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2004 Forest River Rockwood - 4X4TRLB284D- Thibodaux, LA: December 1st, 2008
The contact owns a 2004 forest river rockwood. The rv has a dometic refrigerator, model rm2652. The contact noticed ammonia leaking from the refrigerator. Weeks later, she received a recall notice for nhtsa campaign id number 08e032000 (equipment) and called the manufacturer. The contact was informed that because her equipment exceeded its warranty, they would not assume any responsibility for the $1,200 repair cost. The rv has not been repaired. The failure and current mileages were not applicable. Updated 12/22/08 *cn the refrigerator stopped cooling and there was an ammonia odor as well as yellow residue at the rear of the refrigerator. Updated 12/24/08. *jb

2003 Forest River Rockwood - 4X4TRLY273D- Robertsville, MO: April 15th, 2006
Carlisle tire on 2003 rockwood travel trailer had a blowout while traveling down highway. Rubber came off of tire and struck side of trailer leaving black marks. Tire was properly inflated. Carlisle will not replace as we are not the original owners of the travel trailer. We have discovered that there have been numerous problems with the carlisle tires made from 2002-2004. Cost to replace tire is $100. We still have old tire. *nm

2003 Forest River Rockwood - 4X4FRLD233D- Modesta, CA: August 22nd, 2005
Dt: the consumer stated that 5th wheel trailers carlisle tires blew out. Tire size 20575/15 c- rated 6 ply. The consumer had two incidents with defective tires. The first tire had a blister and was separating. The tire only had 1,000 miles on it. The consumer sent the tire back to carlisle, and they sent a replacement tire. The second time separated and blew apart while the consumer was traveling at 55 mph. When the tire separated it damaged the underside of the trailer. The consumer heard a popping sound, and saw rubber coming apart, then had to pull over. The trailer did not have a jack with it. The consumer was disabled and had to have someone else change the tire. The consumer was in contact with carlisle. They wanted pictures of the trailer and were going to pick up the tire via ups. The consumer said the tires were unsafe, especially since they were not rated correctly. The consumer contacted the dealer of the trailer, and felt that the dealer should have had someone service the trailer. The consumer stated that he was very unsatisfied with the dealership of the trailer. The dealer was best rv in manteca, california. Has replaced the tires on the trailer with 10 ply. Had property damage to the trailer because of the tire blew out. The location was the right rear tire on both occasions. *ak

2003 Forest River Rockwood - 4X4TRLC283D- Castro Valley, CA: August 17th, 2005
Dt: the contact stated there were 4 blow outs on the trailer. The contact felt that the trailer manufacturer put tires on the trailer that were not sufficient enough th hold the weight of the trailer, and that there should be a bigger size tire. The contact contacted the manufacturer, but they hav enot returned the call. *ak

2003 Forest River Rockwood - 4X4TFLA283D- Cromwell, CT: October 7th, 2004
Re: claim #26875 for blowout of 4 tires and trailer damage due to blowout of 4 tires (tire size st205 75 r14 load range c) installed by oem. Forest river 25' shamrock rv trailer was purchased new in spring of 2003. Total mileage on tires is about 4,000 miles. In july of 2004 during a family vacation from connecticut to michigan and back we had 3 carlisle tires blowout (heard blowouts and inspection of blown tires appeared to reveal ply separation). Before leaving on trip tire pressure was checked to be at 50 psi per tire side wall rating. First blowout occurred about 7:00 p. M. Only about 50 miles into trip. Blown tire was saved and trip was continued. Second carlisle tire blew (again heard blowout) after about 800 total trip miles west of detroit (about 200 miles on that day) and 2 replacement tires were purchased (replace tire that just blew and also to replace spare from 1st day). Second blown tire was also saved initially and both damaged tires were brought to bering springs, mi vacation area. No carlisle tire dealers were found in area to return damaged tires to for inspection/replacement and trailer/tow vehicle did not have room to store 2 damaged tires for remainder of trip. Tire pressure was again checked and found to be 50 psi. Trailer was weighed on commercial scale with a total trailer tire weight of about 5,700 lbs well under rating for the 4 trailer tires of 6,680 lbs (1,670 lbs per tire by 4 tires on trailer). 2 damaged tires were then discarded. On return trip from michigan third carlisle tire blew at 10:00 p. M. In canada just west of niagra falls. 3rd replacement tire purchased in upper new york state and 3rd replacement tire was discarded. Fourth carlisle tire blew labor day 2004 weekend trip to rhode island. This tire is being returned to carlisle for inspection. Carlisle contact: yvonne jackson carlisle tire & wheel co. 25 windham blvd. ,aiken, sc 29805 phone:1. 800. 260. 7959 ext. 414 email: yvonne. Jackson@carlisletire. Com. *nm

2003 Forest River Rockwood - 4X4TCKC283P- Auburn, MA: September 24th, 2004
We were coming home from a camping trip when one of the tires of our travel trailer literally exploded, causing about $2000. 00 worth of damage. The tires were checked (for pressure and visually) before the trip. The tire were made from carlisle tire co. And were less than 2 years old. The tire in question was a radial trail st 205/75r 15. Talking to the claims adjuster, a lot of the claims she files are the cause of carlisle tires exploding. Our trailer is scheduled to be repaired, but i am very worried that the other tires are going to do the same thing. *ak

2003 Forest River Rockwood - 4X4FSEB253A- Huntingburg, IN: June 28th, 2004
We have blown to trailer tires in less that 3000 miles of use on a new trailer. I been checking the weights for the tires and feel they are not heavy enough for the trailer. Forest river will not warranty them. They say it is the responsibility of carlisle (the tire mfg. ). Carlisle says the tires are too small and they do not control what forest rivers puts them on so they will not warranty them either. On 6/23, i talked with an engineer at forest river and he also agreed that the tires were too small for my trailer. He reviewed with the vp of engineering at forest river and called back to tell me that they are now putting a heavier tire on this model trailer. They still refuse to replace our tires with the heavier tire. David coleman has pictures of the blown tire and trailer weights. *ak

2002 Forest River Rockwood - Fort Pierce, FL: October 23rd, 2003
I had 2 tire separations or blow outs on the carlisle tires on my travel trailer. In my towing mirror i noticed small chunks of tire coming off, then immediately the tire blew out. There was absolutely no warning when the 2nd tire blew out. Tires were less than 2 years old with less than 2,000 miles on them, properly inflated, showed no signs of dry rot, wear or apparent defects. Travel trailer sustained damage from 2nd blow out. *la