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2009 Gulf Stream Tourmaster - 4UZFCHCY57C- Washington, DC: February 21st, 2012
2009 gulf stream motor home. Solicitors write on behalf of consumer that states the microwave/convention in rv has been wired to an insufficient breaker *tgw the owner's manual indicated that a microwave oven required 15 amps by itself. However, the microwave/convection over was wired on a circuit with several other fixtures, including lights, television and a bathroom outlet. They were wired to a breaker designed to support 15 amps. The microwave/convection oven was constantly overloading the breaker, as it could not support any other item being on at the same time as the microwave/convection oven. *jb.... Updated 04/09/12 *bf. Updated 04/18/12

2011 Gulf Stream Visa - 1NL1DTH21B1- Delta, OH: December 10th, 2011
I was traveling east-bound on i-90 in northeast ohio in a very heavy rain, pulling my 2011 single-axel gulf stream visa rsd trailer when the passenger side trailer tire blew out. When i climbed underneath the trailer, i discovered that the inside portion of the blown out tire was completely worn down to the steel thread. I then noticed that the driver side trailer tire was worn exactly the same way. I estimate that the trailer / tires had 7,000 miles max at the time. Several other owners of this trailer have reported the same exact issue and were diagnosed with bent axles. Seehttp://gsowners. Com/viewtopic. Php? F=4&t=3109&p=15362#wrap.

2009 Gulf Stream Endura - 1NL1GFS2781- Lake Worth, FL: November 1st, 2011
Vehicle description: fifth wheel travel trailers. Excessive flexing and/or twisting of the chassis structure that supports and secures the axle hangers can occur. Abnormal tire wear and tearing of the chassis main rails occurs. This is what our 5th wheel did we notice the three wheels were out of aliment so we stopped it look bad we called to find a dealer close to where we were i95 south carolina and we took it to them. We called the enduramax they told they could not help us to call the axle company lippert they also said they could not help but lippert has a information publication on line to tell dealer how to fix this problem. They admitted they have a problem but said they will not help us correct if. This should have been a recall if is a big safety problem what if the axle cam off the camper people could have died. This is a major problem that camper do not have to abide under the same safety standard as car or trucks. Will you check into this please before someone get hurt.

2010 Gulf Stream Canyon Trail - 1NL1YFM26A1- Whitney, TX: October 21st, 2011
The contact owns a 2010 gulf stream canyon trail with trail express tires, line sizes sd 235/80/r16. The contact was driving 60-65 mph when the first failure occurred. The rv was taken to a local mechanic who verified that the sidewall had separated from the tires. The manufacturer was not made aware of the failure. The tires were replaced. The failure mileage was 6,500 and the current mileage was 7,000. Updated 11/22/11*lj the consumer stated he experienced two other blow outs on separate occasions and a fourth tire came apart. Updated 02/03/12

2007 Gulf Stream Tourmaster - 4UZAB2DJ37C- Flint, TX: October 13th, 2011
The contact owns a 2007 gulf stream tourmaster. While driving at approximately 70 mph the contact was notified by other drivers that fuel was leaking from the rear of the vehicle. The contact stopped the vehicle and noticed the fuel line had fractured and approximately 50 gallons of diesel fuel had leaked from the fuel lines. The contact notified his road side assistance to diagnose the failure. The mechanic stated the fuel line fractured and would need to be replaced. The vehicle was repaired. There was a recall under nhtsa campaign id number: 09v141000 (fuel fuel system, other:delivery:hoses, lines/piping, and fittings) that may be related to the failure. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure and stated the vin was not included in the recall. The approximate failure mileage was 15,000.

