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1993 Gmc Motor Home
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Latest GMC Motor Home Problem Reports

1991 Gmc Motor Home - 4GHB00D14L1- Wilmington, OH: October 27th, 2000
Firestone steeltex radial r4s tires (p235 85 r16) experienced 2 blowouts and 1 tread separation. *slc

1994 Gmc Motor Home - 1GBKP37N3R3- Dayton, OH: April 13th, 1999
Electronic parking brake continually fails.

1994 Gmc Motor Home - 1GBKP37NXR3- Lakeland, FL: February 8th, 1996
Premature wear of engine belt, caused engine compartment fire. *sd

1990 Gmc Motor Home - Pollock Pi , CA: November 23rd, 1994
Brake light comes on while driving, also emergency brake release locked up prior to recall. *aw

1993 Gmc Motor Home - UNK- Fraser , CO: November 11th, 1994
Air conditioner failed. *skd