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2006 Mini Cooper - WMWRE3357T6- Chicago, IL: August 22nd, 2012
There is a" line" crack in the windshield starting in the middle of the window and beginning @ 4 inches from the top of the window and extending left toward the driver side of the windshield.. No head, or ice hail or body hit the window, to cause the break..

2012 Mini Cooper Countryman - WMW2C3C51CW- Greer, SC: August 21st, 2012
On 3/6/12 (vehicle mileage 4,743) my wife and kids were driving in our 2012 mini countryman s and the engine suddenly went into limp mode with reduced power on the freeway and needed to be towed to the dealer. The engine computer was reset and the vehicle was returned to us. On 5/15/12 (vehicle mileage 9,318) the same issue occurred and the car again was towed to the dealer for the replacement of the valvtronic acutator. On 7/27/12 (vehicle mileage 13,140) the same issue happened again (engine went into limp mode with loss of power and my wife and kids were stranded on the freeway 100 miles from the dealer. The car was towed to the dealer and the vehicles computer was reset. I reported these series of incidents to mini usa customer care as i do not believe the vehicle is safe to operate for fear of having my wife and kids stranded again and have requested a replacement vehicle or refund.

2006 Mini Cooper Convertible - WMWRF33546T- Cleveland, TN: August 20th, 2012
The passenger side air bag sensor warning lights stay on all the time that ignition is on, even when no one is in the seat. You can sit in the seat and the light stays on. My concern is whether or not the air bag will still function.

2009 Mini Cooper - WMWMF33559T- Olney, MD: August 7th, 2012
On july 25th, aprox 9:00pm. My daughter (driver) have just arrived from college internship and arrived boyfriend family home (12-15mi trip). Upon turning off the engine and getting out of the car she smell burnt and saw sparks and fire through the car front grill. Boyfriend came and open the hood and noticed the fire. The boyfriend's father came and used dry chemical extinguisher to put fire out. Report was made to mini cooper. I came later and notice several wires burnt. The car was towed (7/25, 7/26 early morning) and is today (8/7/2012) at montgomery county mini cooper rockville, md, awaiting inspection by bmw engineering. The car still pending repair. I took pictures last saturday (8/4). These pictures are available upon request.

2012 Mini Cooper Countryman - WMWZB3C52CW- Collingswood, NJ: August 1st, 2012
My mini was stopped at a traffic light behind a toyota 4 runner when i was struck from the back by a careless driver in a midsize sedan who had failed to see the cars in front of her stopped at a red light. The damage done to both the car that struck mine from behind as well as the damage done to the 4 runner were minimal by comparison. The mini incurred irreparable damage to the front end of the car. My concern is that the airbags never deployed and the driver of the 4 runner pulled me out of the car due to fire he saw coming from under the engine of the mini, before long the whole front end was engulfed in flames. The car was declared a total loss. Should the vehicle have caught on fire? Shouldn't the airbags have deployed with the gravity of the damage?

2007 Mini Cooper - WMWMF33577T- Portland, OR: July 26th, 2012
2007 mini cooper. Consumer states problem with fuel line *tgw the consumer stated she noticed a very strong smell of gas inside the vehicle. The next day, the smell wa worse. She took the vehicle to her local mechanic to see what the problem was. According to the mechanic, the fuel line had been worn through from improperly installed heater hose clamps, which was an original installation from the factory. Over time, the clamps rubbed through the fuel line, which led to gas leaking from the fuel line, and spraying onto the exhaust manifold. The consumer stated the fuel line has since been modified on later models. *jb

2006 Mini Cooper S - WMWRE93596Y- Southport, NC: July 24th, 2012
The srs detector mat for turning off the airbags in the event of an underweight occupant is easily broken. When broken, sensors disable the airbags. This part is extremely expensive to replace and i can not afford it on a fixed income ($1600). This is a safety issue and should be a recall. The mat has issues: 1) very prone to failure and 2) integrated into the seat cushion so it can not be replaced itself, it must have the seat cushion replaced also. My model is a special edition and there are no parts in the usa. 11 in germany at a very high price.

2010 Mini Cooper S - WMWMF7C53AT- Burlingame, CA: July 19th, 2012
2010 mini cooper s. Consumer writes in regards to issues with timing chain *tgw the consumer stated the engine light illuminated one week after being serviced. The first noticeable problem started with a leak. It was repaired by replacing a seal. It was then discovered there was a recall for the water pump, which was then replaced. When the vehicle was tested, the computer noted misfire faults and it was at that point, the timing chain was replaced and all its related parts. The technician noted carbon build-up. The consumer stated the fan stays on much longer than normal. *jb

2010 Mini Cooper S - WMWMF7C50AT- Lakeland, TN: July 16th, 2012
On july 3, 2012, i was burned on my calf by the exhaust pipe located in the middle back of the mini cooper s. I have a large half moon scar remaining. My daughter was also burned last year by the same vehicle 2 places on her calf. I have researched and see a report on the r56 model but was only pertaining to 2007-2008. If bmw did anything to resolve (shortening the pipe), it didn't work since i was burned like others by a 2010 model. I owned a 2004 for 7 years and never had an issue. Not that the possibility wasn't there, but it never happened. I checked to see if laser could remove the scar, but was told it would not. Bmw must redesign and/or recall in order to provide better safety. I expect and know the risk of burn with a motorcycle, but never expect to get burned by a car (mini).

2010 Mini Cooper S - WMWMF7C5XAT- Berkeley, CA: July 6th, 2012
Oil level is decreasing rapidly after each oil change. Dealer states it is normal for this car to burn one quart of oil every 800 miles. However, i disagree and believe this is due to a defect since cars should not burn this much oil, especially when new.

