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2002 Gmc Express - 1GAHG39G421- Kernersville, NC: September 8th, 2005
There was a failure of the anti lock brakes when i went to stop. They went right to the floor and did not catch. I hit a line of stopped cars and 4 of them were all hit as a result of my failure to stop. My knee cap was fractured where it hit the dash. My son has unknown injuries to his arm from the airbag and my daughter had facial contusions and a sore jaw and a broken retainer due to her face hitting the seat in front of her. The impact was at 50 mph. Unknown injuries to the occupants of the other vehicles at this time. *nm

2000 Gmc Express - 1GBFG15R5Y1- Minneapolis, MN: July 22nd, 2004
External hinges on express van gmc express all models 1500, 2500 and 3500 rust out at about 57,000 miles. Unable to get out of van door freezes. Cost on 7-23-04 was $447. 00 to replace one hinge and rebore a hole and lube second hinge. Dealer said it happens to all vans with external hinges. In production they did not use a lube that was water resistant. *jb

2002 Gmc Express - 1GNFG15R221- Pierron, IL: May 6th, 2004
While turning vehicle stalled. Consumer managed to restart the vehicle. Dealership was notified, but did not resolve the problem. *ak

2001 Gmc Express - 1GAHG39R211- Albuquerque, NM: July 5th, 2003
One of the firestone steeltex radial r4s l245/75/r16 tires on my van failed on the interstate. The tread with the steel bands separated from the tire at speed. The tire did not blow out and my wife proceeded slower to help. The tread slammed up into the back door of the van denting it. I have the tire and tread at home. *ak

2002 Gmc Express - Long Beach, CA: December 23rd, 2002
Consumer called complaining about having problems with car not been stable. Also stated that while driving the vehicle it feel unstable with any tough movement will cause the vehicle to feel if it is going to flip over. Dealer was contacted and someone from the manufacture will come to inspect the vehicle. Ts

2001 Gmc Express - 1GAGG25R311- Grosse Point Park, MI: August 1st, 2002
While traveling on highway and without prior warning vehicle stalled and shutdown. Dealership is aware of problem. *ak

1999 Gmc Express - 1GCHG39R5X1- Homstead, PA: April 2nd, 2001
Water gets under the carpet where airbag sensor is located, casuing light to stay illuminated while vehicle is in motion. The dealer has been notified. *ak