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1987 Pontiac Trans Am - 1G2FW21F1HN- Long Beach, NY: July 31st, 2012
The brake pedal suddenly fell to the floor while i was trying to brake the car for a red light at 40 mph with other traffic directly in front of me. The brake line traveling along the bottom of the car had rusted through due to corrosion causing the brakes to fail. In addition, all of the fuel lines which carry fuel at high pressure at approx. 48psi are also badly corroded and likely to fail with catastrophic results (e. G. , fire, explosion, etc. ). These brake and fuel line safety defects stem from the fact that general motors used inferior brake and fuel line parts (e. G. , ordinary rust prone steel) instead of slightly costlier stainless steel piping for brake and fuel lines. In addition, the automatic transmission oil cooler lines are also badly corroding due to gm using ordinary steel instead of stainless steel for these lines. Now, i have to have all of these brake and fuel lines replace due to gm using inferior rust-prone steel parts instead of slightly more costly corrosion resistant stainless steel brake and fuel pipe lines. This is a serious safety issue since corrosion of brake, fuel, and automatic transmission pipe lines could result in loss of vehicle control resulting in loss of life and property damage.

1986 Pontiac Trans Am - 1G2FW87F1GL- Port Angeles, WA: February 5th, 2009
Make: pontiac model: firebird model year: 1986 manufacturer: general motors corp. Mfr's report date: may 04, 1990 nhtsa campaign id number: 90v105000 ea90001 nhtsa action number: ea90001 component: seat belts:front:buckle assembly potential number of units affected: 1500000 summary: plastic components of seat belt buckle assemblies do not contain an ultra violet stabilizer, and exposure to direct sunlight and elevated interior temperatures could weaken the plastic components. Consequence: this could result in breakage of plastic components whichcould prevent buckle from latching and protecting occupant in a sudden stop oraccident. Remedy: replace or repair seat belt buckle. Notes: system: seat belt buckle. Vehicle description: passenger cars.

1986 Pontiac Trans Am - 1G2FW87H5GL- Cibolo, TX: September 29th, 2008
Kelly springfield tires 245/5016r hugger gt-d. Inner treadwall has separated approx 1/2 above rim, completely around tire. Tire is still inflated, but had a failure of front right tire in 1/2007. Did not see tire prior to replacement of tire by family member. Left rear tire has same separation but not yet as severe as front left. Car is utilized mostly on weekends and has ample tread remaining on tire surface. Pictures available. Have not yet replace tire as i will transit to store purchase location 9/30/08 for assessment.

1984 Pontiac Trans Am - 1G2AW87G1EL- Ewa Beach, HI: April 4th, 2007
I have a 1984 firebird that my friend gave me which has been sitting in storage for many years. I found out that there were recals on my vehicle and called the dealer. They said that since my carwas so old, they don't have any record of any recalls. I called pontiac customer service's 800 number, and they told me the same thing. Basically, since they have no record of any recalls for my vehicle, that there is nothing for them to fix. So basically, my car is too old so they won't fix any recalls, since they don't know of any. I told them the recalls are listed on your site, but the customer service rep was no help at all. *ak

2001 Pontiac Trans Am - 2G2FV32G512- Gaithersburg, MD: September 19th, 2006
My door is falling off from the frame of the car. No accidents to the car. The window has had numerous problems. The gm body shop said they just had this same problem last week with another firebird. Gm has offered to pay 15% of the $982. 00. I have found out that the doors are glued on all firebirds. I feel this is a major defect from the manufacturer. The problem has not been fixed. *nm

1999 Pontiac Trans Am - 2G2FV22G1X2- Flint, MI: August 28th, 2006
Took vehicle to dealer to have oil change. Was told that they found needle bearings in oil pan. Car cannot be driven because needles may enter the engine and cause engine to seize up or complete engine failure. They had to replace 16 rocker arms, drain magnet,r and r oil pan to clean,change oil and filter. I believe these rocker arms failure is due to a defect in the vehicle as my car only has 16480 miles and is stored from oct. Through may. Car is one owner,me and has been taken for oil changes before driving in summer and again before storing for winter. This is the 30th anniversary numbered edition car and means a lot to me so i take extreme care of the car. *nm

2002 Pontiac Trans Am - 2G2FV22GX22- Henderson, NV: March 9th, 2006
2002 trans am jerks when brakes are applied. Mechanic determined the rotors were warped. *ts the dealer stated the calipers are hard hitting which warps the rotors. It is a know problem and a defect. The window motor was replaced and the inside light above the handle was inoperative. *jb

2002 Pontiac Trans Am - 2G2FV22G622- Fayetteville, NC: February 2nd, 2006
Dt*: the contact stated the guide that holds the driver's side seat belt shoulder strap broke. The vehicle was taken to the dealership to have the guide replaced. The manufacturer has not been contacted. This caused the seat belt to ride up on the driver's neck. If an accident occurred this could have resulted in a broken neck or strangling the driver. Manufacturer took report over the telephone, but dealer did not show concern. *ak

2001 Pontiac Trans Am - 2G2FV22G712- Naples, FL: August 28th, 2005
Braking system failed while attempting to stop at 40-45 mph. While braking, the pedal went to the floor and warning lights were noticed. This failure led to a 2 vehicle accident where 1 person was possibly injured. The emergency brake was needed to slow the car, though the spin out as a result of the accident ultimately stopped the vehicle. After the incident, the abs was inoperable tcs offÂ?? , and the brake warnings were lit and remained lit. The cause of the failure at this point is unknown and a determination should be made later in the week. *jb

