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2003 Gmc Gmc Truck - 1GTHK24U03E- Mokena, IL: January 19th, 2011
Brake lines, transmission lines and engine coolant lines all failing on 2003 gmc 2500 hd sierra as well as on 2004 chevy silverado hd 3500. These problems have caused numerous amounts of time to repair and replace, and today there was a catastrophic brake failure on the 2003 hd gmc which almost resulted in a deadly accident. These lines should not have rusted they way they are especially on two (2) different vehicles from the same manufacturer. These vehicles were produced with inadequate parts for all lines on the underside of vehicle. There should not be 1,000 plus complaints from consumers regarding the rusting of these components, of which have caused several major and life safety issues. The brake lines are an integral part of any vehicle and to have them rust thru to the degree of all the complaints there is obviously an issue with the component the manufacturer installed on these vehicles. Between our 2003 and 2004 gmc and chevy trucks respectively, we have replaced all of the transmission coolant lines in both vehicles, oil engine line in 1 vehicle, ready to change in other vehicle due to rust, and now brake lines in the 2003 and will need to replace in 2004 due to rust as well. The entire underside components are completely rusted through. In addition, the straps that hold the fuel tank are also needing to be replaced due to rust.

2003 Gmc Gmc Truck - 1GTEK14V03E- Greensburg, PA: January 1st, 2011
I have a 2003 gmc sierra 4wd truck and the speedometer cluster is bad. I see that thousands of other people have the same problem. The speedometer register erratically and sometimes stays on 0 mph while driving down the highway. I here the fuel gauge is next to go bad. These two problems together on a busy highway can and will cause accidents where someone will get hurt or killed. Gm has agreed to recall these vehicles with under 70,000 miles and 5 yrs. Old. This does nothing to this safety problem but lower the odds a little bit. What about the safety of the balance of owners of the remaining vehicles and every person on us highways? Doesn't anyone care? Please look into this safety problem for it happens all of the sudden. This failure happens and then it works fine off and on or it just totally fails all at once. You have no idea how fast you are driving which affects public safety and running out of fuel on a snow covered or dry freeway or rte. And not being able to steer the truck can definitely cause accidents. People have no clue when or where these problems will occur. I hope that you are also concerned about the vehicles with this problem on the roads with more than 70,000 miles and older than 5years. I am a certified automotive mechanic and have been for 30 years. What scares me is the older the vehicle the more chance of hydraulic brake lines failing from rust and not knowing if they are driving too fast for conditions with a brake line failure is going to happen if not already. Please protect everyone and yourself from general motors corporation's shotty recall.

1986 Gmc Gmc Truck - 1GTDC14H3GF- Dickson, TN: August 7th, 2010
Frame cracking by gear box cause truck to shack and gear box can come off from fame, 4 wheel drives are worse then 2 wheel. Mine was 2 wheel.

2003 Gmc Gmc Truck - 2GTEC19V131- Anderson, SC: January 8th, 2010
Speedometer failure in 2003 gmc sierra, i feel that this type of failure should be considered a saftey defect and be covered by the gm corp. I have been fighting with the corp for the past three months to cover this it was a defective stepper motor in all the instrument clusters and the part number was xc5-168 the new part number is x25-168 why was this never considered a saftey recall, is the speedometer not considered part of the safety recalls on our roadways? The fact that i can drive down the highway at "according to my speedometer" at 120 mph and cars are passing me, or the fact that i might be doing only 30mph in the same situation, is this not considered part of a saftey recall? It is and has been known that these steppers motors in the instrument clusters has been bad, and not the fault of any driver but the fault of the gm corp. , do we have to wait until someone is killed by something like this thinking that ther only doing 30mph but in fact are running down the road at 80mph.... Sure the more experienced driver might know the differencebut what about the less experienced, like your child? I would never want this to happen, and you have to admit that it could, something should be done about this... A saftey recall, not just some service bulletin, that the dealer mails to some of the owners, if in fact they have the name on file, someone could have bought this used for thier child. Under speedometers on ebay there is proof that the clusters are bad, guys are fixing them with the new stepper motors, why is this not gm's responsibility?

2000 Gmc Gmc Truck - 1GTCS19W9Y8- Lafollette, TN: December 31st, 2008
The fuel gauge stop working on a 2000 sonoma are they a recall on it.

1996 Gmc Gmc Truck - 1GKEK13R2TJ- Gresham, OR: January 1st, 2008
Was recently involved in an auto accident in which the front end of my vehicle was heavily damaged and my airbag failed to deploy. *cn

2003 Gmc Gmc Truck - 1GTHK23103F- St. Johns, MI: December 5th, 2007
Transfer case has holes in it & fluid leaked out.

2003 Gmc Gmc Truck - 1GTCS19H038- Exeter, RI: October 23rd, 2007
I purchased a 2003 gmc sonoma for my son, in july of 2003 and we have had nothing but problems with it. We were told yesterday we need a new transmission and was quoted a price from $1,500. 00-$2,500. 00. We are going to pay it because we still are paying a payment on it and cannot afford to get another vehicle. My question is isn't general motors responsible for the products they sell. I do not have an american vehicle and i would like to buy american but they do not stand behind their products. *jb

1998 Gmc Gmc Truck - 2GTEC19M3W1- Long Beach, CA: May 30th, 2007
Third time i have had to have the brake light stop switch replaced on my 1998 gmc truck.

2003 Gmc Gmc Truck - 1GTHK29U33Z- El Dorado Hills, CA: December 29th, 2006
My 2003 gmc sierra 2500hd just started having speedometer problems. All of a sudden i was driving down a country road traveling about 45 mph but my speedometer said i was going 90 mph. Then it all of a sudden went to 120 mph and eventually it pegged out completely. When i turn my engine off all of the other gages go off but the speedometer stays at 120 mph +. Sometimes it fluctuates between 70 and 120 + but it is never correct. This seems like a huge safety issue and it appears from reading online that there are tons of other people out there with the same problem. This seems like something tha gmc should fix for free considering the safety issues. We dont have the money to spend on something that is obviously the manufacutrers fault.

