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1993 Gmc G20
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Latest GMC G20 Problem Reports

1993 Gmc G20 - 2GBEG25K3P4- Broken Arrow, OK: November 3rd, 2003
Automatic transmission sun gear has a high rate of failure, per dealership. When it fails reverse gear malfunctions, and then all other gears fail to function. Dealership indicated that transmission needed reinforcement by using thicker material for the collar spine. This part failed twice within 11,000 miles. *ak

1995 Gmc G20 - Kimberling City, MO: July 7th, 2003
When braking on a hill brake pedal goes to the floor. Cause unknown. *ak

1993 Gmc G20 - 1GBEG25K7PF- Hartville, OH: February 3rd, 2000
While driving on wet road traveling 35mph, applied brakes, and there were no brakes. Went straight through an intersection. On highway at 45-50mph and exiting off the ramp, hit gravel a vehicle stopped ahead. Consumer had to quickly apply brakes. But, again there were no brakes. Contacted dealer, they could not find the cause. *ak

1993 Gmc G20 - 1GBEG25Z1PF- Memphis, TN: July 22nd, 1999
When applying the abs brakes on dry pavement pedal nearley went to the floor, causing extended stopping distance. Please give any further details. *ak

1995 Gmc G20 - 1GDFG25K3SF- Concord, CA: September 16th, 1996
Brake failure, when driving at any speed, applied the abs brakes vehicle pulled very hard, causing loss of control. *ak