Holiday Rambler Car Problem Reports

Latest Holiday Rambler Problem Reports

2006 Holiday Rambler Neptune - 1RF51474261- Paducah, KY: April 28th, 2012
After reading an article in the january, 2011 motorhome magazine, i discovered a crack in both trailing arms. Contacted holiday rambler/monaco and was advised they would not be responsible for replacement. In april, 2012 new trailing arms were ordered from source engineering and replaced at my expense.

2009 Holiday Rambler Presidential - 1KB3C1U2X9W- Minneapolis, MN: April 12th, 2012
The contact owns a 2009 holiday rambler presidential. While parked, the contact noticed that there was a plaque on the side of the trailer that stated that a secure nut had to be removed before the spare tire could be removed from its mount. The contact inspected the vehicle and noticed that there was no secure nut or a location where one could be inserted. The contact stated that the spare tire was secured only with a cable. The contact was unable to notify the manufacturer since they had gone out of business. The vehicle was not repaired. The trailer did not contain an odometer; therefore there was no failure mileage.

2011 Holiday Rambler Campmaster - 51Z6C4441B1- Esterof, FL: March 7th, 2012
The contact owns a 2011 monaco holiday wrangler rv. The contact stated that there was a strong odor of fuel in the interior cabin. In addition, the low fuel warning light illuminated when there was fuel still in the tank. The vehicle was taken to the dealer where they advised the contact that the fuel gauge was performing as normal. In reference to the odor, the dealer advised the contact that they were unable to diagnose the failure. The vehicle had not been repaired. The manufacturer was contacted and they offered no assistance. The failure mileage was approximately 3,600.

2006 Holiday Rambler Alumascape - 1KB331R256E- Sonoita, AZ: October 17th, 2011
A propane hose to the refrigerator was nearly severed after rubbing against a vehicle tire. The refrigerator in the holiday rambler alumascape 35rlq is located in the driver side center slide-out of the fifth wheel. Propane is provided to the dual fuel (electric or propane) unit through a 1/4 inch flexible hose. This hose is attached to the main propane line on the center chassis of the vehicle. It is runs through a plastic lattice which supports it when the slide is extended and which then folds when the slide is retracted. The hose runs from the attachment point on the lower underside of the slide-out to just below the refrigerator, where it enters the refrigerator compartment through a hole in the floor and is attached to the cooling unit. The hose is supported along the lower portion of the slide-out to the entry point in the floor by two plastic clips. These clips snap around the hose and attach to the slide-out by means of adhesive pads about one inch square. There are no mechanical clamps on the hose. The adhesive on the plastic clips failed on both pads. The clamps are designed to hold about six feet of hose against the side of the slide-out. The hose at this point, when the slide is closed and the vehicle is in travel mode, is directly above the driver side vehicle tires. The failure of the adhesive allowed the 1/4 inch propane hose to fall in the forward tire. Friction from rubbing against the tire wore through most of the hose. Only the inner core of the hose remained. Any further rubbing would have lead to a failure of the propane hose resulting in a possible fire and destruction of the fifth wheel vehicle.

2004 Holiday Rambler Admiral Se - 5B4LP57G743- Pleasant Hill, CA: August 19th, 2011
The contact owns a 2004 holiday rambler admiral with a workhorse chassis. The contact stated the brakes failed and he had to use two feet on the brake pedal in order to stop the vehicle. The contact took the vehicle to a workhorse dealer but was told the vin was not included in any of the recalls for the workhorse brake failure. The failure mileage was 10 and the current mileage was 6,000. Updated 09/19/11 *bf

2000 Holiday Rambler Vacationer - 1FCNF53S1Y0- Saxonburg, PA: August 2nd, 2011
The contact owns a 2000 holiday rambler vacationer. The contact received the recall notice associated with nhtsa recall campaign id number 02v237000 (structure) and was attempting to have the vehicle repaired for the past three years. The contact was constantly informed by dealers that the job was too big for them to perform. The contact worked with the manufacturer to find a location capable of performing the repairs, but the manufacturer stated that the recall expired. The recall was issued august 13, 2002 and was still within the ten year window. The current mileage was 12,500. Updated 9/13/11 *cn updated 10/05/11

1995 Holiday Rambler Endeavor - 4S7MT9K04RC- Oxford, NJ: July 12th, 2011
The contact owns a 1995 holiday rambler endeavor rv. While parked, the contact plugged the vehicle in to charge the battery. The contact then noticed smoke and flames coming from the vehicle receptacle. There was nothing plugged into the receptacle at the time of the failure. The contact disconnected the power, which automatically extinguished the fire. The vehicle was not taken to the dealer for repairs. The approximate failure mileage was 59,000.

2002 Holiday Rambler Ambassador - 1RF12061621- Mcdonald, TN: June 23rd, 2011
This is a motorhome with bosch disc brakes. The brakes do not always release after a stop. When this happens, it is not known by the driver until you smell brakes burning or the abs light comes on because it has melted from the heat. It causes damage to the braking system, bearings, and other axle components. I have done some research on the problem and it appears that there is a problem with the disc caliper piston not retracting occasionally after a stop. I have had seven failures that i know about, and know that i have had more because i check the condition of the components. Other owners of motorhomes with this type of brake caliper have reported on the internet of fires and loss of braking. Bosch will not talk to any of us about a real fix for this problem.

2004 Holiday Rambler Ambassador - 1RF62464X42- Delmar, MD: June 6th, 2011
The contact owns a 2004 holiday ambassador. The contact noticed that the vehicles trailer arm had fractured similar to nhtsa campaign id number:04v038000 ( suspension:front). The contact did not inform the dealer of the failure. The manufacturer was informed; however, they did not provide any assistance. No repairs had been made. The current and failure mileages were 56,000.

