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Latest Forest River Wildwood Problem Reports

2012 Forest River Wildwood - 4X4TWDZ21CR- Lancaster, NY: June 18th, 2012
The contact owns a 2012 forest river wildwood equipped with trail express tires. The contact stated that while examining the tires he noticed that the sidewalls were cracked. The dealer was notified and stated that they reported the failure to the manufacturer.

2012 Forest River Wildwood - 5N1AR18W66C- Fresno , CA: October 24th, 2011
The contact owns a 2012 forest river wildwood tow trailer equipped with greenball corporation tow master tires, size ft 205/75r15, serial number: 9dul2810. The contact stated that the rear driver and passenger side tires went flat due to cracks along the tire tread. The remaining tires also exhibited the same failure. All five tires on the trailer were replaced. The manufacturer was contacted but denied any assistance with repairs. The trailer did not have a mileage to report. The vehicle failure and current mileage was 42,000. The tire failure mileage was unknown. The dot number was not available.

2001 Forest River Wildwood - 4X4TSMX261R- Mo, MO: September 28th, 2011
Upon returning from vacation sept 23 traveling on interstate 40, i had a blowout. On sept 24 traveled to gallup new mexico and replaced the tire (of which they kept). I am again on the road, blew another tire, stopped in albuquerque nm at walmart and replaced the tire (they also kept the bad tire). Luckily i did not have any more blowouts for the rest of the trip. I went to ok tire on sept 28 which is where i purchased the tires orginally and they asked that i bring the remaining three tires up for inspection. They also were falling apart. It looks as if they are defective and ok tire as much as said so. Ok tire is sending the tires to tci (tire centers inc) for evaluation. I will probably get new tires for the three, but i feel i should be reimbursed for the two new tires i had to purchase. This could have caused an accident, death and/or both. I am not asking for a million dollars i am asking for my money back. If the tires had been properly manufactered there would not be an issue. The tires were only a little over a year old.. Information redacted pursuant to the freedom of information act (foia), 5 u. S. C. 552(b)(6) *tt

2011 Forest River Wildwood - 4X42XCE23DG- Elkview, WV: August 3rd, 2010
The contact owns a 2011 forest river wildwood rv. The contact stated the wheels independently locked. An independent mechanic discovered that the front axle had fractured and struck the rear tire. In addition, the passenger side tire had slid into the rear passenger tire. The failure was caused by the front passenger side anchor axle spring, which fractured and caused the failure. The dealer installed two new anchor axle springs to correct the failure. The failure mileage was approximately 250 and the current was unknown.

2006 Forest River Wildwood - 4X4TWDU216R- Apex, NC: September 11th, 2009
The contact owns a 2006 forest river wildwood trailer. The contact stated that upon inspecting the vehicle she noticed that the base had a split next to the i-beam which caused the vehicle to fish tail and subsequently crash. The dealer has not diagnosed the cause of the failure. A complaint was filed with the manufacturer. The failure and current mileages were not applicable. Updated 06/17/10. *lj updated 10/12/10

2006 Forest River Wildwood - 4X4TSVD266L- Laguna Hills, CA: April 16th, 2009
Noticed the a frame was starting to bend upwards. When the repair shop checked it out they saw the a frame was breaking away at the weld line. Upon further inspection there was missing weld spots and a large crack in the a frame. There was also no cross members from the front of the unit to the axle. The model of trailer is a grand surveyor which is not a listed choice under forest river.

2008 Forest River Wildwood - 4X4TWDY238T- Nanaimo B.c. Canada V9x 1n7, 00: December 12th, 2008
Tow-master st 205/75r15 made in indonesia  side wall blow out [ have picture of bulge]  two tires blew out on trailer within 200 km.   company will not give any warranty at all.   we have bought replacement tires for all four hubs.

