 sterling acterra. The contact stated that while driving 45 mph, the front passenger wheel detached from the vehicle and destroyed a nearby fence. The vehicle was previously repaired under the recall associated with nhtsa campaign id number 04v272000 (suspension:front:wheel bearing), but the failure had since recurred in 2009 and 2011. The failure mileage was 119,000 and the current mileage was 215,000.

2009 Sterling 8500 - 2FWJAWDX69A- Long Beach, CA: January 24th, 2011
These three types of commercial vehicles 2009 sterling lng, 2010 freightliner lng and kenworth lng 2010 are design to transport loads in and out from the port of long beach. These three vehicles has a tendency to be mechanically problematic by constantly breaking down but the most concern issue is that these vehicles has a normal function in turning off while driving on the road which is dangerous to our public. The company i work for has around 200 lng trucks which they all suddenly turn off on the freeway while driving. Our company state that only a 10% of the lng trucks have this issue which is a lie because i drive this trucks and all of my collies workers have these issues. These trucks need a recall and not wait until someone gets killed in the road.

2007 Sterling L-line - 2FZHCMCV47A- Edwardsville, IL: December 22nd, 2010
The contact owns a 2007 sterling l-line. The contact stated that the diesel fuel line was leaking. The manufacturer was notified of the failure and the contact was informed that the truck was not included in the recall associated with nhtsa campaign id number: 08v113000 (fuel system, diesel). The vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer where the fuel line was repaired. The failure and current mileage was 219,212. The consumer stated initially the fuel leaks were predominately from cracked high pressure steel lines leading to the fuel injector. The consumer stated he first experienced the problem shortly after purchasing the trucks by detroit diesel in 2005. Updated evoq 01/31/11 updated 02/17/11*lj updated 05/09/11

2007 Sterling 9500 - 2FZHCMCV87A- Corona, CA: November 26th, 2010
I had a tire blow out on 9/8/2010. The right front tire blew while i was traveling at about 55 miles per hour from houston to galveston tx. The hole cap came of the tire like it was a used recap tire. The tire cracked the hood as well as the right front fender and the wheel well cover it also threw the hood out of alignment. The tire got replaced but the rest of the damages are still pending. After my tire blowout there has been 3 other drivers who've had the same problem, and i do not feel safe driving on those tires anymore. I have contacted michelin to have them buy the tires back and pay for my repairs but nothing is happening jet. Michelin clearly has a defective tire on this one and i want to make clear that anything that may happen to me or anyone else due to this tires is on michelin because they are telling me there is nothing wrong with this tire when we in a small group have blown 4 out of 5 equal tires.

2004 Sterling Hx - 2FWJA3CV84A- Taylor, MI: July 16th, 2009
I own 10 2004 sterling tractors. The brake pedal is mounted on the floor. The connecting parts are made of unsimilar metals and after a period of time the parts bind up making the pedal freeze, what could cause an accident. Thanks

2007 Sterling L-line - 2FZHAZCV67A- Kingsport, TN: August 27th, 2008
We have 6 sterling trucks affected by recall #08v-113. We have had two of our trucks experience a failure in the fuel lines, spraying diesel fuel all over the road behind us, paying for several car washes for cars following us and paying for after hours road side repairs. Detroit diesels recall notice states to contact them to be re-imbursed. When we called the number listed, the recording states they will not re-imburse for these repairs.

2008 Sterling Acterra - 2FZHCHBS48A- Parsons Kansas, KS: July 16th, 2008
Air dryer on 2008 acterra trucks. The new system on the engine allows exhaust soot into the intake manifold and the air compressor receives its air from the bottom side on the intake. The problem is this soot is building in the purge valve on the ad9 air dryer and causing air to leak out of bottom of dryer. We have had this problem on both 2008 trucks and causing problem with air pressures. I have reported this problem to dealer and he said he would take it up with freightliner.

2008 Sterling A-line - 3F6WK68A48G- Monett, MO: April 7th, 2008
Three weeks ago our company purchased two sterling bulliets from jenkins diesel in springfield mo when our drivers brought the trucks in they stated the trucks were hard to handle, as these were cab and chassis units the dealer said when we put the beds on they would be fine. We outfitted a bed on the first truck and made a trip (1900) miles these two driver's were exhausted when they returned. The truck was extremely hard to keep on the road. We called the dealer and he picked the truck that day, they have now had it for ten days and the there response is we have made some improvement to the way it handles but no near enough. These trucks are brand new on the market. The dealer has agreed to refund our money , but as an individual i think these trucks need to be pulled off the market until the handling problem can be addressed in the proper manner. The dealer refunding our money and saying that the improvement is minimal make me think there are going to be accidents piling up. Thank you john weiser

2006 Sterling Acterra - 2FZACGCS36A- Fond Du Lac, WI: January 29th, 2008
The contact owns a 2006 sterling acterra. The contact shifted into drive and, when he depressed the accelerator pedal, it became stuck. He depressed the brake pedal as hard as possible, but the vehicle would not stop. The contact stated that this occurred once before while attempting to back up. The mechanic was unable to determine the cause of the failure. The current and failure mileages were 141,000. Updated 02/15/08. *lj the consumer hit 2 other vehicles. He was unable to stop the vehicle.