2005 Gulf Stream Sun Voyager - 5B4MPA7G753- Flat Rock, MI: June 21st, 2011
On 3/18/2011 while traveling on us-65 at a speed of approximately 65 mph, without warning the auto park brake applied on our gulf stream coach. The panel red light starting blinking and a loud beeping noise also. We exited the highway very startled, not knowing if we could stop our coach. We noticed a burning smell and i investigated. After confirming we had service brakes, called workhorse (wcc) facility and was told that auto park brake and service brakes were on 2 separate systems and should be ok to drive home 300 miles. But we had no park brake on our coach, had to block wheels when parked. Upon taking rv to authorized wcc service center in toledo ohio was told that parking brake assembly # w8001667 overheated when it suddenly applied at highway speed (for no reason) and had to be replaced (cost of approx. $2,300). They and the wcc district rep who i spoke with had no explanation why this happened. And could not assure me that it would not happen again. This occurred at approximately 13,700 miles on our 2005 gulf stream coach w24 chassis equipped with j72 park brake system. After several searches online, i. E. Irv2. Com a site where numerous rv owners with wcc chassis expressed and discussed their experiences with similar concerns and fears. I could not believe all the history of these problems that so many people had and most consulted wcc and nhtsa. Some of which when this happened put their family and others in danger. I am quite frankly concerned and worried that this could happen again (when planning our next rv trip). After discussing problem and large expense with the district rep, we were not helped with repair cost or comforted knowing why this happened or if it could happen again putting lives in danger. Smitty¿s automotive service in toledo ohio is the authorized wcc service facility of my choice which i have high regards and complete confidence. I am reporting this b/c i'm concerned and worried that this could happen again.

2008 Gulf Stream Super Nova - 1HTMPAFM78H- Five Points, AL: January 5th, 2011
The rv lost it's rear brakes and almost all front braking action. From what i have been able to ascertain is that the abs unit is mounted too close to the wheel causing it to get moisture from the road. When it fails the rear brakes fail. International is aware of this problem. Updated 04/13/11

2009 Gulf Stream Prairie Schooner - 5UEFR38399N- Ocala, FL: September 28th, 2010
Left nc sat 9/25/2010 reached the sc-ga line and gassed up. Middle tire passenger side had developed bubbles on the sidewall. We changed it and continued on the interstate going to fl. We reached the ga-fl line and gassed up. Checking the tires we found 3 more with bubbles on the tread. We had only 140 miles to reach home but couldn't go 5 miles! We had to replace all 6 tires. The old tires were st 235 80 r 16 mastertrack power towing. Dot # 1kmm16a3607 on all 6 tires. They were on a 2009 5th wheel toyhauler. We purchased the rig new july 2009 and the tires had less than 5000 miles on them.

2002 Gulf Stream Sun Voyager - 5B4MP67G413- Canon City, CO: September 22nd, 2010
The contact owns a 2002 gulf stream sun voyager motor home. There was a recall on the work horse chassis brakes and the dealer did not have the parts to repair them. The contact experienced a brake failure previously, which he repaired himself, but the parts he received from the dealer were defective. Whenever he contacted the dealer for the new parts he was told they have not arrived and are still on back order. The manufacturer could not be reach. The failure mileage was 24,000.

2003 Gulf Stream Motor Home - 4UZAAHAK13C- Williams Town, NJ: August 6th, 2010
The contact owns a 2003 gulf stream yellowstone rv. The contact stated while driving 65 mph, the tow hitch fractured from the vehicle. The rv was flipped over. There were no injuries. The contact stated there was no indication that the hitch was defective. The contact was awaiting an inspection of the vehicle by his insurance company. The failure and current mileages were 42,000.

2007 Gulf Stream Stream Lite - 1NL1XTP2471- Danbury , CT: May 10th, 2010
The contact owns a 2007 gulf stream, stream-lite rv. The contact stated that the bar which holds the water tank secure to the trailer came apart on one end and was partially hanging from the vehicle. The manufacturer advised that the vehicle was out of warranty and would not provide any assistance. The contact believed to the failure to be a potential safety defect and the manufacturer should take the liability for the failure. The failure and current mileages were approximately 1,500. Updated 07/19/10 *bf the consumer stated the repair shop offered to fix the problem. Updated 07/21/10. *jb

2004 Gulf Stream Innsbruck - 1NL1NTL2041- Albany, GA: April 13th, 2010
-the contact owns a 2004 gulf stream innsbruck. The contact stated that the refrigerator was defective and the gas alarm went off without being provoked. The contact received a recall notice for recall 08v411000 (equipment:recreational vehicle) which was directly related to the failure. The vehicle was taken to an authorized dealership for a diagnostic test where the contact was informed that the refrigerator was not capable of being repair without a coolant motor because the coolant leaked out of the refrigerator. The contact called the manufacturer who advised the contact to turn off the gas and power at night to keep the refrigeraor from catching fire. The current mileage was approximately 20,000. The failure mileage was approximately 10,000.