2005 Forest River Wildwood - 4X4FWDZ295A- Partlow, VA: December 1st, 2008
The contact owns a 2005 forest river trailer wildwood 24bh ss. She stated that there is formaldehyde in the trailer and it is very deadly. Her pets have died from the fumes believed to be caused by the carpet/upholstery. They have talked to several agencies due to the levels of the formaldehyde. She stated that they are unable to live in the trailer. The manufacturer was notified and they stated that there are no failures with trailer. The failure and current mileages were 4000. Updated 01/05/09. *jb

2008 Forest River Wildwood - 4X4TWBE238U- Harlingen, TX: November 26th, 2008
The contact owns a 2008 forest river wildwood. Immediately after purchasing the vehicle on june 17, 2008, the electrical awning began to collect water, which prevented it from retracting on its own. The dealer stated that the sensor used to retract the awning did not exist and was replaced with a manual awning. A few days later, the converter box began to overheat and the vehicle lost power. The dealer stated that the fan for the converter box was defective. The converter box was replaced. The dealer returned the converter box to the manufacturer to be inspected. The manufacturer then returned the converter box to the dealer and stated that it was not defective. They suggested that there may have been an overload on the switches, which could cause a fire. The contact was informed to take the vehicle back to the dealer for repairs. After these failures, the vehicle began leaking propane, which caused the heater not to work. The manufacturer was notified again and they informed the contact to fax them all of the failure documentation in order to investigate the matter. The failure mileage was not applicable.

2008 Forest River Wildwood - 4X4TPUD2X8P- Austin, TX: November 12th, 2008
August 2006 i purchased a 28-foot travel trailer from my local dealer in helena montana. The travel trailer is manufactured by forest river. In the barely 14 months i have owned the travel trailer, the tires have been replaced once and are again in need of replacement. (less than 5,000 miles. ) an axle has also been replaced. I believe this vehicle is unsafe to operate as it was built with defective or under-rated parts. The manufacturer refuses to acknowledge this and only wants to replace the tires yet again. I am concerned that the continued use of this travel trailer poses a significant hazard to the safety of myself and fellow motorists. I would like to request an investigation and suggestion for resolution.

2004 Forest River Wildwood - 4X4FWDZ264A- Raceland, LA: August 11th, 2008
Own a dometic refrigerator in my rv. At the time the boiler cracked, my refrigerator was not included in recall, now that it is included, dometic will not fix it because my warranty is out. The recall letter does not state any information about having a warranty at this time on the product, it is there defect, not my problem if it took them so long to figure it out. The point is my boiler cracked and leak which could have caused a potential fire, now since my warranty is up on my refrigerator dometic will not fix it even though it is listed in the recall. I am not satisfied with this issue. Will have to look in to taking further action it they can not resolve this.

2002 Forest River Wildwood - 4X4TSAG262A- Belding, MI: July 23rd, 2008
I received a recall notice from forest river, who is the manufacturer of my travel trailer that dometic has found a problem with the refrigerator in my trailer and that there is a potential leak that can develop and cause a fire. After contacting dometic and finding out that my unit is one of the recall units they informed me that i had to take it to the dealer to get it fixed. It is a long way to the dealer or the nearest dealer and i told them i would prefer for them to come out and fix it at my residence. I know they have done mobile repairs at other locations and it would require me to make two trips to a dealer to get it fixed as i would have to drop it at night then come back after the repair is done. At first they said they would come and fix it and then they changed their mind and said no, that i had to take it to the dealer. Again i would have to spend a lot of money to take it to a dealer and also take time off from work. I don't feel i should have to since i am not the one who built defective equipment.

2008 Forest River Wildwood - 4X4FASF258W- Aurora, CO: May 30th, 2008
First trip out with a 2008 forest river xlr 30x12 toyhauler and heard a loud boom. Pulled over and the right rear tire was blown. It happened at 60-65 mph on the highway. The road was smooth and i felt the brake drum to check if it was hot from maybe dragging brakes, but it was cool. The tires have under 250 miles on them. The trailer was damaged from the tread separating from the tire, and the wiring for the brakes was ripped apart on that axle. After getting the trailer home i did some research and found out that the tire was manufactured in 2004 and its installed on a 2008 trailer. I also found out the data plate on the trailer had the incorrect tire pressure and incorrect tire size, this didn't match what the trailer had for installed tires. I called forrest river and they said they would send a new data sticker but the damage to the trailer was not going to be covered, it was a tire manufacture issue. Data plate on trailer has the tires st235/80r16/d at 65 psi cold tires installed on the trailer- greenball hiway trooper lt235/85r16 lre sidewall inflation 8o psi. Tire were inflated to 65psi as recommended on the data plate. Forest river hasn't offered to cover the cost of repair or admit any wrong doing but said they will send me a new data plate sticker.

