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1998 Gmc P30 Motorhome Chassis

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1997 Gmc P30 Motorhome Chassis - 1GBLP37J5V3- Fontana, CA: April 1st, 2003
I own a 1997 pace arrow motor home on a gmc p-30 chassis, with 11,000 miles. On february 14, 2003 while driving this motor home, it suffered a series of engine dying episodes. When i finally reached my destination, the engine died for good and the motor home was towed to a repair facility. The failure turned out to be a shorting out wire in the fuel tank in the fuel tank sending unit. My concern is that an electrical spark in a gas tank is a bomb. There needs to be an investigation before someone is injured or killed. *jb

1998 Gmc P30 Motorhome Chassis - Ft Worth, TX: May 18th, 1999
While driving within the speed limit vehicle becomes very unstable/ it wanders, which could result in loss of control. Cause unknown. *ak *tt