Merkur Car Problem Reports

Latest Merkur Problem Reports

1988 Merkur Scorpio - WFBT81V9JE8- Seattle, WA: February 6th, 2001
Vehicle stalls while turning or warming up. *ak

1986 Merkur Xr4ti - WF1BP80W0GM- Germantown, MD: April 18th, 2000
While driving exhaust manifold cracked and let fumes into vehicle, consumer replaced manifold, and it cracked again. This was owner's third merkur, and on each ones exhaust manifold cracked. Also, vehicle had a/c lines run directly over turbo, and excessive heat caused a/c line to burst, releasing r12 freon in the environment. This has happened to everyone as well. Consumer felt it was poor design by manufacturer. *ak

1988 Merkur Scorpio - WF1BT81V6JE- Fall River, MA: April 23rd, 1999
This failure was with the ford replacement part. Only 1 year ago, less than 4,000 miles ago, the original equipment tfi module failed, leaving me stranded. This time, however, it was worse, leaving me stranded on a highway exit. Being at night, it was extremely dangerous. Something has to be done about this tfi problem, affecting millions of fords. Someone will end up getting hurt if this does not get fixed, and all for a ~$100 part. *ak

1989 Merkur Xr4ti - WF1BT80W0KM- Toluca Lake, CA: February 17th, 1999
No summary listed for this vehicle. *ak

1989 Merkur Xr4ti - WF1BT80W8KM- Macon, GA: February 17th, 1999
No summary listed for this vehicle. *ak

1985 Merkur Merkur - WF1BP80W3FM- Lafayette, CO: February 15th, 1999
From what i here from other owners of merkurs is that i am not an isolated incident. The switch is located on top of the steering column. After it bakes in the sun for a few years the plasic parts fail and it springs to life. This causes unstopable flashing of the hazard lights. Ford/mercury wants a couple of hundred dollars to fix the problem each time. I hope you can force them to recall it and replace it with a permanent solution. *ak

1989 Merkur Xr4ti - WF1BT80WXKM- Madison, NJ: February 14th, 1999
Hazard switch failure, unable to work switch, or turn signals. 4 way button pops off, unable to stay on, which causes your 4 ways to not operate. Ford doesn't make replacements anymore. When broken before turnsignal didn't work either.

1986 Merkur Xr4ti - WF1BP80WXGM- Aiken, SC: February 13th, 1999
I own or have owned 5 different xr4ti's. All were bought used, but some were less than 3 years old. In all cases, the hazard light switch has failed. Its basic design is prone to failure because the plastic gets brittle and even has a burned look to it. Ford should either recall, or offer replacement at a reasonable price.

1987 Merkur Xr4ti - WF1BT80W7HM- Pittsburgh, PA: February 13th, 1999
Both merkurs i've owned had mechanical failure of hazard lights switch. Switch rarely used and is common failure according to fellow merkur owners so appears to be manufacturer defect - shoddy component.

1988 Merkur Xr4ti - WF1BT8OW2JM- Rockaway, NJ: February 13th, 1999
No summary

1989 Merkur Xr4ti - WF1BT80W2KM- Michigan City, IN: February 3rd, 1999
Signal switch does not work properly ever. *ak

1986 Merkur Xr4ti - WF1BP80W7GM- Shelocta, PA: January 21st, 1999
This switch assembly is misdesigned. It will not remain functional even under light use and results in a hazardous condition.

1987 Merkur Xr4ti - WF1BT80W6HM- Fullerton, CA: January 20th, 1999
The emergency flasher button on top of the steering column flew off and hit me in the head. I managed to get it put back on but whenever i try to use the flashers i can get them to turn off (the button wont stay down. Since this is a required piece of safety equipment i feel that ford should replace these free of charge.

1986 Merkur Xr4ti - WF1BP80W4GM- San Diego, CA: January 20th, 1999
The hazard warning light switch is integral to the turn signal/high beam light switch assembly. Disintegration of the internals of the hazard switch (which is used very rarely) has required the replacement of the entire assembly on two occassions in the 11 years i have owned the vehicle. Failure of this switch poses a potential danger in the event of an emergency night-time stop on the highway.

1987 Merkur Xr4ti - WF1BT80W4HM- Claremont, VA: January 20th, 1999
Hazard switch ejects from its housing in turn signal switch. It renders all turn signals and hazard flashers inoperative

1985 Merkur Xr4ti - WF1BP80WXFM- Fairmont, WV: January 20th, 1999
The hazard flasher is part of a multi-function turn signal/high-low beam switch. The plastic portion of the switch deteriorated allowing the switch to fail, making the turn signals/hazards inoperational. Almost all merkur xr4ti's that i have seen have suffered this failure.

1988 Merkur Xr4ti - WF18T80WXJM- Philadelph, PA: December 4th, 1997
Tire mxv4 has started to seperate and tires still have tread

1986 Merkur Merkur - WF1BP80W9GM- Martinez, CA: November 5th, 1997
Solenoid failed.

1988 Merkur Scorpio - WF1BT81VXJE- Lompoc, CA: January 22nd, 1997
When driving with the cruise control on the car accelerated and the rpms didn't read right. *ak

1987 Merkur Xr4ti - WF1BT80W2HM- Fremont, CA: November 12th, 1996
Consumer was driving down highway smelled smoked, pulled into a parking lot and stopped, then smoke begin to come from under the hood, suddenly she saw flames, causing the engine to melt. *ak consumer states she saw fire coming from steering column, consumer states smoke was coming from engine block vehicle was totaled. *jb