2008 Forest River Wildwood - 4X4FWCG298V- Normal, IL: April 25th, 2008
Purchased new. Towed less than 150 miles, tandem axle fifth wheel camper. Left rear axle "u" bolts were not tightened at the factory causing rear axle to shift rearward the length of the leaf spring destroying the rear axle, brake wires tore loose, "u" bolts bent beyond use, rear leaf spring and mounting pockets bent. Other secondary damage to camper. Working on having towed to nearest dealer to be repaired. This is a workmanship failure. I've seen others listed on forums by this manufacturer, appears to be a quality control trend. The accident could have lead to injuries or death. The camper shifted two feet into the lane beside me and all four tires were howling and smoking profusely. This vehicle is a 2008 forest river wildcat 31thsb. Your complaint system is out of date and it forced me to select wildwood and that's not the model.

2001 Forest River Wildwood - 4X4TWDR231B- Windsor Locks, CT: January 11th, 2008
The contact owns a 2001 forest river wildwood. The contact stated that the camper roof was improperly installed and rotting out the roof decking. The manufacturer was aware of the failure. No other vehicle information was available. Updated 5/6/08 *cn updated 05/06/08

2001 Forest River Wildwood - 4X4TWDD222Y- Youngstown , OH: December 9th, 2007
The whole roof leaked and could have come off on the hood because of all the rot from the leak.

2003 Forest River Wildwood - 4X4TWDU243C- Concho, AZ: October 31st, 2006
2003 wildwood (t-19) water tank was defective upon installation. *ts the complaint is in reference to the defective manufacturing installation arrangement of the water tank. As the consumer was filling the tank in his driveway it fell to the ground. The tank was only held by the chassis rails. The rv was taken to a repair shop who reinstalled the water tank and added two stiffeners to prevent future movement and slippage. *nm

2003 Forest River Wildwood - 4X4TWDV243C- Concho, AZ: October 16th, 2006
Dt*: the contact stated while filling the water tank of the travel trailer in the driveway, the water tank fell off with no prior warning. The trailer was taken to an independent repair shop, who determined that the cause of the problem was due to improper assembly by a manufacturer defect. Repairs were made to the trailer. The model was wildwood. Updated 10/31/2006 - the repair facility added stiffeners (cross bars) to the water tank. The original installation had the tank lip being held only by the chassis rails. *nm

2002 Forest River Wildwood - 4X4FASM282A- Columbia, PA: June 21st, 2005
Returning home from new hampshire vacation and was traveling approx. 60 mph when we heard a loud thud and looked in the side mirror and saw that the right front tire cap blew off the tire and ripped off our forest river 36ckss 5th wheel travel trailers fender skirt and damaged the undercarriage of trailer. All 4 tires plus the spare were new on our 2002 travel trailer, they had less than 5000 miles on them. This tire that blew never went flat. This is only the 2nd trip this camper made since new. Tire model information: carlisle all country radial a/s, lt235/85r16 , dot hn13001 ad4l we are in the process of contacting the manufacturer carlisle tire to see what they will do for us. It seems that after researching this tire company, they have far too many issues with their tires blowing apart that someone needs to make them accountable. There were no injuries this time, thank god, just a good bit of damage to the trailer which i am sure i will get no reimbursement for. I don't really want to replace this tire with another of theirs. I think they know they have a problem and we as consumers should be reimbursed for the cost of those tires so that we may make the decision of purchasing a more reliable tire.

2002 Forest River Wildwood - 4X4FSEN222C- Escalon, CA: March 31st, 2005
I was driving home from a trip in the mojave desert and stopped for fuel at hwy 395 and hwy 58 intersection. I noticed that one of my trailer tires had no tread left on it and that the other one was starting to wear very badly on the outside edge. It was the right rear tire that lost its tread and was loosing air and it was putting excessive stress on the one good tire. It caused excessive wear on the good tire. I replaced the bad tire with the spare and made it home without incident. After some research, i found that the trailer manufacture, forest river, was aware that the axles they put under my trailer were not sufficent enough for a fully loaded trailer. I was told by their customer service department that they did not have a recall on it but that they would replace the axles with a heavier payload axle for $500. The same model of my trailer now comes standard with these heavier axles as standard equipment. The model of my trailer, which is a 37' sierra, was not listed so i used one that the manufacture makes under a different name.