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2012 Scion Scion Xd - JTKKU4B49C1- New Haven, CT: January 13th, 2012
Purchased this car brand new. Was assured of toyotas 200 point safety inspection. Shortly after driving this car home i noticed that i never received a spare key and the horn didn't work (the first line of defense in driving safety). I returned to the dealership and asked if they took the fuse out to prevent the horn from sounding, they said "no, they never take any fuses out". They did not want to replace the fuse at first. They told me to go home and come back during service hours (i work, i already drove 30 miles and needed my horn twice on the way there). I asked if they could give me a fuse and i'd put it in myself. I guess they felt threatened by that and quickly installed fuse. It's now day 6 with this 2012 scion xd my temp/coolant lights been on since day 3. My boyfriend checked the coolant and discovered, there wasn't any in the engine. I don't know what damage this has caused or what other fluid or fuses are missing. I'm pretty certain that there was no 200 point inspection. I'm just happy that i didn't get stuck or killed on my maiden 300 mile voyage to boston. Not safe and not a good way for toyota to fix their damaged safety record.

2006 Scion Scion Tc - North Hollywood, CA: May 27th, 2010
Exiting highway, oil light on my 2006 scion tc flickered on. I pulled over and there was no oil on the dipstick, all there was is a black goop. I regularly change my oil.

2006 Scion Scion Xb - JTLKT324364- Apo, AE: May 19th, 2010
My 2006 scion xb has a crack on the front windshield, starting from the center top extending straight downward approximately 6 inches and then proceeds to crack in the direction towards the drivers side which again extends another 6 inches. The crack has no visible point of impact from a rock or foreign object and originates from on top of the windshield behind the trim. Upon further investigation and searching online i found many other scion xb consumers who share the same exact crack similar to mine. It is clearly due to the toyota oem windshield being defective, causing the windshield to crack on its own. The scion xb was parked in a parking lot in residential when first noticed.