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9999 Harley-davidson Classic Cruiser 98060-00v - Houston, TX: May 29th, 2004
I purchased and installed a harley davidson driver backrest. I followed all directions on the installation. The problem is the back rest does not firmly and securely stay in the base. On 5-28-2004, for the second time, while i was driving the motorcycle, i hit a bump and the back rest suddenly came out of its base, causing me to momentarily loose my balance and almost control of the motorcycle. I have removed the back rest from the motorcycle. The problem as i see it, comes from the tongue and groove locking clasp on the base of the backrest. It is partially made of plastic or a very thin piece of metal and will not secure properly. *la

1998 Harley-davidson Ultra Classic - 1HD1FCR48WY- Grapeland, TX: April 22nd, 2003
The consumer received a recall notice regarding the ignition switch, however the dealer stated the parts were not available and it was going on 3 weeks. *jb