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2009 Subaru Forester - JF2SH61699H- W. Columbia, SC: August 30th, 2012
I went to the grocery store today; it was off and on rainy weather, so i had been running my windshield wipers a little. Turned off car; went in store, came back out, started car up - i noticed the time/temp/mileage display was black, then, i noticed the radio had lost power; then i noticed the wind shield wipers did not work, but not until i was out in the highway and needed to use them. This was dangerous and should never have happened. I made another stop, turned off car, went in store, came back out, started up car - at that time, the wipers, radio and display were back to normal??? This undependableness will not do. Subaru needs to repair my car at no charge. I believe my love affair with subaru is over, especially after reading all these complaints and what i experienced.

2004 Honda Accord - 1H278GCM674- Elkins Park, PA: August 29th, 2012
My car started bucking about two weeks after i had it inspected in july. Also the drive light was blinking and the check maintenance light came on. At one point i was alone and far from home and the car would not go into reverse. I contacted a mechanic i know well who told me there was a safety issue and that i should try to drive the car to the transmission place he recommended. For several miles the car bucked and i wasn't sure whether i would get there or not, but i did. Very scary. Not sure this sure happen with a car that only has 76,500 miles on it and i am the only owner.

2013 Hyundai Sonata - 5NPEB4ACDH5- Cuyahoga Falls, OH: August 29th, 2012
Purchased 2013 hyundai sonata gls at streetboro ohio hyundai dealer new in mid june 2012. Vehicle seemed ok but at about 1500 miles idle became rough particularly at idle in drive at lights and stops. Took in to dealer and was told after 4 days in shop that problem was familiar to the dealer and an engineer was being called in to figure out the solution as no codes were stored in computer. I left the dealer after being told car is within hyundai specs but was running strange. The dealer seems to be avoiding doing anything to admit there is a issue and refused to allow a service tech to ride along with me to experience the problem. They also refused to let my salesman go in a newer model with me to see if any other vehicles had same issues. I wrote to hyundai corporate and was given a list of other dealers to go to. As the problem has begun to get worse the idle will now rev and then decellerate the vehicle when coasting and i can imagine what this braking action will cause the vehicle to do as the weather becomes worse and snow appears. This seems to be a growing problem with the hyundai models from the recent hyundai forums posts.

2006 Ford Focus - 1FAFP36N16W- Bemidji, MN: August 29th, 2012
Drivers side rear door electric door lock will not lock. The same thing happened on the passengers side about two years ago.

2003 Gmc Yukon - 1GKFK16Z93J- Asbury, NM: August 29th, 2012
I was driving on a 2 lane highway coming to an intersection to make a left turn. The left hand traffic signal arrow was green as i approach the light, appox 300 feet away the arrow light turn yellow, i took my foot off the accelerator to hit the breaks and they went to the floor, on coming traffic was still stopped when i realized i was not stopping and had to go through the red arrow light. I tried to use my emergency break after making the turn on red, that break also went to the floor but seem to slow me down enough so i could pull into a mall parking lot and hit the curb side to stop the vehicle completely.

2006 Chrysler Pt Cruiser - 3A8FY68836T- Auburn, CA: August 29th, 2012
Tl - the contact owns a 2006 chrysler pt cruiser. The contact stated that while driving at various speeds the vehicle would shake violently and made a rumbling noise. The vehicle was taken to a dealer who diagnosed that the motor mounts needed to be replaced. The manufacturer was not made aware of the failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was 55,000 and the current mileage was 57,600. Pm

2012 Nissan Quest - JN8AE2KP5C9- Auburn, AL: August 29th, 2012
Tl-the contact owns a 2012 nissan quest. The contact stated the fuel gauge is not accurately showing the amount of fuel in the vehicle. The contact stated the vehicle stalled while driving 35 mph due to low fuel while the fuel gauge indicated a half tank. The contact checked with the manufacturer regarding the nhsta campaign i. D. 12v076000 (electrical system: software) before purchasing the vehicle and the manufacturer stated the vehicle did not fall under the recall. The contact did not take the vehicle to the dealer. The failure mileage was 500. Jo

