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2009 Pontiac G6 - 1G2ZK57K694 - Power Train Problems

VIN: 1G2ZK57K694
Location: Foxworth, MS
Miles: 61729
Date Reported: July 25th, 2012

Description of Problem

2009 pontiac g6 gt 3. 5l v6 - on 09/23/11 when i put my g6 into park, the transmission was still in drive position. The shifter handle was loose and would not lock into p, r, n, d. Turned off the engine and could remove keys but when i tried to crank the g6 again it wouldn't crank. Had the g6 towed to a local dealer and they told me that the shifter cable was broken. Had the cable replaced along with a new bracket. On 07/24/12 (83600 miles) i am having the same problem again!! I called the same dealer and he told me that there is a 12 month or 12000 mile warranty on parts and labor but unfortunately i had already driven 22000 miles in the last 10 months. Dealer said they could check my g6 on diagnostics to tell me what could be causing the problem for $90 per hour. I can't afford to pay for them to tell me just what is causing the problem. I searched 2009 recalls and found one for my g6, saying that the shifter cable clip may not be in place and that it could cause the vehicle transmission to be in drive while the shifter is in park. Sometimes my shifter had a little difficulty to get out of park position, like it was locked up. So what in the world is causing my shifter cable to break twice in a 10 month period?? Is anyone else having the same problem as me??