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1991 Gmc Syclone

Latest GMC Syclone Problem Reports

1991 Gmc Syclone - 1GDCT14ZXM8- Orlando, FL: February 7th, 2000
While driving in stop and go traffic traveling 3-5mph, vehicle in front stopped suddenly. Consumer went to apply brakes, and brakes failed and pedal went to the floor. Dented the bumper, and cracked the grill. Didn't contact dealer. *ak

1991 Gmc Syclone - 1GDCT14Z3M8- Myrtle Beach, SC: November 22nd, 1999
Front shaft from transfer case to differential failed, replaced under factory warranty, abs brake master unit failed at 52,550 miles outside the extended warranty by 6 months dealer refused to repair under warranty, wanted $1200+ in parts plus labor to repair, cannot afford to repair at this time.

1991 Gmc Syclone - 1GDCT14Z5M8- Philadelphia, PA: July 27th, 1999
Failed to stop and crashed into rear of vehicle in front of me

1991 Gmc Syclone - UNAVAILABLE- Dickenson, TX: November 30th, 1998
The consumer has been experiencing problems with anti-lock brake system. When applying their brakes, driver's foot goes all the way to the floorboard. The manufacturer has yet to be contacted. Investigation number ea94038. *ak

1991 Gmc Syclone - 1GDCT142SM8- Orinda, CA: February 9th, 1998
Anti-lock brake system failed.

1991 Gmc Syclone - 1GDCT14Z9M8- Madison , WI: January 9th, 1995
Purchase the truck 18 month used truck been in the shop 8 months on the transmission twice and turbo charger been replace three time. Tt