1992 Mitsubishi Expo Lrv - JA3CV30D3NZ- Los Angeles, CA: August 29th, 2012
Driver's seat belt rail assembly broke. I took it to several mechanics. Glendale, ca dealer said the parts are obsolete. C & c collision in pasadena on 8/23/2012 was able to make it safe by disengaging the cable/motor mechanism. Thank you, nhtsa, for contacting mitsubishi on my behalf, to get it repaired properly. Please see emails below: emails: sent: 8/29/2012 subj: re: desperate woman from: barth thomas sent: wednesday, august 29, 2012 11:44 am to: rayburn david s. Subject: re: desperate woman hi david,.... I do know the president of the automotive safety counsel, which is an industry group that includes all the big automotive restraint manufacturers. Iíll forward this email to him and copy ms. Brown.... From sandy browne.... I am a seatbelt expert in ca, a former nhtsa contract investigator and former ntsb investigator.... She's.... Old, very disabled, cancer stricken woman.... She has a 1992 mitsubishi xlr van. The motor assembly which drives the passive shoulder harness along the track is broken. I have searched.... Parts store, junk yard, etc. To find her a replacement. She cannot trade the van in because 1, she doesn't have the money,and 2 it is so customized that it could never really be replaced.... I know mitsubishi is not required to keep these parts this long, but i.... Wondered if nhtsa had methods of getting manufacturers to help her. Now, her only resolution, is to leave the belt at the "b" pillar so she is at least protected by it, but getting in and out of her van is very difficult. If there is anything you can do.... Thank you.... Sandy browne... Sandybrowne. Com occupant safety consulting 661. 242. 1366 cc rayburn david s. - rayburd@ntsb. Gov barth thomas - thomas. Barth@ntsb. Gov bruce york - bruce. York@dot. Gov sandy browne - sbrowne900@aol. Com thank you everyone. Scr.

2013 Hyundai Sonata - 5NPEC4AC1DH- Columbia, SC: August 29th, 2012
Tpms light has came on numerous times and has been to the dealer for this same problem 7 times. The tire sensor was replaced twice and the module was replaced on the next to last time at the dealer. After the module was replaced the light did not come on for 1400 miles. Te dealers service department contacted the technical assistance and decided to move the module to a different location. Each time the dealer checked and it was reported to be the right rear tire. I had them to rotate the right rear tire to the right front and the right front to the right rear. The light came on again and it also pointed to the right rear tire. This is a safety problem as i was almost hit the last time when i was off the road and checking the tires after the light came on. Hyundai tries to blame electrical interference for the problem. I have owned many other manufacturers vehicles since the tpms system was made mandatory and never had a the light to come on unless the tire had lost pressure.

2009 Kawasaki Kl650e - JKAKLEE199D- Westwood, NJ: August 29th, 2012
Tl- the contact owns a 2009 kawasaki kl650e. While driving approximately 15 mph the vehicle suddenly stalled without warning. The vehicle was not taken to the dealer for diagnostic. There was a recall under nhtsa campaign id number: 09v062000 (electrical system:wiring) that may be related to the failure. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure and stated the vin was not included in the recall. The vehicle was not repaired. The approximate failure mileage was 1,600. Da

2007 Buick Lacrosse - 2G4WC582071- Portland, TX: August 29th, 2012
While driving on local freeway low beam headlights suddenly went out and could not be turned on manually. Has been occurring intermittently since that time. I am afraid to drive this car at night as this is very dangerous.

2012 Nissan Murano - JN8AZ1MU8CW- Irving, TX: August 29th, 2012
Car battery died suddenly with no lights or anything else left on. It happened twice and was exactly same. Both cases i was stranded with no other options to tow the car and need to take taxi to get my family home, i was lucky to have access to taxi. Dealers were unable to locate and fix the fault in both cases and give me lame excuse something was left on. For me it's serious safety issue as i can't afford to take my family in this car with no confidence that when would it die again. My family was stranded once outside in 100f heat and i don't want this to happen again. Either they identify the issue and fix it or take the car back and replace it with similar car. Regards

2006 Dodge Durango - 1D8HB38N86F- Caldwell, ID: August 29th, 2012
Every time this vehicle is filled to full it spews gas out of the tank at the pump operator resulting in gas on the person fueling vehicle. We have tried several service stations this is not a pump issue the issue is with the vehicle. We have spoken to several station attendants this is a known issue to them. I believe this needs to be addressed before someone is seriously burned by a spark.

