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2007 Forest River Salem Le - 4X4TSVA217L- Lafayette, LA: July 24th, 2012
Belt shift on tire. Removed tire before total failure occurred.

2007 Forest River Salem Le - 4X4TFLG2671- Warren, MI: August 2nd, 2010
The contact owns a 2007 forest river flagstaff 831fkss trailer (na) with carlisle 205-75-r15 tires. While driving at 65 mph, the vehicle began to exhibit an abnormal vibration. The rear passenger side tire exploded. The contact was able to install the spare tire. He also noticed that the undercarriage was damaged due to the failure. The contact was able to purchase a new tire and proceeded with his travel until he heard a second explosion. The front passenger tire had exploded, fracturing the headlight lens. The contact changed the tire with the new spare. The contact then purchased four new tires. The failure mileage was 3,000 and the current mileage was unknown. Updated 10/21/10. *lj the consumer stated the tires were inferior. Updated 10/26/10

2007 Forest River Salem Le - 4X4FSYN237C- Prescott Valley, AZ: June 27th, 2008
I have a new (2007) forest river sierra sport 38 foot fifth wheel trailer. Trailer came with tires manufactured by greenball, model avantire, size l235/85r16, load range g. With less then 600 miles on the tires and having owned the trailer new for less then 6 months, had a total blow out while driving on the freeway. Blow out caused damage to the under side of the trailer. Greenball had me take the tire to discount tire for warranty, tire was covered. However, per discount tire, trailer tires a rated at max speed of 55 mph. No where on the trailer, the tires or the paperwork provided with the trailer is there any listing of max speed. With the speed limits on freeways at 75 mph, it is illogical to think driving at 20 mph under the posted speed limit will not cause problems. Purchasers of trailers should be warned or manufactures should put freeway quality tires on their trailers. Updated 04/29/09. *jb

2007 Forest River Salem Le - 4X4TCTY277P- Rockdale, TX: January 31st, 2008
I bought a 2007 cherokee wolfpack 23wp in october 2006. I was looking for tire covers. On the front left side of the trailer, there are two stickers which both say the tire size is an st235/80r16/d. The tires on the trailer are an st225/75r15/d. The sticker on the trailer states the gvwr of 11,615 lbs. There is also a sticker inside the cabinet above the sink which also states the gvwr of 11,615 lbs, and the empty weight of the trailer is 7582 lbs. The tires are a karrier load star brand. I found the information on easternmarine. Com. It states the maximum carrying capacity of the st225/75r15/d is 2,540 lbs @ 65 psi. The maximum carrying capacity of the st235/80r16/d is 3,000 lbs @ 65 psi. If you multiply 2,540 times 4 equals 10,160 lbs maximum carrying capacity of the tires. This gives a difference of 1,455 lbs less than the gvwr. The sticker on the front of the trailer does state the axle size of 5,200 lbs. This gives a maximum gawr of 10,400 lbs. This is also 1,215 lbs less than the gvwr. In the cherokee wolfpack brochure, it gives the unloaded vehicle weight of 7,582 lbs. It also gives the payload of 4,033 lbs. This also adds up to 11,615 gvwr. I just do not believe the tires on the trailer are the correct tires. I talked to becky miller at forest river a few times last week and she told me the wrong sticker was put on the trailer. If they change the weight rating of the trailer, then this changes the amount i can haul. I also talked to mike at forest river cherokee division on friday 1-25-08. He also told me the sticker is wrong. He also told me that they did do upgrades on the tires and axles after mine was built. If the stickers on the trailer are wrong, then the brochure is wrong. All i want is the correct tires,rims, and axles be put on the trailer so they will handle the gvwr of the trailer. Becky miller's phone number is 260-593-0023. Mike's phone number is 260-593-2666. If you have any questions, please call or e-mail me. Thanks, charles t. Key

2007 Forest River Salem Le - Texas City, TX: December 12th, 2007
Tires are on a new enclosed cargomate, by forest river car trailer. In seven months of use i have had 14 carlisle tire failures. Half were blow-outs and the others the tread separated, which lead to blow-outs. The trailer is under gvwr loaded. Tire pressure checked weekly. Carlisle replaced one set of six tires with a higher load range, these were the tires that the tread separated a couple still hold air, but don't have any tread at all. I have sent 6 tires to carlisle for inspection. Now i am waiting to see what carlisle tire and wheel is going to do about the 7 tires. The six and one spare.

2007 Forest River Salem Le - 4X4FASR307W- Orlando, FL: August 23rd, 2007
The contact owns a 2007 forest river salem le. The contact stated that after parking the vehicle, he walked around the trailer, pulled the slide out, and a nut fell to the ground. The contact screwed the nut back into the trailer. The vehicle was taken to a repair shop and the mechanic noticed that there were no holes drilled, nuts, or bolts to hold the slide against the frame. The cables were not bound together. No other vehicle information was provided.

2007 Forest River Salem Le - 4X4FCKE257P- Runnemede, NJ: August 16th, 2007
While towing a travel trailer on the new york thruway i had an explosive blowout of one trailer tire. 130 miles prior to this i had discovered another tire that had a broken steel belt. This was replaced before it failed. Both tires were carlyle ultra crt st225/75r15 load range d. *jb