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2003 Forest River Sunseeker - 1FDXE45S43H- Seabeck , WA: June 28th, 2012
While attempting to fill rv with unleaded gasoline, the gas leaked onto the ground and caused a spill of approximately 2 gallons of gas. Subsequently, we took the motorhome to a mechanic and he discovered that the filter hose leaked gas from holes in it. The mechanic stated that this should not happen. He has never seen a leak like this one, even on 40-50 year old vehicles. The mechanic was not able to repair, because a holding tank must be removed to access the hose and the repair was too extensive for my family while traveling. The mechanic drove the rv to a gas station and filled it with gas, so we could travel home, approximately 140 miles. The mechanic assured me that the vehicle was safe to drive, because the exhaust was on the opposite side of the vehicle and the gas would not leak after it reached the fuel tank. I will find a local mechanic or rv repair shop as soon as possible and replace the fuel hose. The mechanic estimated that the new hose would cost about $30. 00, but removing the holding tank to access the hose would require extensive maintenance. The mechanic charged $108. 00 to diagnose the problem. If the manufacturer hadn't routed the hose behind the tank, the mechanic would have repaired it in about 30 minutes.

2004 Forest River Sunseeker - 1FDXE45S64H- Hyde Park, NY: November 29th, 2006
Dt*: the contact stated while driving 65 mph, the rpm's slowed, causing the engine to hesitate then stall, sounding as though there was a vapor lock. The engine started after 20-30 minutes. The stalling happened on 7 occasions on different road conditions, no matter the fuel level, although mostly within 10 miles after being filled up. The service dealer replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump and a fuel sensor on three separate visits, without fixing the problem. The manufacturer had not been contacted.

2006 Forest River Sunseeker - 1FDXE45S65H- Cotulla, TX: April 28th, 2006
Dt*: the contact stated while driving 60 mph the inside rear tire on the driver's side had a sidewall blowout. An independent mechanic, who changed the tire, determined the tire was eight years old based on the dot number. The dealer has been alerted. The vehicle is a 2006 forest river sunseeker. *ak

2000 Forest River Sunseeker - 4X4TSEY245C- Rosemond , CA: December 7th, 2005
Dt: the contact states there is a nhtsa recall campaign id 05v121000 concerning the wheels, lugs: nuts: bolts. This vehicle has the same problems as indicated in the recall, but it is not included in the recall due to vin. The contact repaired the vehicle at his own expense. *ak

2002 Forest River Sunseeker - Sonora, CA: October 5th, 2004
Rv microwave turns on without pressing keypads ; same as in samsung recall, this is a daewoo product -magic chef. *ak

2002 Forest River Sunseeker - 1GBJG31G321- Pinelleas Park, FL: May 6th, 2002
Class c model. While traveling in motor home and applying brakes (hydrobooster), without warning vehicle does not come to a complete stop. Vehicle will glide a couple of feet. Dealership has been notified and confirmed that there was nothing wrong with the brakes. *ak consumer adds extended stopping distance is also experienced when camper is fully load with 1200 lbs. *tt

2000 Forest River Sunseeker - 1FDXE40S4XH- Columbus, OH: January 14th, 2000
Had the rv parked and generator running to get the furnace working. After the generator has been running for a few minutes, started to get fumes in the coach. Wall to the floor underneath the oven was not sealed complety, and this is where the fumes were coming from. *ak