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Latest Renault Problem Reports

1987 Renault Alliance - 1XMVW967XHK- New Britain , CT: March 1st, 2004
Defective fuel tank. *mr the vehicle leaked gas from the fuel tank even though there was no evidence of rust or damage. The dealer suggested the fuel tank was poor manufacturing. The consumer requested a refund for the replacement tank. *jb

1988 Renault Medallion - VF1FF45B2J2- Quincy, IL: March 6th, 2001
The ignition switch was improperly mounted causing the ignition feed wire switch to twist from the motion of the steering wheel, as a result the wire gradually rubbed bare on the steering column and shorted out causing a sudden loss of power while the consumer was driving. Nlm

1986 Renault Alliance - 1XMDM960XGK- S. Charleston, OH: December 29th, 2000
Tire failed while driving at 55mp. I purchased the tires on 9/07/99 with 120,000 miles on the odometer. The failure occurred at 127,800 miles. I returned the tire to sears automotive in springfield, ohio on 12-29-00. The mangager of the store, mr. David sexton stated that the failure was caused by a "road hazard. " i wanted to make sure that the failure was not a defect. He said a defect would show during the first thousand miles of driving. I disagreed. I want to make sure that the tires are not defective. With all the problems surrounding firestone i am leary. Coupled to this sears past reputation with thier automotive division makes me even more leary. I have attempted to contact the district manager and have left messages with sears consumer service division. I did have the tire replaced on 12-29-00 at a different tire store. I did save the tire for inspection if need. I am not certain that it is a defect but want to rule out that possibiltiy. Have their been any other reports on this same tire or sears. *ak (tiresize: p15580r13)( dot number: tire size: p15580r13 )

1984 Renault Alliance - 1XMDC9608EK- South Euclio, OH: July 11th, 2000
Wheel well rusted, allow owner to see the street

1988 Renault Medallion - VF1FH45B3J2- Portland, OR: September 10th, 1998
Recall repair of the heater core not done because no parts available.

1984 Renault Alliance - 1XMDW9564EK- Lansing, MI: November 20th, 1998
No summary provided by consumer

1985 Renault Alliance - 1XMDW9600FK- Elkhart, IN: September 27th, 1998
Heater core failure. Owner believes vehicle was included in a recall.

1988 Renault Medallion - VF1FF48BXJ2- North Arlington, NJ: April 20th, 1998
Recall # 97v226000/chrysler heater core; dealer was not able to complete recall work because of bottle cap. Cap does not fit bottle and requires replacement which dealer states is not covered under recall notice. *ak

1988 Renault Medallion - VF1FF45C8J2- Stevens, PA: December 30th, 1997
Head lights are yellowing and no longer clear, poor visibility.

1986 Renault Encore - 1XMAW93636K- Suitland, MD: July 11th, 1997
Owner had work preformed on vehicle due to recall concerning heater core. Recall work was completed and this resulted in heater core meltdown. Owner is very concerned about this problem. *ak

1989 Renault Medallion - VF1FF45G4K2- Erie, PA: January 17th, 1997
Motorized seat belt failed.

1986 Renault Alliance - 1XMDM9534GK- Acworth, NH: October 21st, 1996
Owner contacted dealer about recall#92v051000 and was told the recall had expired. Please describe *ak.

1985 Renault Alliance - 1XMDC9562FK- Nowater, OK: July 31st, 1995
Heater core recalled.

1985 Renault Alliance - 1XMAW9668FK- Portland, OR: September 11th, 1996
Belt buckle on both driver's and passenger's side cracked. The buckle broke while attempting to buckle up. *ak

1986 Renault Alliance - 1XMAC9533GK- Lakewood, NJ: July 29th, 1996
Timing belt failed. *dh

1987 Renault Alliance - 1XMAC9560HK- Detroit, MI: May 20th, 1996
Windshield wipers work intermittently. *sd

1985 Renault Alliance - 1XMAC976XFK- Babylon, NY: October 16th, 1995
Transmission has rough shift into third gear when cold. *dsh

1985 Renault Alliance - 1XMAC9566FK- Rockford, IL: June 12th, 1995
Heater core failure caused vehicle to overheat prior/after recall repairs (88v-087). *skd

1986 Renault Alliance - 1XMDM9505GK- Ventura, CA: March 1st, 1996
Driver seat broke away at the frame, loose, dealer weld the seat frame back, know same proble in different location. *ak

1983 Renault Alliance - 1AMEC9533DK- North High, CA: November 7th, 1995
Engine caught fire, due to faulty hose, prior to recall 87v049000. *dsh