2005 Sterling L-line - 2FZHAZCV55A- Arden Hills, MN: October 24th, 2007
Sterling trucks with tuff-trac rear suspension, the spring mounts on the axles are hitting the truck frame.

2006 Sterling Lt - 2FZHAZCK76A- Trevorton, PA: September 7th, 2007
I am writing to inform you that there is a safety problem with the hendrickson haulmax suspension used on medium and heavy duty trucks. In my case the bolster springs began to lean to one side of my truck, and the bolts on the whole suspension would never stay tight. When the vehicle was taken to the garage to be fixed it was noticed that the walking beams on the truck were in an unsafe condition and the whole suspension need to be replaced. The company i lease on to has four trucks with this suspension and they are all doing the same thing, in fact one of them the suspension totally collapsed on 9/6/07 and is now in the shop getting repaired. I was also informed by a fellow driver that the company he hauls for has some trucks with this suspension and two of them the walking beams broke in half while the trucks were going down the road at 70 mph, resulting in lose of control of the vehicle. Hendrickson redesigned the bolsters but the walking beam are still the same type. Eventually people will get killed when a walking beam breaks in half and the truck kills them. Something really needs to be done before that happens.

2003 Sterling A-line - 2FWBA2CV03A- Andalusia, AL: October 12th, 2006
Dt*: the contact stated while driving various speeds, the fuel line assembly burst without warning spraying diesel fuel onto the vehicle and the highway. The contact managed to park the vehicle on the side of the highway without further incident. The contact inspected the vehicle and determined the fuel lines were fractured into and needed replaced. A nhtsa recall, #05v469000 remedy repair to the engine by emc recalibration and replacement of the fuel lift pump was performed which pertained to the fuel system. However, the recall did not remedy the problem. The dealership would not offer an additional repair without charge under the recall. The manufacturer was alerted.

2004 Sterling Lt9500 - 2FZHAZCVX4A- Fountain, FL: August 14th, 2006
2004 sterling dump truck fuel lines rubbed together causing a leak. Mechanic replaced. Recall repair was done before recall was issued. *kb the consumer also pointed out to the mechanic that the other line was rubbing, however the mechanic stated he couldn't fix it because it was not leaking. The air condition lines were rubbing on the fuel filter and the accelerator was rubbing on the 1/ 1/2 braided line to the turbo. The mechanic told the consumer he couldn't fix that either because it was not broken. The mechanic told the consumer he didn't replace the fuel line under warranty because the piece the mechanic needed, the consumer had cut it when he made the repairs himself. The consumer went to another mechanic and the work was performed. The consumer was told it was free of charge, however several days later, the consumer received a bill in the mail. *jb

2000 Sterling Lt - 2FZNNXYB7YA- Lessburg, FL: January 22nd, 2006
Dashboard is breaking apart. Most critical area at this time is where the fuse box is located. Most of the plastic has cracked broken and the fuse panel fell out and was hanging by the electrical wires. Another area of importance is where the air brake set/release valve is located. The plastic gave way and the valve pushes freely back into the dash without support to set or release. Deterioration has occurred over time and the deterioration is continuing. Fuse panel has been secured to floor. Air brake valve has been reinforced. Jb

2003 Sterling Acterra - 2FZACFCT53A- Bakersfield, CA: June 24th, 2005
Dt: contact received manufacturer recall fl-424 saying to take the truck to a dealer. When she called dealer to make an appointment dealer said he needed to order the recall part. When she called back he said that part wasn't in yet. The third time she called dealer said he had not ordered the part yet, and he needed to see the truck first before he ordered the part, and he was going to charge contact for taking the car apart and putting it back together again. Also, he would have to charge them for the part in order to get the part overnight. Contact did not want want to take vehicle back to the dealer because he was saying that it will take a week to get the work done. She said her recall letter stated it should take two hours to do the repairs. *ak

2003 Sterling L-line - 2FZHAZASX3A- Honeoye, NY: May 24th, 2005
Dt: steering box; the northeast has a problem there are 3 towns in this county who had these same problems. Salt from the roads got into the steering box, and the vehicle was completely disassembled. *ak

1999 Sterling Cargo - 1B7HC13Z1XJ- Kansad City, MO: October 26th, 2004
Our named insured, [xxx], purchased a 1999 dodge q1500 from sunflower dodge in late 2000, early 2001. Vehicle had original tires. Tire tread seperated and accident occurred 08/07/2004. One car accident. [xxx] *ak updated 07/24/2012 *js information redacted pursuant to the freedom of information act (foia), 5 u. S. C. 552(b)(6)

2000 Sterling Lt - 2FZXE0ZB4YA- Napoleon, OH: September 13th, 2004
While driving under a heavy load the vehicle's suspension failed. *nm the problem occurred while driving down the highway carrying sand. The consumer was fighting to keep control. (model 9522) *sc *jb

2002 Sterling Acterra - 2FZAAHCS42A- Houston, TX: September 14th, 2004
When driving with the lights on, after 15 minutes to 1 hour, the tail lights and the box lights went off. The headlights stayed on, when turned off, they would come on again and would stay on for 10 minutes and the tail lights would go off again and the head lights would stay on. The windshield wipers were intermittent and the washer fluid would come on by itself. The electric door locks were intermittent. Several mechanics suggested that the 15 watt fuses would get too hot. The rear transaxle seal leaked. *sc