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1992 Mitsubishi Expo Lrv - JA3CV30D3NZ - Seat Belts Problems

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Miles: 394750
Date Reported: August 29th, 2012

Description of Problem

Driver's seat belt rail assembly broke. I took it to several mechanics. Glendale, ca dealer said the parts are obsolete. C & c collision in pasadena on 8/23/2012 was able to make it safe by disengaging the cable/motor mechanism. Thank you, nhtsa, for contacting mitsubishi on my behalf, to get it repaired properly. Please see emails below: emails: sent: 8/29/2012 subj: re: desperate woman from: barth thomas sent: wednesday, august 29, 2012 11:44 am to: rayburn david s. Subject: re: desperate woman hi david,.... I do know the president of the automotive safety counsel, which is an industry group that includes all the big automotive restraint manufacturers. Iíll forward this email to him and copy ms. Brown.... From sandy browne.... I am a seatbelt expert in ca, a former nhtsa contract investigator and former ntsb investigator.... She's.... Old, very disabled, cancer stricken woman.... She has a 1992 mitsubishi xlr van. The motor assembly which drives the passive shoulder harness along the track is broken. I have searched.... Parts store, junk yard, etc. To find her a replacement. She cannot trade the van in because 1, she doesn't have the money,and 2 it is so customized that it could never really be replaced.... I know mitsubishi is not required to keep these parts this long, but i.... Wondered if nhtsa had methods of getting manufacturers to help her. Now, her only resolution, is to leave the belt at the "b" pillar so she is at least protected by it, but getting in and out of her van is very difficult. If there is anything you can do.... Thank you.... Sandy browne... Sandybrowne. Com occupant safety consulting 661. 242. 1366 cc rayburn david s. - rayburd@ntsb. Gov barth thomas - thomas. Barth@ntsb. Gov bruce york - bruce. York@dot. Gov sandy browne - sbrowne900@aol. Com thank you everyone. Scr.