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2010 Forest River Wildcat - 4X4FWCF22AV- Spring, TX: January 3rd, 2012
Cpsc#i11b0689a. Fifth wheel trailer. Consumer stated the wheel hub caught fire on the interstate and the wheel came off. *ln... Update 01/20/12 *bf the axles were replaced. Updated 03/21/12

2002 Forest River Wildcat - 4X4FWCD202V- Palm Harbor, FL: December 29th, 2011
On three occasions, carlisle tires properly maintained and inflated to their published specifications blew out causing extensive damage to a fifth wheel trailer. Vehicle was being operated at 60 mph when the failure occurred. Tires were returned to carlisle for inspection and they stated they were damaged by improper inflation, and impact damage. *kb

2010 Forest River Wildcat - 4X4FWCD26AV- Colorado Springs, CO: July 28th, 2011
Lippert component industries builds frames for recreational vehicles, travel trailers, and fifth wheels. They did install (have since stopped installation) axles with sealed bearing systems as part of the frame build. In reading numerous message boards (and through personal experience) these are extremely prone to failure and failure while traveling on the highway could cause fires, loss of control of trailer, and possible wheel separation from trailer (for more experiences search for sealed bearing system on the web). Lippert is aware of the high failure rate and this is evidenced by how quickly they will replace not only the axle that contains the failed bearing, but all axles on the trailer and they do it without even questioning the failure (they replaced both axles on my trailer as well. I feel (as do others) that lippert should have a safety recall for these axles as a failure does cause property damage, and could cause serious injury or death. My trailer only had 2800 miles and was only 14 months old when the failure occurred. I have seen other instances where these bearings fail after only 1000 miles. The only maintenance for these bearings is to raise the trailer and check the wheels for excessive play, no greasing is required.

2010 Forest River Wildcat - 4X4FWCH23AV- Edinburg, VI: May 20th, 2011
The contact owns a 2010 forest river wildcat with trail express power touring tires, size st225/75/r15 and dot 1kmm16a. While the vehicle was parked, the contact inspected the vehicle and noticed there were cracks in the tires. The vehicle was taken to a tire inspection shop where the technicians stated the tire tread was separating and there were cracks on the side of the tread. The tire was replaced. The vehicle was repaired. The approximate failure mileage was 6,000.

2007 Forest River Wildcat - 4X4FWCE237T- Phoenix, AZ: November 19th, 2010
I own a 2007 forest river 5th wheel trailer. It is a wildcat model 28rkbs. The manufacture of the frame for the 5th wheel trailer is a company called lippert components, there was a failure of the 5th wheel hitch pin box to where it is welded to the frame cross members. There was cracks in both the front and rear cross member that support the 5th wheel hitch, the front cross member was cracked by more than 90% of the width of the cross member. The rear cross member was cracked across the total width of the pin box. When i am referring to cross members that is the steal beam of the frame that spans the width of the trailer and supports the 5th wheel hitch. I was lucky that i noticed the problem with the hitch prior to a complete failure of the hitch. If the hitch had completely failed it could have caused a major accident with property damage, injury and possible death. To me this looks like a weakness in the design of the 5th wheel hitch on lippert components frames. After this happened, i contacted forest river and they said that it was lippert components problem. I then contacted lippert component and they said it was not their problem, because it was out of warranty. I did some research on the internet and i was amazed at how much information there was on the web about problems with lippert frames and about the lack of support from lippert to correct their problems. I think it is time for someone to look into the problem with frames before someone gets injured or killed from a lippert pin box to frame failure. If you need to see pictures of the failure to my 5th wheel pin box, i can send them to you, thanks for your help.

2005 Forest River Wildcat - 4X4TWCB215T- Dana Point, CA: September 21st, 2010
The contact owns a 2005 forest river wildcat trailer. While examining the vehicle the contact noticed that the rear axle had separated from the mounting. The contact also noticed cracks in the axle where it was welded to the trailer. The vehicle has not been diagnosed and there were no prior warnings. The current and failure mileages were approximately 5000. Updated 01/11/2011*lj updated 03/30/11

2006 Forest River Wildcat - 4X4FWCH286V- Afton, MN: September 4th, 2010
All 5 tire rims (including spare) developed leaks on 2006 wild cat 5th wheel trailer made by forest river. I was told by 4 different tire repair shops that the rims were no good because they leak , it is not the tire but the rim, the rims are all stenciled with: 15x6 j1105 dot max load 2600 china sz.

