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1996 Gmc G30

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1987 Gmc G30 - 9999- Detroit, MI: February 12th, 2004
The vehicle caught fire burning the cab and the front of the box. *ph the consumer was driving the vehicle at 50 mph when the check engine light had come on. The consumer had begun to slow down when the vehicle caught fire. *sc

1996 Gmc G30 - 1GDHG31K2TF- Eugene, OR: October 8th, 2000
In heavy stop and go traffic driver let foot off brake and allowed vehicle to accelerate approximately 40 feet accelerator was not pushed. Vehicle continued to accelerate after brakes were applied going another 30--40 feet before hitting another vehicle. This was a 4 vehicle chain accident including the 96 gmc. Prior to the accidenty we had taken this vehicle to the dealer 3 times when the drivers complained that the brakes were not responding properly, the dealer did not note the complaints on the warranty invoices. Prior to the accident, i did submit a complaint to gmc when we received a quality control questionaire from the dealer. This claim has been assigned #98165460 by gmc. My mechanic states that the malfunction has occured to others and is called "hard peddle glide" and is considered a normal operating condition! Is this correct? How do i get resitutuion of the losses i have incurred?

1990 Gmc G30 - 1GTHR33N9LF- Pierpont, OH: August 28th, 2000
Vehicle was well maintained--left shop on monday after $810. 00 repair bill to prepare for trip from oh to sd after sheep. Dealer was to safety check and correct overheating problem under heavy loads. Pulling trailer with sheep need to run continously to

1996 Gmc G30 - 1GCHG39N1SF- Jefferson, MO: August 29th, 1996
Fuel tank over flows when filling, excess gas runs down side of vehicle and spills onto hot exhaust pipe creating dangerous fire hazard, gas often spews out and vent holes around filler hose can cause person fillting tank to be doused with fuel. *slc