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2004 Honda Accord - 1H278GCM674 - Unknown Or Other Problems

VIN: 1H278GCM674
Location: Elkins Park, PA
Miles: 76500
Date Reported: August 29th, 2012

Description of Problem

My accord started bucking about two weeks after i had it inspected in july. Also the drive light was blinking and the check maintenance light came on. At one point i was alone and far from home and the accord would not go into reverse. I contacted a mechanic i know well who told me there was a safety issue and that i should try to drive the accord to the transmission place he recommended. For several miles the accord bucked and i wasn't sure whether i would get there or not, but i did. Very saccordy. Not sure this sure happen with a accord that only has 76,500 miles on it and i am the only owner.