2011 Gulf Stream Visa - 1NL1DTH20B1- Sauk Village , IL: April 12th, 2010
Your site will not allow me to select correct make and model which is listed below. The trailer brakes did not work on newly purchased 2011 visa gulf stream travel trailer prior to leaving 83 rv dealer with the trailer on march 23 2010. Dealer claimed it was our tow vehicle causing problem and said it was ok for us to leave with trailer brakes not working. After going through entire brake system by ourselves, we found the main electric brake wire was pinched in the right side axel flange at the factory causing the trailer brakes not to work. Had to remove one flange bolt to release wire, cut out smashed wire area and splice in a new section of wire. Trailer brakes then worked. On march 27, after pulling 2011 visa gulf stream 500 miles on first trip in normal driving conditions, upon reaching destination, found a big hole worn through front of right plastic wheel well which left an opening directly into cabinetry inside of trailer (cabinet was empty while traveling. ) hole was caused by tire hitting and rubbing on wheel well during normal driving conditions which could have caused structural damage to travel trailer and may eventual cause a tire blow out. Removed right wheel well and took to d & n camper sales in memphis which was recommended by gulf stream. D & n camper sales repairman spoke via phone with gulf stream and sold us $15 worth of black undercoating tape so that we could seal hole in wheel well ourselves for return drive home. In looking at trailer, it appears that wheel well is not large enough or centered causing wheel to hit well in normal driving conditions. Also appears the plastic wheel well either didn¿t fit properly or was installed incorrectly and was ¿fixed¿ by using globs of black silicone sealant to fill the spaces. Front of left wheel well is also showing rub marks from tire. Concerned that side walls of travel trailer are being damaged by wheel rubbing or hitting well. Also concerned that continued rubbing will cause tire blow out

2008 Gulf Stream Crescendo - 5B4NR97AX74- Le Claire, IA: February 10th, 2010
We were running on generator power for the first time since buying new rv. The dvd player caught on fire while rv was running on generator power. Dealer repair traced it back to faulty voltage regulator on the generator. Rv design lacks surge protector on incoming electrical power and on generator. We had to evacuate rv of people and show dogs. Generator promptly turned off which limited damage. This happened in november 2009 and dealer service manager still working on repair in feb 2010 with no help from rv manufacturer. Also blew out televisions. Could have been much worse if occupants had been sleeping or coach had been unoccupied, but we were up and eating breakfast. Updated 05/13/10 *bf updated 05/14/10

2002 Gulf Stream Mako - 1NL1MFM2121- Valley Springs, CA: January 22nd, 2010
We have a 2002 gulfstream mako 5th wheel trailer purchased new. The dometic rv refrigerator model rm 2652 failed to cool and so we ran it on propane. It never cooled and the refrigerator gas flue began to get hot and started to smoke, we turned off the gas. We called dometic and they said they have no knowledge of this problem. We had the recall done two years ago. Beware of this product! They will not help with their product and it could have burned our trailer and us.

