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2000 Gmc K15 - 1GTEK14W0YE- Winchester, IN: April 13th, 2010
The contact owns a 2000 gmc k15. While driving at approximately 5 mph, the contact noticed that it took extra time for the brakes to engage when he depressed the brake pedal; he had to continue to apply pressure so the vehicle would slow down. He noticed the problem only at low speeds. The vehicle had not been repaired at the time of the complaint. The current mileage was 65,508. The failure mileage was approximately 64,100.

1994 Gmc K15 - 2GTEK19K5R1- San Marcus, CA: July 18th, 2008
The contact owns a 1994 gmc k15. The contact stated that the windshield wipers fail to work properly. The wipers do not operate as they should, but rather intermittently. The contact believes that the circuit board was the cause of the failure. He discovered a recall that listed an identical failure; however, the dealer stated that his vin was not included in the recall. The contact feels that this is a safety issue because the windshield wipers could stop working and reduce visibility. The vehicle has not been inspected. The contact stated that the wiper failure occurred regularly for the past two years. The current and failure mileages were 171,000.

1997 Gmc K15 - 1GTEK14R4VZ- Lockesburg, AR: August 20th, 2002
Steering wheel jerks sharply at times as if is restricted. My sister had a surburban this year model that did the same thing. They took their auto in several times but never would do this. It is so random that it would be hard to find for the service dept. They just sold their vehicle. Any info from gmc on this problem? Our truck did not do this until after the warranty expired. *ak

1994 Gmc K15 - 1GCGK29K0RE- Battle Mountain, NV: May 14th, 2002
Passengers door was starting to sag, not shutting properly. While going around a curve door swung open while child was sitting in seat, and fell out. *ak the child, who was sitting in the front seat, fell out when the door swung open and received road rash on elbow and knees. *yh

1993 Gmc K15 - 2GTEC19K1P1- Lake Lotawana, MO: November 5th, 1999
The windshield wipers on my truck began to run irregularly. At times they would simply stop operating. Other times they would not start up when switched on. I went to a local general motors dealer's parts department and described the problem to a parts technician. He told me that the problem was most likely the control module located on the wiper motor assembly. He said it was common with early k15 series truck. He reached below his counter and layed the needed part on the counter top. I was surprised he had it so close at hand. He said he keeps them near by because the problem is common. The part number is 12463017 module 16. 067. It cost me $52. 68. The repair was not to complicated and the new control module seems to be working just fine. This seems like a safety - part failure issue. Is it common?

1990 Gmc K15 - 1GCDK14K7LZ- Taylorsville, UT: October 15th, 1999
Severe corrosion due to road salt at the joint of the stamped steel center section and cast outer secetion, can cause the sections to separate. Vehicle not included in recall 93v11900. Please give any further details. *ak

1995 Gmc K15 - 2GTEK19K215- Eustis, FL: March 20th, 1997
The master cylinder has been replaced about 5 times because of the brake fluid leakage. Please describe details. *ak

1995 Gmc K15 - 2GTEK19K6S1- Boise, ID: November 14th, 1996
While driving experienced seat track anchor failure when driver's seat detached from anchor, rocking forward. *ak

1994 Gmc K15 - 1GTEK19K5RE- Rockland, MA: August 30th, 1996
Dealership hasn't received the parts for two months concerning recall (93v-216). *ak

1988 Gmc K15 - 1GTDK14K2JZ- Moreno Valle, CA: August 22nd, 1996
While driving noticed smoke coming from area of rear bumper, pulled over, fire coming from underhood was caused by built up pressure that forced transmission fluid out of filler tube, sprayed onto engine, plastic coating/hoses, etc. Melted onto ground. *ak

1995 Gmc K15 - 2GET19K9S15- Anchorage, AK: April 9th, 1996
Driver's side airbag did not deploy in a frontal collision at 30 to 35 mph. *ak

1994 Gmc K15 - West Greenwi, RI: April 8th, 1996
When there is a low of 500 lbs or more vehicle experiences brake loss, truck has rear abs. *ak

1994 Gmc K15 - 1GCEK19K3RE- North Richla, TX: February 23rd, 1996
Right front passenger seat rattles like it lose on the mounting bracket on floor. Please describe details. *ak

1995 Gmc K15 - 2GTEK19K3S1- Vernon, FL: December 6th, 1995
Abs braking problems. Please describe. Tt

1995 Gmc K15 - 2GTEK19K5S1- Basalt, CO: December 5th, 1995
Anti-lock brake failure, under 10 mph abs locked up, while driving. Tt

1985 Gmc K15 - 1GTCT14B5F2- Auburn, ME: October 18th, 1995
Corroded rear disc brakes, back plate has corroded. Tt

1995 Gmc K15 - 2GTEK19KXS1- Stockton , MO: August 21st, 1995
The brake booster had to be replace dealer say the brake booster was the wrong one on the truck. Tt

1994 Gmc K15 - 1GTEK19K3RE- Fayetville , NY: June 27th, 1995
Premature wear of the rear brakes, loss of braking ability, equipped with abs system brakes. Tt

1994 Gmc K15 - 2GTEK19KXR1- Greenwood , AR: May 17th, 1995
Rear door comes open, had fixed twice, still comes open. Tt

1988 Gmc K15 - 1GTDK14K8JZ- Big Pine , CA: May 12th, 1995
Steering wheel bolts that screws in the wheel are loose. Tt