2002 Pontiac Trans Am - 2G2FV22G422- San Antonio, TX: August 22nd, 2005
Dt: the vehicle was parked when the consumer started it and could hear an explosion sound coming from under the hood. When lifting the hood could see oil coming from all over. When she took it to the dealership, they verified that the maintenance had been kept up. They told her that they would replace the motor with a used motor. The consumer was concerned that the same problem will happen again. The consumer contacted the manufacturer, they understood her concern and stated that they could not help her because her warranty was with someone else. There have been no previous problems with the engine. *ak

2000 Pontiac Trans Am - 2G2FV22G8Y2- Mt Vernon, MO: August 19th, 2005
Dt: the driver's side t top exploded while going 70mph. Not sure if it had something to do with the heat or wind. Was in heavy traffic sounded like a gun shot going off in the vehicle. The only thing left was the rubber seal and locking bar. Contacted pontiac,they said they would see what they could do, and they had the consumer call so it was on file. This happened on july 2, 2005. *ak *sc *tt

2001 Pontiac Trans Am - 1GMDX03E21D- Orlando, FL: June 4th, 2005
Pontiac, montana 2001, it seems like the sliding door behind the driver's door, is not well sealed when it closes, you can feel air oming thru the hole, i've never been in a accident plus i am ver careful when it comes to dealing with that door, there has never been a time when someone opened the door abruptly

1995 Pontiac Trans Am - 2G2FV22P4S2- Panama City, FL: April 20th, 2005
Loss of steering control (see nhtsa campaign id number : 95v046000). This has affected my vehicle for the past couple years and the local dealership keeps telling me that it is the way the roads are made here and/or the low profile tires. When calling you guys and the dealerships about this problem, i am told that the recall doesn't affect my particular vin number [xxx]. Please assist. *ak *js information redacted pursuant to the freedom of information act (foia), 5 u. S. C. 552(b)(6)

1995 Pontiac Trans Am - 2G2FV22P1S2- Abbotsford, 00: February 24th, 2005
Our problem concerns an electrical problem. When we purchased the car almost 4 years ago we noticed the taillights were leaking. They had corroded the tail lights and they shorted out. This car was barely 7 years old and had no working tail lights. We brought this up to gm as it is a safety issue and a default of a faulty tail light and they told us they have a special glue man that works through gm and he will come out and glue the seal but refused to repair the lights. We were angry about this but had them send the man out to do the repair. It did not work and we told gm this and they told us they we would have to pay for new taillights and have the electrical fixed there and the cost would be over 1,000 dollars. We were very angry and have been trying to get help with this safety issue. We purchased another vehicle meanwhile a toyota cressida and there is no problems with those taillights even with the age of the being over double than the transam. The taillights do not work. The signals don't work as they cannot because of the electrical short. We are not going to pay for something that is obviously a fault in gms work. We want to know what we can do. *nm

2000 Pontiac Trans Am - 1G2NV12E6YM- Prospect Park, PA: October 10th, 2004
Both the driver side and passenger side power windows will not open or close. Engine will not start due to fuel pump problems. Car will shut off without notice while driving. *nm

2002 Pontiac Trans Am - 2G2FV32G222- Salem, OH: August 27th, 2004
Headlights intermittently shut off but, come right back on. Dealership said that the running lights shut off too, but there was nothing they could do. *ak

1995 Pontiac Trans Am - 2G2FV22P6S2- San Francisco, CA: July 12th, 2004
The purpose to this letter is to advise you of an incident that occurred saturday june 19, 2004. While driving on interstate 80 at 65 mph, i experienced a frightening encounter. I heard a loud pop and immediately the rear right of my car began to sway and i almost caused an accident. I immediately pulled off the road onto the emergency lane, to find a very surprisingly strange tire blow out. The entire sidewall of my 285/35/18 nitto nt555 collapsed, and was pushed in toward the rear sidewall causing major damages to my 18 z06 wheel. I have never seen a sidewall completely blow out and detach itself from the tire, let alone from normal use. This tire appeared as if a knife was taken to it and severed off. Damages suffered to the rim, as a result of this incident are so extensive that repairs are not an option. A replacement rim will need to be purchased, as well as the new nitto tire. The defective tire currently has approximately 90-95% tread wear left, which is the reason why i am asking for nitto corp. To compensate my losses. Enclosed please review the photographs that were taken on site, and process this request for reimbursement. I am fortunate enough that this mishap caused by your defective tire did not result in damages exceeding the ones that occurred. I look forward to your prompt response. Enclosed is also a price quote on a replacement rim. The rim price is $315, from aaa rims. This quote was obtained through jason, an aaa rim representative the morning of 7/21/2004. The tire has been shipped off to toyo tires inc. I also filed a claim with tm claim service, which is toyo tires insurance company. The tire was shipped off for inspection, and two weeks later i am still waiting for a response. I also have pictures that were taken onsite, and various others. Thank you p. S old parts are still available. *la

2001 Pontiac Trans Am - 2G2FV22G012- Creedmoor, NC: April 1st, 2004
Rivets tearing through door panel that holds the window regulator. *ak

2000 Pontiac Trans Am - 2G2FV22G4Y2- Windsor, CT: January 3rd, 2004
Fuel line leak. High pressure fuel return line leak from pinch/chafing 9 inches from fuel sender (high volume leak above fuel tank and muffler). *ak

2002 Pontiac Trans Am - 2G2FV226822- Dallas, TX: November 6th, 2003
The tires are the wrong size for this vehicle according to the owner's manual. The consumer has falken 225/50r/16 m+s tubeless tires, when the owner's manual states that the tire size should be 245/50/16. The consumer has contacted the dealership. *ak