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Latest Pontiac Sunbird Problem Reports

2000 Pontiac Sunbird - 1G2JB1241Y7- San Marcos, CA: January 22nd, 2007
- the contact stated that while driving her 2000 pontiac sunfire at 55 mph the vehicle shut off. The warning indicator lights were flashing and she had to steer the vehicle to the side of the road. The contact attempted three times to restart the vehicle and was unsuccessful. The vehicle was towed. *ak updated 2/16/2007 - *nm

1994 Pontiac Sunbird - 1G2JB14T4R7- Harshaw, WI: August 9th, 2006
Just driving down the highway when a grinding noise started coming from the rear of the car(94 pontiac sunbird)immediately pulled to the side of the road,rear of car was swerving dangerously,looked under the car in the rear, and there was a gaping hole on the left side wheel well where the shock absorber attaches to the body,opened the trunk and the left rear shock had broken through the left rear wheel house, i proceeded to look at the right side and that side is about ready to break through too, making for a most dangerous situation, a body shop has stated that if the other had broke at the same time the whole rear would have come out, probably causing a major crash, with total loss of control of the vehicle. Now this car is not a rust bucket by any means and has only 109,00 miles on the odometer. *jb

1994 Pontiac Sunbird - 1G2JB14H9R7- Lapeer, MI: March 10th, 2006
Dt*: the contact stated while driving 60 mph the steering pulls to the right. There is a nhtsa recall, # 94v115000, regarding the steering linkages knuckle spindle arm. The vehicle has the same problems as indicated in the recall; however it is not included in the recall due to the vin. Updated 4/6/2006 - *nm

1999 Pontiac Sunbird - 2G2FS22K5X2- Las Vegas, NV: January 18th, 2006
Dt*: the consumer stated the engine stalled without warning. There were no indication lights prior to this failure. The contact consulted with the local dealership by telephone to determine the problem. The vehicle has not been inspected or diagnosed by the dealership. *jb

2000 Pontiac Sunbird - 2G2FV22G4Y2- West St Paul, MN: December 20th, 2005
Dt: the contact states roof of vehicle became unglued. The roof was s made of a plastic composite that over the years made the glue sweep through the roof. The manufacturer was contacted, and they offered no free remedy or additional assistance. *ak

1997 Pontiac Sunbird - 3G2JB1245VS- Quitman, LA: August 12th, 2005
Dt: the consumer states that the steering wheel column was loose and the driver had no control with steering wheel. First broke last year, and the owner had it repaired on march 10, 2004. A month or two months later the steering wheel column broke again. Currently, it broke f a third time. The first time the owner had to pay to have the repairs done. The second time was covered under warranty, and the third time the owner will have to pay for it again. The cost was around $200. 00. No one has any idea on why the steering column broke. The dealer did the repairs. The owner has had issues with this problem for the past year. The owner wanted to make sure that the repairs last this time before she paid for them. There were no problems with the vehicle before this. The car is actually a 1997 pontiac sunfire. *ak

1989 Pontiac Sunbird - 1G2JB11K0K7- Ventura, IA: August 30th, 2005
Fuel tank developed cracks and there were sign of leakage at the seams. Recall 88v189000 was issued, however the consumer vehicle was not included due to vin. *ak *nm

1993 Pontiac Sunbird - 1G2JC54H7P7- Port Richey, FL: January 15th, 2004
Water leaks inside car, radiator leak, heater core, head gasket, thermostat, freeze out plugs, engine wet with oil, a/c cutting in and out, runs rough when a/c is on, slow pick up, door locks don't work, window washers stop before cycle is done, breaks and break line bad, washer fluid reservoir cracks twice now, over all repairs total about $1600. 00, and we have to replace the head gasket next so plsu this amount, i have bills kept of all exact payments of parts and labor

1992 Pontiac Sunbird - 1G2JC14K3M7- Royal Oak, MI: October 16th, 2003
The accelerator cable on my sunbird keeps failing, causing abrubt malfunctions. It is dangerous in the midst of traffic. This occurs usually on a cold or rainy day. The cable has been recalled on some sunbirds however; after phoning pontiac they informed me my car did not have such a recall. I am unable to drive this car at this time and want some resolution. As i have kept it in excelent condition. I have had to exit the vehicle in traffic and pull on the cable myself. At one point the cable was stuck and the car accelerated on its own. *la