2006 Gulf Stream Sun Voyager - 5B4MP67G053- Niceville, FL: December 17th, 2009
Purchased a gulfstream class a motor home with a workhorse chassis. Drove from dealership to home ( 85 miles) abs light came on. Called dealer they said look for fuse or hit brakes at about 50 mph. Never found fuse, took mh to storage lot for about 3 weeks then picked up for ship to gulf shores al. Abs light was not on initially but came on during trip after leaving interstate and heading south through a series of stop lights. At 4th light the coach went about 10 ft into intersection. People in truck next to me were waving and hollered "something is smoking". Two lights later a brake failure notice came on and the brake pedal went to the floor. Hand to use emergency brake to stop the coach. Limped about one mile to campground while using the emergency bake and parked the coach. This was thanksgiving eve. The camper owner next to me came over and stated he heard us talking about the problem. Asked if we had a workhorse chassis? Advised him we did, he said welcome to the club. About 40,000 of these are under government recall. This owner gave us names and phone numbers, we ended up calling workhorse and having the coach towed to their authorized service center. They replaced all 4 calipers, plus brake pads,sensors,seals,pads, and machined rotors. After this fix,drove the coach home about 55 miles, and had some smell, but no lights came on. Mh was at our house for about 5 days then when starting it to take it to storage the abs light came on again. By the time i got to the storage lot the check abs light was on. Called repair company who stated bring it back we will fix it. The dealership that sold me the motorhome advised it was a demo, used by the owner. Never discussed any brake problem issues, and did not advise us about the recall notice issued in may 2009. We purchased mh on oct. 20, 2009. Later found out that mh. Had previously been sold and returned and in fact was not a demo. Dealership lied about the vehicle and stated "a guy tried to buy ,but it never left the lot.

2003 Gulf Stream Sun Voyager - 5B4MP67G833- Roaring Gap, NC: December 15th, 2009
The contact owns a 2003 gulfstream sunvoyager. During brake application while driving downhill at 40 mph the brake pedal went to the floor. After repeated brake application he was able to stop. After an hour of waiting he noticed heat build-up in the brake system. A mechanic inspected the vehicle, and made a temporary repairs. He was advised that his vehicle identification number was excluded from recall 09v245000 (service brakes, hydraulic). He was ineligible for a free remedy, so no repairs were made. The failure mileage was 30000. The current mileage was 34000.

2007 Gulf Stream Tourmaster - 4UZAB2DJ67C- Titusville, FL: October 1st, 2009
The contact owns a 2007 gulf stream tourmaster motor home. While driving the air compressor failed, which subsequently caused the brake line to fail. The vehicle was taken to the dealer, and a technician repaired the burned air line. The manufacturer was notified of the failure. The failure and current mileages were 15,844.

2004 Gulf Stream Atrium - 5B4MP67G843- Lady Lake, FL: September 17th, 2009
Right front brake locked up and over heated. Resulting in melted abs sensor, possible damage to disc rotor and shoes.

2008 Gulf Stream Tourmaster - 4UZAB2DJ17C- Puyallup, WA: April 2nd, 2010
2008 gulfstream r v,purchased jan. 18, 2008 traveling down the road i noticed a continuous noise coming from the front shade, which is approx. 8' it has two shades that roll on it, so it's very heavy. We reported it to the r v dealer, they checked it, said it was fine! So we continued on our trip to yuma, az. Thankfully we made it there and had parked the r v be fore the whole thing came crashing down, this happened in dec. 2008 it cracked the front window,put deep gashes in the dash board. We called gulfstream told them what happened, and also suggested they do a safety recall on the shade. Then we took it to the repair shop, found out only 2 screws maybe 1 inch long was holding this up, so they ordered new side panels that were damaged, plus screws, & a center stripe to help secure it, plus they told us the gashes were to deep on the dash to be repaired, they would order a new dash. We decided due to the poor service we've received from gulfstream, we would just have the dash repaired, since we travel alot we didn't want to wait for more parts. The parts were ordered, we waited and waited for them to arrive, finally the dealership called and said to bring the motor home in, we did, only to find out gulfstream didn't send all the parts. All the parts were ordered dec. 8,2008. We left yuma the 15th of april, still no repairs made, we took some of the side panels with us, to be replaced in washington, at this point they are refusing to finish any of the work they started, because the parts where never received in a timely manner our warranty is now up, and gulfstream is refusing to complete the work. As far as i know there's not been a safety recall on the shade, lord have mercy if it falls down while some one is driving down the road! Updated 05/13/10 *bf updated 05/14/10. *jb