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2010 Forest River Sandpiper - 4X4FSAL21AJ- Cedar Run, NJ: September 9th, 2011
The contact owns a 2010 forest river sandpiper rv. The contact stated that the brackets that held the water holding tank was bent and fractured. The vehicle was not taken to the dealer. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure who did not offer any assistance. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure and current mileage was 200.

2006 Forest River Sandpiper - 4X4FSAN216C- Tulare, CA: August 18th, 2010
The contact owns a 2006 forest river sandpiper trailer. The vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer where the technician detected that the goose neck of the frame exhibited severe cracking and stress fractures. The manufacturer was notified of the failure in which they would not accept responsibility for the repair expense. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was approximately 20,000.

2006 Forest River Sandpiper - 4X4FSAD296J- Milford, MI: July 12th, 2010
A fracture of spring shackle plates on the suspension of a fifth wheel recreational vehicle. The fractured shackle connects the leading edge of the rear axle spring to the center mounted equalizer. One set on passenger side has fractured, one set on the drivers side has elongated holes. Have not repaired the unit as of yet. Found this after returning from a camping trip traveling over interstate highways. Unsure of the exact moment of failure, but am certain it was in tact before leaving from home.

2000 Forest River Sandpiper - 1TS3B4453Y9- Altoona, PA: June 25th, 2010
The contact owns a 2000 forest river shasta rv (n/a). The contact stated there was an unusual cracking noise coming from the vehicle while traveling from 0-5 mph. Later, he noticed the frame was cracked above directly above the spring shackles. The vehicle was not taken to the dealer for diagnostic testing or repairs. The failure and current mileage was unavailable.

2001 Forest River Sandpiper - 4X4FSPD2X1G- Groveland, CA: March 31st, 2008
2001 5th wheel rv trailer made by forest river elkart indiana badly cracked frame causing tire blowout untowable had to be carried on aflat bed truck to the repair shop diagnosis factory defect costing over $2000 to repair plus 3 damaged tires need to be replaced forest river don't want to pay more than $850 2 other defects need repair( 1 )bedroom slideout is loosing its bottom (2 )maine and opposite room slideouts inch out when traveling on highway major safety concern.

2001 Forest River Sandpiper - Monroe, MI: December 1st, 2006
200 forest river sandpiper passenger side tire blew out. *ts *jb

2005 Forest River Sandpiper - 4X4TSAY205C- Sun City, CA: September 12th, 2005
Dt: the contact owns a 2005 sandpiper t235 manufactured by horse river. The contact states that she is having problems with the trailer such as trailer hitch/the queen size bed/zipper in the back, stable check levers/the water heater, which does not have hot water/the heater/the microwave with burn marks and does not close/stereo/electrical cord hanging by a thread/battery that went dead, and she touched the metal under the trailer and got shocked/sockets had burn marks, and other problems. She was considering doing a buy back with this trailer because the manufacturer was not willing to help her. The warranty will expire out in october, and she feels repairs will not be done before then. *ak the consumer stated she was electrocuted and has been having electrical problems since the rv was purchased. Updated 11/29/05. *jb

2000 Forest River Sandpiper - 4X4FSAW26YC- Tacoma, WA: August 10th, 2005
A couple of months after i bought my forest river sandpiper 5th wheel rv trailer i had found that the door frame to the entrance door was cracking. I took the rv back to the dealer, family fun rv, for inspection and warranty repair. I was told that they had ordered me a new door and frame. Soon after, without contacting me, the dealer went out of business and had not repaired the door. In july of 2005, while traveling to new mexico, i had noticed that the body of the rv appeared to be bending in the middle. When i returned from my trip on 7/24/05, i contacted forest river warranty department. They advised this was a chassis issue with the company that built the chassis and they would be responsible. He said that it sounded like one of the anchor bolts appears to have broken and that he had seen the happen before. He advised me to send him photos to mrforestriver@pacbell. Net and the would contact the chassis dealer and let me know what could be done. After sending several e-mails with no further response, i called again on aug 3, 2005. The forest river warranty rep advised me that he had talked with his supervisor and he would need more photos of the rear and underside of the rv. I sent the photos today as i had to wait till i was home during daylight hours to take the photos. I am awaiting a response to my claim. This appears to be a big safety issue and was apparently an issue when i found the cracks in the door frame right after i purchased the rv. *nm

2005 Forest River Sandpiper - 4X4FSAN205C- Surprise, AZ: August 2nd, 2005
(2) tires failed within 50 miles of my home, causing considerable damage to my rv. *nm

2005 Forest River Sandpiper - 4X4TSAB295C- El Cajon, CA: April 25th, 2005
While towing trailer out of the desert, the tongue of the trailer bent to a 45 degree angle causing the trailer to drop down and caused the propane bottles to crack and the gas started to leak. *nm the jackstands broke underneath and the front of trailer got stuck in the sand. *bf *nm