1994 Pontiac Sunbird - 1G2JB54H0R7- Lawrenceville, GA: September 5th, 2003
2. 0l engine with automatic transmission--tramission (after 2+ hours of driving at hwy speeds) fails to disengage from electronic torque converter/over-drive during slowing to a stop and stalls engine. *ak i have complained to gmc dealer--even spent 400 dollars for tune-up since dealer could not duplicate stall. A check with local 'shade-tree' mechanic yeilded the following--- common place for the electronic torque converter (on 2. 0 l mituishbishi automatic used in chevy; buick; and ponitac) not to disengage. Recommends a overhaul of the transmission torque converter. While this may not cause a crash--this is cause for alarm when car is driven by teenager(relative new driver).

1997 Pontiac Sunbird - FULLFILL- Gratiot, OH: March 24th, 2003
The vehicle wheel bearing were on recall but the dealer refused to honor the recall. *nlm

1993 Pontiac Sunbird - 1G2JC14T9P7- Kannapolis, NC: February 13th, 2003
The vehicle experienced sudden acceleration, which resulted in an accident, driver and passenger sustained injuries, consumer believed incident was related to recall 93v190000, however the manufacturer stated the two problems were not related. *jb

1997 Pontiac Sunbird - 1G2JB1242V7- Leonia, NJ: January 23rd, 2003
No defect. The consumer stated that he had his seat belt on, the airbags deployed, and his head hit the windshield with force, but was not injured. The consumer has a concern about the area where he hit his head in the windshield, which was the only area where the glass had come out. Scc

1990 Pontiac Sunbird - PLEASE PROV- Wheeling, WV: January 13th, 2003
Consumer stated when the brakes were applied at 55mph, the brake pedal would go down to the floor which caused the vehicle to experience extended stopping distance. *jb

1998 Pontiac Sunbird - 1G2JB1245W7- Clearwater, FL: January 10th, 2003
Consumer would like to be informed of a recall campaign 99v0940001 in reference to the seat belt retainer. Scc *jb *dt

1989 Pontiac Sunbird - 1G2JB11K4KK- Mt Vernon, IL: April 22nd, 2002
While traveling on highway another vehicle veered into consumer's vehicle anddual airbags didn't deploy. Dealership was aware of problem. *ak

1993 Pontiac Sunbird - 1G2JC14H0P7- Panama City, FL: December 4th, 2001
Brake problem addressed here is a repeated, erratic, sudden loss of some or all brake power in the car. Mechanical components have been replaced, pads, rotors, etc. But the problem continues to come and go without warning. Recall was denied by both a pontiac dealer and the corporation. Attempts to determine why my vehicle was excluded from the recall have been unsuccessful.. Attempts to determine the manufacturer were denied... I no longer care a great deal about my personal satisfaction, however, the description of the problem in nhtsa 93v-121 and the troubles i've had are too similar too ignore since there could be any number of similarly ignored vehicles on the road... If possible, i'd like to find out why some cars were left out before i have the car fixed... I certainly won't be letting the hoses and such be discarded after the repairs, but i would like some help comparing and contrasting them with the original discrepancies... Thanks. *ak

1992 Pontiac Sunbird - 1G2JB34H6N7- Middletown, MD: September 17th, 2001
When the car is stopped the brakes release allowing the car to lurch forward without any warning. This failure has occcured numerous of times but the dealership says nothing is wrong since the computer does not record any failure codes. This failure has occured with the original brakes system as well as the new brake drums and calipers.

1994 Pontiac Sunbird - 1G2JB14T2R7- Columbus, OH: May 9th, 2001
During left hand turns and roads with hard left curves drivers right knee can depress shifter detent and put car in neutral, causing abrupt loss of speed/control. *ak

1994 Pontiac Sunbird - 1G2JL14T4R7- Bronx, NY: November 16th, 2000
The car emitts an antifreeze odor & burning odor when driving for more than 20 minutes. I returned car to the dealer for the odor. Mechanics report no defects after checking the lines. Odors still persists-source unfounded. Both seats project forward when coming to a sudden stop @any speed. *ak