2006 Mini Cooper - WMWRC33546T- La Crescenta, CA: June 27th, 2012
The steering wheel locks. It first began locking when i turned it on. I didn't think anything of it since it unlocked a minute later. Then a month later it happened again. It started to happen once a month and just like the first time it unlocked. However, as of last month it has just locked and won't unlock. The 2004 and 2005 had recall on the steering wheel. I feel that 2006 has the same issue. It should also be recalled. How do i know that they have not used the 2004 or 2005 part on the steering wheel? This is a major safety issue, and it can cause major car accidents.

2009 Mini Cooper - WMWMF73519T- Hermosa Beach, CA: June 26th, 2012
I stopped at a grocery store on the way home from work at approx. 6:30 pm on 11/17/11. I parked the car, turned off the ignition and locked it. When i exited the store approximately 13-15 minutes later, i found the car a smoldering shell surrounded by firefighters. It appeared to have spontaneously gone up in flames. Firefighters could not determine a cause. There was no indication of any problems with the car prior to this incident (car performed "normally" and there were no alarm or flash indicators on the console suggesting a problem. ) *jb

2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman - WMWZC5C58BW- Narberth, PA: June 21st, 2012
2011 mini countryman s all4 manual transmission after repeated incidents of the clutch "smoking" under heavy use, and reporting said incidents to the dealer, and having the dealer inspect the car and claim all was fine, the clutch finally wore down sufficiently and required replacement at only 4965 miles. We are very experienced drivers of manual transmissions and did not abuse the clutch in any way. Mini usa completed the repair under warranty as a goodwill measure. There are numerous accounts of premature clutch wear/failure on mini enthusiast web sites and even national automobile publications experienced same (automobile magazine's long term test car had clutch failure at 15k miles). *tt

2010 Mini Cooper Clubman - WMWMM3C53AT- Lewis Center, OH: June 19th, 2012
I was driving on the freeway when the oil light came on, i called the dealer within seconds and asked them if this was a concern. They said to drive it in it was probably just the oil level needing topped out. I continued for about a mile when the engine light came on. I pulled off at the next exit and called them back. The again said to bring it in. I walked around the car before proceeding and noted that the front wheel well,tire and wheel were all soaked with oil( passenger side). I called them back and requested a tow truck as when i started it up it made an exceptionally loud hammering noise. I i knew that the engine was going to let go if i continued. The dealer took the car in and called me a day or so later to inform that the timing chain broke a,flattening the valves, messing up the valves and engine block. The told me that it was approx 7,000miles out of warranty. I told them that i had an extended 100,000 service warranty sold to me by the dealer in charleston south carolina. I was sold this by the "finance manager" and he made me believe that i was covered. The dealer where i live in dublin ohio, has serviced the car for every required service since it was purchased. They are trying to get mini to cover the repairs. I had informed them that the odometer always reads about 7 to 8 mph faster than my gps and that the warranty per their instruments would be shorted. The indicated that they would not cut me off in a close situation. The actual power train warranty is 50,000. I have never heard of a timing chain breaking with even a 100,000 miles on it. I have serviced the car at all appropriate intervals as noted in the service records and i pamper the car. I am 61 yrs old and have had many, many cars and do not drive irresponsibly. I believe that this is a known problem by bmw. The mid west auto group has always been exceptional and i have no problems w/them. *js

2006 Mini Cooper S - WMWRF3506TN- Commerce, MI: June 17th, 2012
Unfastened seat belt warning light stays on and airbag off indicator stays lit at all times, with or without a passenger riding in the seat no matter the weight of the passenger. Unfastened seat belt warning bell/ding does not chime.

2007 Mini Cooper - WMWMF33517T- Bowie, MD: June 1st, 2012
Upon starting my car in the parking lot at the end of a work day, an indicator light came on in my 2007 mini cooper indicating a problem with the air bag. My mechanic was able to determine that the problem was with the driver's side air bag (code 93a8 stage 1). He reset the light and the same problem occurred a few days later. He checked the code again and it was the same. As a result, he contacted the nearest mini service center. Although this is a known problem with the air bag connection, mini charges about $600 to replace it even though no accident had occurred, no hard stops, nothing to trigger the air bag. Until the problem is fixed, the driver's side air bag will not deploy in the case of an accident.

2009 Mini Cooper S - WMWMF73579T- Davis, CA: May 18th, 2012
Timing belt failure due to restrictor belt defect.

2005 Mini Cooper - WMWRF33515T- Colchester, VT: May 16th, 2012
The air bag sensor in the passenger seat malfunctioned and was replaced under warrenty in 2009. The sensor has malfunctioned again in 2011. The dealer said they do not cover it under warrenty because the vehicle and the part were past the warrenty period. They wanted over $1000 to fix it. I conveyed to them that they have a safety problem related to this sensor and apparently they have not corrected it yet, so why would i pay to have it replaced by a part that will malfunction again. This is a serious safety issue that bmw/mini are ignoring!

2011 Mini Cooper Countryman - WMWZB3C55BW- Albuquerque, NM: May 9th, 2012
The contact owns a 2011 mini cooper countryman. The contact stated that she placed a cup in the cup holder and something punctured a hole in the cup, causing liquid to leak. A few days later, the vehicle would not shift out of park. The vehicle was taken to the dealer where they advised that they needed to replace the shift assembly. The manufacturer was contacted but provided no assistance. The failure and the current mileage was 7,000.

2008 Mini Cooper S Clubman - WMWMM31098T- Rochester Hills, MI: May 4th, 2012
I came home from work and parked the car in his normal parking space on the black top. I turned off the car, put the vehicle in gear with the parking brake and locked the door. A minute later, the vehicle was on fire. The fire dept report was unable to determine if there was a key left in the ignition.