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2008 Pontiac Torrent - 2CKDL33F986- Dallas, TX: August 20th, 2012
The contact owns a 2008 pontiac torrent. The contact stated that the vehicle exhibited an abnormally strong odor of fuel. The contact took the vehicle to a mechanic and was told that there was a leak coming from the seals of the fuel tank. The vehicle had not been to the dealer. The failure mileage was 90,000 and the current mileage was 93,000.

2008 Pontiac Torrent - 2CKDL43F486- Gillett, WI: August 15th, 2012
The contact owns a 2008 pontiac torrent awd. The contact was traveling 45 mph when the seat belt and air bag warning lights illuminated. The vehicle was taken to the dealer who confirmed the computer needed to be reset. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure and current mileage was 49,000.

2007 Pontiac Torrent - 2CKDL73FX76- Boutte, LA: July 6th, 2012
Could smell gasoline fumes on outside of vehicle after use. After checking online, found out others had a problem with the fuel pump outlet cracking. Removed the tank and found the discharge fitting on the fuel pump was cracked. I cannot believe something as serious as this has not been addressed with a recall. When i touch the discharge line the outlet fitting completely broke off. This is an extreme fire hazard.

2008 Pontiac Torrent - 2CKDL33F386- Bonham, TX: February 9th, 2012
The contact owns a 2008 pontiac torrent. While driving approximately 35 mph, a loud metal on metal clanking noise emitted from the front end of the vehicle. The contact was able to continue driving. The vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer who stated the drive shaft would need to be replaced. The vehicle was repaired for the fourth time pertaining to the drive shaft replacement. The technician stated the repeated failure was contributed to a defect in the design of the drive shaft. The manufacturer had not been notified of the problem. The approximate failure mileage was 10,000.

2006 Pontiac Torrent - 2CKDL73F166- Prescott, WI: January 24th, 2012
I went through a car wash and water poured out of the reading lights and also on to the driver and passenger floors. My torrent would not move when i put it into drive. Eventually, after about 30 minutes, it would go forward a little bit if i put the gas pedal to the floor and held it for about one minute. Every time i stopped at a stoplight, the torrent would not move forward when i stepped on the gas - until i held the pedal down for a long time and then it would creep forward slowly. I cannot go through car washes any longer. The air conditioner and heat work intermittently - sometimes just fine, sometimes not at all - depends on the temperature outside it seems. I do not get any warm air when the defrost is on.

2008 Pontiac Torrent - 2CKDL33F686- Chandler, AZ: November 20th, 2011
Within 1 month of each other 2 valve stems broke. Tire went from being right on tire pressure to no tire pressure in seconds. Valve stem broke once by removing valve stem cap and the other one removing tire pump nozzle. Both times tires went completely flat in seconds. Dealership charged me about $325 to replace these tire stems. This leaves me with 2 more in question. My family rides in this vehicle with me a lot. Noticed a lot of complaints online about similar incidents and concerns. The dealership actually suggested these probably got broke at a car wash. They both broke in front of my face trying to add air. Someone will die because of these tires.

2006 Pontiac Torrent - 2CKDL73F066- Haysi, VA: November 9th, 2011
The arm on the air temperature blend door on my 2006 pontiac torrent that connects to the actuator has broken. This allows nothing but cold air into the inside of the vehicle and very difficult to clear the window. There seems to be hundreds of similar complaints pertaining to this problem. This causes a extremely potential hazard due to faulty parts and workmanship. Due to the fact that this problem has occurred, this vehicle is inoperable until it is fixed due to colder weather. I have parked this vehicle and i am still making payments.

2007 Pontiac Torrent - 2CK0L73F976- Hendersonville, TN: October 1st, 2011
Power steering went out after jump starting another car that was in our driveway. Stabilitrac came on.

2006 Pontiac Torrent - 2CKDL63F266- Omaha, NE: August 17th, 2011
The contact owns a 2006 pontiac torrent. The contact stated while driving 25 mph and riding over a bump in the road there would be a popping noise coming from the corner of the right front instrument panel. The vehicle had not been taken to the dealer. The manufacturer had not been contacted. The failure mileage was 45,000. Updated 09/15/11*lj updated 09/23/11*jb

2006 Pontiac Torrent - 2CKDL73F466- Desoto, MO: June 27th, 2011
Water leakage into the cabin of the car. Floorboards soaked after a heavy rain, and the electrical system is starting to short out.

2006 Pontiac Torrent - 2CKDL63F166- Chesterfield, MO: February 25th, 2011
2006 pontiac torrent driver airbag did not deploy during rear collision. Wires in drivers door were broken which seems to be common problem with this model. Not sure if these wires control airbag or not but power windows and doors stopped working, various dash lights go on and off at various times. The wiring harness appears to be installed too tightly causing the wires to stretch when the door is opened and closed. Google "2006 pontiac torrent wiring harness" to find that this is not uncommon.