2008 Toyota Yaris - JTDBT923X81- Norwalk, OH: August 29th, 2012
My 4 year old 2008 toyota yaris with approximately 57,000 miles started making a clunking/banging sound when i would travel over small bumps or brake slowly. I took the car to my mechanic who looked at it and told me that i should take it to the toyota dealer for repairs. He told me that a bolt holding the passenger lower suspension arm to the frame had corroded and sheared off. He said that if i continued driving it the entire passenger side suspension and wheel would likely break away from the car. He showed me a repair bulletin that toyota had produced detailing the problem and stated that they should take care of it because it was an obvious manufacturung defect and since failure of that bolt could lead to a catastrophic accident. I took my car to the dealership and they looked up the bulletin and showed me that this problem was only covered as part of the basic 3 year warranty. I would be responsible for paying for the repair myself. When i picked up my car from the dealership they handed me what was left of the bolt they replaced and the other bolt that held the control arm in place. Both bolts were badly corroded and had been replaced with new bolts that the service manager told me were a different part number and were corrossion resistant. Toyota obviously knows that this is a problem because they are using different parts than the cars were shipped with from the factory. The toyota service manager told me to keep my receipt because he expects this to be a recall issue and told me that i will be reimbursed when it is recalled. Please force toyota to recall these vehicles before someone loses the front end of their car and their life because of a poorly constructed $5 bolt.

2010 Lexus Rx350 - 2T2ZK1BA4AC- Virginia Beach , VA: August 29th, 2012
Tl- the contact owns a 2010 lexus rx 350. The contact stated that the sun visor of the driver side would not stay up it kept feeling down. The vehicle was taken to the dealer. The dealer stated that there was nothing they could do. The manufacturer was not contacted. The failure mileage was 22,235 and the current mileage was 22,500. Jp

2005 Ford Taurus - 1FAFP56S65A- Largo, FL: August 29th, 2012
Vehicle was taken to a private mechanic where the mechanic confirmed that the torque converter needed to be replaced

2013 Ford Explorer - 1FM5K7B8XDG- Columbus, GA: August 29th, 2012
When accelerating the vehicle quickly with the air conditioner on (does not matter if it's on fresh air intake or recirculating), there is a definite odor of gasoline exhaust in the cabin of the vehicle. The problem can be duplicated at any speed, from a dead stop or accelerating during a passing maneuver. The vehicle was taken to the local dealership and two technical bulletins were addressed (one for a vibration sound coming from under the hood which was repaired and the other for the exhaust odor in the cabin). Upon completion of the factory warrantied technical bulletins, the odor remained. Upon further review of the documentation, the wrong odor was addressed (radiator fluid, not gasoline exhaust). The odor is present regardless of burning 87 octane or e-85 fuel.

2009 Chevrolet Tahoe - 1GNEC23319R- Shiner, TX: August 29th, 2012
Actuator failed on 3 out of five doors, so far. Several forums have a lot of reports of failure. I would appreciate someone looking into this. Today, i am paying out of pocket over $500 to have this fixed at a chevy dealership. You can never be sure a dock is locked or unlock, which poses a safety risk for my child who could open the door while i am going down the road; not to mention the risk of someone entering the car while it is stopped (attended or not).

2000 Chrysler Sebring Sedan - 1C3L866K18N- Columbia, SC: August 29th, 2012
Passenger grabbed interior door handle and had finger sliced open by chrome plating on the handle which had peeled back leaving exposed sharp strip of chrome facing away from handle. Finger bled profusely but did not require stitches. Cut was about 5/16th inch long.

2003 Dodge 1500 - 1D7HU18Z63J- Lewis Center, OH: August 29th, 2012
The dash has started to crack, and the latest one is right above the passenger air bag. My concern is what would happen in the event of a air bag deployment if a big shard of plastic from the dash were to fall in front of the air bag during deployment. What would happen to the front passenger, or my young kids sitting in the back seat? I have also found reports of owners reporting wiring problems due to parts of the dash falling down.