2006 Holiday Rambler Savoy Sl - 1KB1A1L276E- Salem, OR: May 17th, 2011
I own a 2006 holiday rambler savoy 29bhs travel trailer. I've been experiencing strange issues with the 12v wiring system. Upon diagnosis i discovered that the manufacturer attached the wire harness to a rotating drive bar on the slide out causing the wires to twist and untwist each time the slide out is extended and retracted. Thus tangling and stretching live 12v wires to the point of failure and causing them to tear and short. Mine did not catch fire, but i could see a scenario where a wire that has had the insulation stretched off of it could cause a spark and fire. The first items to fail were the lp gas and the carbon monoxide detectors. To repair the failure i have to: loosen the lp gas lines, remove the undercarriage insulation and panels, remove the damaged wiring and replace it; rerouting it in the process to a safe location (and in an actual loom) and reassemble.

2004 Holiday Rambler Neptune - 1RF51346941- East St Paul, 00: March 18th, 2011
Found both rear trailing arms to be cracked upon inspection. Replaced both arms to correct problem. Old arms were cracked to a point where total failure was eminent.

2002 Holiday Rambler Vacationer - 5B4MP67G823- Corvellis, OR: February 10th, 2011
The contact owns a 2002 holiday rambler vacationer. The contact stated that the calipers were causing his rotors and brake pads to wear excessively. The contact did not inform the manufacturer;however, the vehicle had been repaired under nhtsa campaign id number: 02v278000 ( service brakes, hydraulic foundation components). The current mileage was 37,000 and the failure mileages was approximately 36,000.

2006 Holiday Rambler Savoy Sl - 1KB3A1J236E- Auburn, ME: November 18th, 2010
The contact owns a 2006 savoy sl rv. The contact noticed a leak in the rear of the rv which was also causing mold. The rv was taken to the dealer where it was repaired. The manufacturer had not been notified.

2002 Holiday Rambler Vacationer - 5B4MP67GX23- Batavia, OH: August 6th, 2010
The contact owns a 2002 monaco holiday vacationer rv, equipped with a workhorse w22. The contact stated he received three different unknown recall notices indicating a different time frame for the brake caliper remedy from workhorse. Each time the notices were received, the manufacturer was contacted and the contact was advised that the parts needed to make repairs were not yet available. He was also advised that the parts should be available within the coming months. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was 36,000.

2006 Holiday Rambler Vacationer - 5B4MP67G953- Gloversville, NY: July 31st, 2010
Brakes on my 2006 holiday rambler motorhome with a workhorse chassis i have had interm notices, but no actual recall yet, and 2 days ago my brakes went completely out while traveling on i-87 in new york state, i had my wife and grand daughter with me and luckily i was able to pull to a save stop off an exit, because no one was in front of me. I called work horse and they are sending me to a dealer in scotia ny for a fix that is only going to be until the new bosh brake caliper are available, which wont be until the end of october. This problem has been known by work horse for almost two years now, and no replacement parts are made as of yet. Here i lost my vacation time, over $264. 00 in an unrefundable deposit, now i have over a two week wait to get replacement parts that are the old ones until new ones are made. Two dealers have also told me that i have to put money up front to get the service done, because they feel other damage may have been done. I had no problems or brake drag until this incident, i have appx 15000 miles on my vehicle. After the vehicle sat for an hour and a half the brakes came back, but the abs sensor stayed on. I drove safely home for 26 miles and now its parked, and i am afraid to use it. The dealer which is going to repair it said that there is a bag log, trying to get the parts, even after market.

2008 Holiday Rambler Arista - 5B4MP67G373- The Villages, FL: June 30th, 2010
Driving in mountainous area, used low gears for braking and intermittently used brakes to hold speed. After 30 minutes stopped for lunch and when resuming trip brakes went to floor on 1st application i was able to pump to floor and stopped motorhome. Checked for any fluid leakage at each wheel, nothing. Waited 2 hours and brakes appeared normal. The holiday rambler motorhome is an admiral model which is not listed on a w22 chassis.

2003 Holiday Rambler Ambassador - 1RF62325X32- Wauchula, FL: June 16th, 2010
I have a 2003 holiday rambler ambassador on a roadmaster chassis. I have the same bosch brakes that are currently being recalled on the work horse chassis. I should be included in the work horse recall since i have the same brakes. Holiday rambler went out of business and was bought by monaco and it went out of business also. Navistar bought monaco. No one is looking at the holiday rambler brake problems that are the same as the work hours recall. I had to have all calipers ,rotors, brake pads, and abs sensors changed due to the caliper not releasing and heating the rotors.

1995 Holiday Rambler Aluma Lite Custom - 1KB381G25SW- Armstrong Creek, WI: June 15th, 2010
The contact owns a 1995 holiday rambler aluma lite customs 28 foot trailer. The contact stated that there was a stress crack on the hitch pin box in the front that connected to the tow vehicle on the fifth wheel trailer. The crack could cause the vehicle to separate from the trailer. The contact called the manufacturer but they were out of business and the contact was not sure where to take the vehicle for repair.

2004 Holiday Rambler Ambassador - 1RF62434042- Marietta, PA: June 11th, 2010
Trailing arm failure on my 2004 holiday rambler ambassador.

2004 Holiday Rambler Vacationer - 5B4MP67G433- Locust, NC: June 1st, 2010
Total brake lost abs alarm. Pumped brakes and used emer. Brakes to stop. Abs lite stays on.