1999 Gmc Gmc Truck - 2GTEK19T4X1- Sylvania, OH: December 19th, 2006
- the contact received a safety recall on his 1999 gms cierra pickup truck. The contact replaced the wheel bearing hub and speed sensor because he was told they were a unit and that was the failure in his vehicle. He later found that the wheel bearing hub that he has paid for was the problem, and would like to be reimbursed.

2003 Gmc Gmc Truck - 1GTEK14V93Z- Warren, RI: November 28th, 2006
03 gmc sierra got used in aug 06 with 31000 miles now has 36000 miles and transmission has clunk between 2 &3 gears from all the research i have done it seems this is happening to lots of people i will bring this to gm`s attention because it still under gmc certified warranty but i don`t think it will get me anywhere please help. *nm

2003 Gmc Gmc Truck - 2GTEK19V631- Walden, NY: December 12th, 2005
Loud clunk in drivetrain when transmission upshifts 2-3 and downshifts 3-2. Vehicle is 2003 gmc pick-up truck 4x4. Dealer #1 replaced driveshaft. No change. Dealer #2 diagnosed the clunk as a momentary torque reversal of the output shaft when the clutch is applied and the 2-4 band released. See gm information bulletin #01-07-30-042c (sept. 27, 2005) gm says this is normal and no repairs should be attempted. This constant clunking is not normal and is aggravating to the driver and owner. A new vehicle should be free of mechanical defect as the warranty states. This condition may be worse in 4x4 vehicles due to tolerances in the transfer case. Gm will not rectify this defect while under original warranty. It is their duty to sell a defect free vehicle. I have discussed this problem with gm, bbb, a truck dealer and a transmission repair shop. My conclusion is that a reprogramming of the bands in the transmission case will correct this defect. Gm is not willing to make this remedy available to the vehicle. My expectation is that the vehicle should be defect free during warranty period. The standoff! The federal government should protect the unwitting buyer from the failures of auto makers to warrant a defect free product as they claim when they sell the product. Otherwise, it is a gross misrepresentation of a promise and fraud. *jb

2003 Gmc Gmc Truck - 1GKDT13S232- Beachwood, NJ: October 19th, 2005
I noticed since i bought my 2003 gmc envoy that the motor would race in the am upon starting. I took this as normal until the racing never stopped one day. I took it to my local gm dealer and they informed me the fan clutch had failed and repaired it for over 700$. Upon research later on this part i noticed people saying these are failing at a regular basis. Now, i'm not a mechanic, but i think had i not the knowledge i do of automobiles, i would have continued to drive and possibly could have had a major engine failure of some sorts. This could have resulted in a serious incident on the roads. My vehicle had only 40,000 miles on it. Not many, considering the important of operation of this part. *nm

2000 Gmc Gmc Truck - 1GTEK19T1YE- Fenelton, PA: October 17th, 2005
At 14000 miles i had to replace all 4 brakes and rotors on my 2000 gmc sierra. *jb

1974 Gmc Gmc Truck - TKY244B5125- Sanford, NC: August 26th, 2005
Dt: the caller said three tires blew out. It sounded like a gun shot. The caller said the steel tread came off. When she took the tires to the dealer the forth one had a bulge on the tread , and they took it off the vehicle. The caller said that the vehicle was sitting still all three times. The tires had about 8000 miles on them, the tread depth was like new. Vehicle was only driven locally. Dealer did not want to help her, and told the caller to call the manufacturer. In turn, the manufacturer said the tires were sold to sears only and she needs to go back to them. The tires are michelin sears road handler load range e steel belted radial, 950/r16. 5; and dot # b7xl. *ak updated 11/2/2005 - the consumer still has the tire in her possesion. *nm

1998 Gmc Gmc Truck - 1GTEK19R9WR- Topeka, KS: August 9th, 2005
The wind shield wipers are doing the exact same thing as the 1995 and 96 gmc sierra trucks. I drive a 1998 gmc so you think they would have figured this out by now. My wipers will work occasionally but not when you really need them. I know its not the motor because it has been checked out. I would appreciate it if gmc would fix this problem. *nm

2002 Gmc Gmc Truck - 1GTCT19W528- Bellevue, NE: July 28th, 2005
Support cable on tailgate of 2002 gmc sonoma snapped in two. Rust and corrosion were evident at the break point. I noticed on the chevy silverado's and gmc sierra's there was a recall on the cables for the same problem. I have a feeling that the cables on the sonoma have the same defect. The dealer told me that since there is no recall on the cables then there is no problem. I disagree. *jb

2002 Gmc Gmc Truck - 1GTDT19W728- St Paris , OH: July 26th, 2005
2002 gmc s-15 sonoma..... Left side tailgate cable broke

2002 Gmc Gmc Truck - 1GTEK19T82E- Roseville, CA: June 14th, 2005
When applying brakes,the brake pedal goes below the gas pedal. I've taken the vehicle to the gmc dealership several times and was told that brakes meet factory specs. I've called gmc and was told to take vehicle to another dealership, which i did and got same answer that brakes meet factory specs. Contacted gmc again and was offered free oil changes for three years. I requested that a gmc representative drive this vehicle or to give me something in writing that this vehicle is safe,to no avail. My vehicle is a 2002 gmc sierra pickup with 12,000 miles on it. My wife and i are afraid to drive this vehicle due to a very close highway accident which required immediate braking. When i applied the brakes my foot hit the accelerator pedal due to the brake going below the gas pedal.