2004 Forest River Wildcat - 4X4FWCD274T- Riverside, CA: April 16th, 2010
I own a 2004 fifth wheel trailer. I have noticed the web of the frame cracking over the shackle mounts for some time and have been keeping a close eye on it. I have just noticed now that the frame is broken up near the hitch and can no longer be towed with out repair. I have not, in my opinion, abused this trailer or used it outside it's intended use. I and others, are fortunate that i noticed the broken frame before it caused an accident.

2005 Forest River Wildcat - 4X4FWCG285V- Saint Louis, MO: November 24th, 2009
This past march i replaced my 5 year old fifth-wheel trailer tires (load range d) with secura sst 225-75/15 tires (e rated tires). My first camping trip in april of approx 300 miles i had no problems. Over the july 4th holiday another trip of around 400 miles resulted in a blowout with tiretread separation to the right rear trailer axle. My new secura spare was installed and i returned home approx 60 miles. Blowout was returned to the place of purchase and after an inspection of the tire i was given another tire. My third trip of the year in august found me about 40 miles from home when i had another blowout on the right rear axle of my trailer. After putting on my new spare i proceeded down the road about 30 miles when the right rear tire blew out. This is the same tire that was put on the road about 130 miles ago this past july. New goodyear tires were put on by emergency roadservice at considerable expense on all 4 trailer tires as my wife refused to ride in my truck fearing another blowout on the trailer might cause us to be in a severe accident. All tires were returned to place of purchase to be sent to the manufacturer. Their review and report stated that the blowouts were a result of impacts. I am the only person that pulls my trailer and i can assure you that the tires did not receive any impacts. I am religious in checking tire pressures so as to avoid such problems.

2007 Forest River Wildcat - 4X4FWCC217V- Abbville, LA: June 22nd, 2009
The contact owns a 2007 forest river wildcat 27rls fifth wheel trailer. The vehicle has power king towmax tires, size p225/75/15 (na). The contact stated that the tires had tread separation. The tires had 4,000 miles. While driving 60 mph, the tread separated and caused extensive damage to the trailer. There were no injuries. The contact called the tire manufacturer, but there was no dealer in his vicinity that could repair the tire. The failure mileage was 4,000.

2007 Forest River Wildcat - 4X4FWCH2X7T- Kirkland , WA: April 20th, 2009
The contact owns a 2007 forest river wildcat trailer. While the trailer was parked, the metal-welded tubing failed that was located on the front end. There was indication of ineffective welding performed on the trailer. The failure occurred without warning. The vehicle has not been repaired. The failure and current mileages were not applicable.

2005 Forest River Wildcat - 4X4FWCD2X5V- Morton, IL: March 12th, 2009
2005 forest river wildcat rv with dometic refrigerator recall problem. *nj the consumer stated the boiler tube in his rv cracked and released pressurized coolant. The consumer stated the manufacturer's resolution was to install a light sheet metal around the back part of the unit. The repair was done on the consumer's rv, however it did not solve the leaking gas problem. The motor had to be replaced in the air condition unit. *jb

2004 Forest River Wildcat - 4X4FWCC2X4V- Brenham, TX: December 18th, 2008
I am an owner of a 2004 wildcat, 28? Fifth wheel. During a trip i noticed one of the tires was worn to the cord on the inside edge, while still having tread on the outside. If this had not been noticed, i? M sure that within the next 100 miles i would have been changing a tire on the side of the road with rubber from the tire everywhere. The tire was changed and trip continued. Upon return, i discussed the issue with the service manager at the rv dealer and he referred me to a specialist shop that had the equipment to check the suspension. It was found that the? Toe in? On both axles were out by 1/2 inch and the problems were outside the spring hangers (spindle to axle alignment). Prior to making the repairs, i contacted al-ko kober because there had been some discussion on the internet (rv. Net) about defective axles being manufactured in that timeframe. The information on the axle stated (model t52 3, date 25? 03, slr 373mm, 5200 lbs). Their response was that they did not have a recall, axles were out of warranty (2 years) but they did replace defective axles if: 1. The axles were shipped to them 2. They verified that the axles were defective 3. They would ship new axles. Of course, this did not include labor, tires, travel time of hauling trailer to dealer, suspension shop, or any other components associated with the axles. Since the above response was very? Iffy? And time consuming and since i had the trailer at the suspension shop, i chose to upgrade axles to 6,000# and the springs to six leaves vs the four that was the standard equipment. When the? Toe in? On the new axles was checked, it was within 1/16?. I have documented this under forest river because there is no provision to document as an? Axle? Issue. Reference similar complaints 10199333, 10174036, 10169948,10169990.