2007 Pontiac Torrent - 2CKDL63F176- Kyle, TX: December 17th, 2010
There has been a strong gas odor. Then it would start "missing" when we were driving it. We took it to our mechanic. He called to order the fuel pump. It was on back order. We had to wait until the part came in almost 2 weeks to have it repaired. It was very costly.

2007 Pontiac Torrent - 2CKDL73F476- Sattle Brook, NJ: December 14th, 2010
The contact owns a 2007 pontiac torrent. The contact stated that the passenger air bag off warning light was illuminated while the passenger seat was occupied. The contact stated that the light would illuminate intermittently and most recently, the driver side air bag off warning light was illuminated. The contact referenced nhtsa campaign id number: 07v520000 (air bags) but was advised by the manufacturer that his vin was not included in the recall. The vehicle was neither diagnosed nor repaired for the failure. The failure and current mileage was 39,000.

2007 Pontiac Torrent - 2CKDL63F976- Cranford , NJ: December 7th, 2010
The contact owns a 2007 pontiac torrent. The contact stated that that she was unable to start the vehicle. The vehicle was parked overnight and the following day, the contact was able to restart the vehicle yet the power steering failed. The vehicle was towed to the dealer for diagnosis in which the dealer located the failure at the power steering module and motor. The vehicle was repaired. The failure and current mileage was 79,625. Updated 5/2/11 *cn updated 10/12/11

2007 Pontiac Torrent - 2CKDL63F776- Miami, FL: November 22nd, 2010
Stabilitrak warning door locks problems pax airbag warning 2007 pontiac torrent.

2009 Pontiac Torrent - 2CKDL33FX96- Humboldt , IA: October 22nd, 2010
First event low tire warning took to dealer, dealer stated it was a valve stem failure. Dealer replaced under warranty. Second event low tire pressure warning came on, wife tried to check tire pressure with hand held tire gauge stem broke off went flat suddenly, third event repeat of same tire valve stem snapped off while driving, and pulling a trailer. Dealer stated they could not put a standard valve stem on the car because the factory one is considered a safety device. 35 years of driving and a piss poor safety device nearly gets me killed, vehicle is a 2009 pontiac torrent with under 50,000 miles. Also persistent problem of loosing tire pressure. I've never had a car that required daily tire pressure checks typically a daily visual and once a week is pressure test is adequate, but not this lemon.

2009 Pontiac Torrent - 2CKDL43F296- Blair, NE: September 26th, 2010
I have a 2009 pontiac torrent awd. The passenger side front seat air bag 98% of the time wont turn on for my wife. She weighs 124 pds and that should be more then enough to set it to an "on" position. This is a safety hazard for her. I have had it to the dealer twice and they reset the system but i still have the same problem. The dealer tried to get gm to tell them what was up as to settings and such but they couldn't get anywhere with them. I contacted gm and complained and some person from another country who you could just understand said the same old thing about the car. I know that earlier pontiac torrents had this same problem and a recall was done. I think gm still has a problem. Thanks

2006 Pontiac Torrent - 2CKDL63F766- Pittsburgh, PA: September 9th, 2010
2006 pontiac torrent electronic steering issues. Car was started put into reverse but there was no power steering. Car was shut off and steering was back. This has happened several times this past year. Also when making tight turns steering is hard to turn back the opposite direction. Feel something is failing.

2006 Pontiac Torrent - 2CKDL63FX66- New Port Richey , FL: September 9th, 2010
I had visited the local dealer,chevrolet castriota in port richey florida for the second time in 18 months again. The battery was replaced at my cost ,not under factory warranty 24 months after purchasing the vehicle new and again today 18 months later. Looks like a pattern of these batteries lasting 1- 2 years. My acdelco battery on my pontiac torrent has been replaced 3 times in 4 years. I had to pay for the second battery out of pocket since the original battery only carries limited warranty.... Even though the battery is now covered ,the labor each incident is not. So each time im in its costing money... What a racket.... There's always have been history of problems with the acdelco batteries... I had similar problems with acdelco over 10 years ago with other vehicles but expected them to be resolved by know. But we are guaranteed to visit the dealer and pay out of pocket for a product that carries 5 year warranty but lasts 1-2 years with labor charges..... ,amazing.... Where's the class action guru's when you need them.. Heee.

2008 Pontiac Torrent - 2CKDL43F286- Marquette, MI: August 30th, 2010
The contact owns a 2008 pontiac torrent. While driving 50 mph, there was a burning insulation smell and when turning on the rear windshield wiper they failed to function. The contact then drove onto the emergency lane and checked the fuse which was burned out. The fuse was replaced again and the failure occurred. The vehicle was taken to the dealer where they stated that the motor burned out and needed to be replaced. There have been no repairs at this time. The failure mileage was 42000 and the current mileage was 47000. Updated 01/27/11*jb