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2001 Pontiac Pontiac Truck - 1GMDX03E71D- Tucson, AZ: July 24th, 2005
There has been a leak with my manifold gasket/coolant;also needed to replace egr valve & thermomstat service engine light still on. It has been leaking for 6mths & i recently took it to a mechanic & he said the cost would be $2130 in parts & repairs. Just unbelievable now i can't drive it but im still paying for it! Az

1998 Pontiac Pontiac Truck - Selah, WA: July 24th, 2002
The service engine light has been illuminating intermittently, the consumer was told by the dealer that all they do is push a button to make the light go off and that this should not be of any concern, this has been occuring since the vehicle was purchased new, one one occasion the consumer was told that the vehicle was unsafe to drive and the dealer attemped repair but was unable to find a problem, the consumer was charged although the problem was not solved (consumer says vehicle is a 1998 pontiac transport montana). Nlm

1997 Pontiac Pontiac Truck - 1GMDX03EXVD- Wrightwood, CA: January 18th, 2000
Front passenger seat belt failed. *slc

1998 Pontiac Pontiac Truck - 1GMDX03E0WD- Marceline, MO: June 23rd, 2000
Complete compressor and rear air suspension system failure. *et