2004 Forest River Wildcat - 4X4FWCC244V- Florissant, CO: December 5th, 2008
The contact owns a 2004 forest river forester. The contact received a recall notice regarding the dometic refrigerator. He was not satisfied with the remedy to repair the failure because it consisted of placing a heat shield over the failed equipment in case a fire occurs. He felt that the entire refrigerator unit should be replaced because the boiler tubes failed. The vehicle is in the process of being repaired. The manufacturer was not notified. The vin, nhtsa campaign id updated 01/08/09. *jb

2007 Forest River Wildcat - 4X4FWCD297V- San Diego, CA: October 13th, 2008
I had the tread separate from the sidewall on my trailer tire. Powerking towmax s/t225/75r15 (bpr lrd) dot code on the side of the tire is ohmc 2206. Tires were always maintained at 65 psi. Luckily for me, this failure occurred at very low speed (less than 5 mph) and there was no damage to the trailer or injuries caused. Tire is rated at 2,600 lbs (four tires for a total load on the axles of 10,400 lbs) and last full weight at a cat scale was just over 8,000 lbs on the axles (1,600 on the pin for a total trailer weight of ~9,600 lbs with a gvw for the trailer of 11,500). Tire should not fail after 2. 25 years. Trailer is a 2007 forest river wildcat 29bhbp 5th wheel.

2004 Forest River Wildcat - 4X4TWCB244T- Grants Pass, OR: September 29th, 2008
Front and rear axles on 2004 wildcat trailer have an issue with rust. *nj

2006 Forest River Wildcat - 4X4FWCZ226V- Newfield, NJ: September 8th, 2008
Cracked valve stems on camper. Consumer feels that the recall should be expanded further yet because it covers 2006 and he purchased his camper in 2005. *nj the consumer stated he had his valve stems replaced on his rv. *jb

2004 Forest River Wildcat - 4X4TWCE274V- Edina, MN: August 4th, 2008
The contact owns a 2004 forest river travel trailer. While accelerating at 35 mph, the trailer fishtailed. Both axles separated from the trailer. The welding shop stated that there were supposed to be four bolts holding them together, but three had sheared and the steel used was not the appropriate thickness to support a vehicle of its capacity. There were only two welds on the trailer. The welding shop has attempted to contact the manufacturer on several occasions, but has not been successful. The failure mileage was unavailable. Updated 09/24/08. *lj updated 10/01/08. *jb

2007 Forest River Wildcat - 4X4WCH207V0- Sioux Falls, SD: July 31st, 2008
The contact owns a 2007 forest river wildcat 32qbbs. As the contact was checking the tire pressure on his vehicle the valve stem on the front passenger side tire had broken off of the rim. The tires where taken to a local tire dealership where the valve stems were replaced. As of july 31, 2008, the dealer had not inspected the vehicle. The failure mileage was 900. Updated 09/15/08 *bf updated 09/17/08. *jb

2004 Forest River Wildcat - 4X4FWCC257V- Irwin , PA: March 26th, 2007
- the contact owns a 2007 forest river wildcat, 27 rl se, 5th wheel trailer. The rv was purchased in december 2006 and since then he observed that the actual weight was more than the weight listed on the sticker. The pick up truck was unable to tow the rv. The cab scales were accurate, and also indicated that the sticker weight was incorrect. Forest river, the manufacturer agreed to mail him a check and repurchase the vehicle, however, the dealer a wanted to sell him another rv which weighed less. And believed that the cost should be shared equally between the contact, the manufacturer, and the dealer. The contact currently did want to pull the trailer because it weight too much and was a safety risk. *ak