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1993 Eagle Talon - 4E3CF44E8PE- Jackson, MS: May 10th, 2012
The contact owns a 1993 eagle talon es. The contact was driving 15 mph when a bang was emitted from under the vehicle. The vehicle stalled with the illumination of the check engine warning light. The vehicle was taken to the dealer where the dealer advised that the transfer casing needed to be replaced. The manufacturer was contacted and confirmed that the vehicle failed to qualify for repairs under nhtsa campaign id number : 98v069002 (power train:automatic transmission). The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was unknown and the current mileage was 157,000.

1999 Eagle Talon - 1EUAN6A11EB- Quartzsite , AZ: December 9th, 2009
The contact owns a 1999 eagle 10 rv, with a dometic refrigerator, model number rm2820. First the refrigerator stopped cooling properly. Then she noticed a yellow residue at the rear of the refrigerator. The dometic customer center was notified of the failures. The model number was excluded from recall # 06e076000 equipment:recreational vehicle). The refrigerator was removed from the vehicle. The failure and current mileages were unknown. The vin was unavailable.

1996 Eagle Vision - 2E3HD56T0TH- Edmond, OK: June 18th, 2009
1996 eagle vision steering all over the road bad rack and pinion dangerous and seems to be ignored by everyone for years safety is of the utmost and if you guys do not do a better job then you should not be around. How many people will have to die before someone claims there is a malfunction in design there are 1000's of complaints over the years and now there is duplicated repairs because of poor design do something or get out of the consumer business.

1997 Eagle Vision - 2E3HD66F7VH- Cincinnati, OH: May 27th, 2009
Purchased the car 01/24/09 it was leaking fluids, cutting off after driving on the expressway,and revving on it's on while in park. Took it into the place i got it from with my own list of things as well as a list of cars. They kept the car for several days and when i got it back it still did the same thing a week later. It stopped running 04/09 had to get it towed 3 times. Got it towed to the place i got it from and they kept it for about 2weeks and the problems are still there except it starts now but it has other problems as well and i have to make payments on it every month. They are also charging me a arm and leg when they knew the car had problems in the first place. I also took it up there before then and they kept acting like i had to leave it for them to fix it and i didn't want to do that because the other times they kept it didn't get fixed. Whatever they are doing it only last for a week or 2 then it breaks down again and they are charging me double the bluebook value.

1993 Eagle Summit Wagon - JE3CC50G0PZ- Newport, WA: January 22nd, 2009
The contact owns a 1993 eagle summit wagon. The contact stated that the front seat belt anchorage system failed in the vehicle. The guide rail on the driver's side contains a covered cable and an angled belt guide at the top end of the webbing. Over time, the combination of these factors could lead to the cable's movement and exert abrading force to the lower edges of the cable's chamber. As a result, the cable could drop out of the chamber with the shoulder belt anchorage becoming stuck. The manufacturer stated that the part that was needed was no longer being produced. The failure and current mileages were over 100,000.

1995 Eagle Vision - 2E3HD56T9SH- Portland, OR: November 25th, 2008
Windshield wiper motor connecting arm disconnected while driving. Wiper failure resulted.

1993 Eagle Talon - 4E3CG64F1PE- Fargo, ND: November 17th, 2008
The contact owns a 1993 eagle talon. While driving approximately 30 mph, the contact heard a loud noise coming from the vehicle. He drove and parked the vehicle to his residence. A couple of days later, he inspected the vehicle and noticed that all of the oil leaked out. More oil was placed into the vehicle, but leaked out immediately afterwards. The vehicle was driven to the dealer and they stated that the transfer case was defective. The manufacturer stated that they were no longer liable for the repairs because the vehicle had been previously repaired for this specific component. The current and failure mileages were 127,000.

1994 Eagle Summit - JE3EB50G3RU- Milwaukee, WI: December 23rd, 2007
We own a 1994 eagle summit that was subject to recall campaign 98v168003, but the work was never performed while the vehicle was owned by the prior owner. Are we still entitled to have the safety related recall repair performed without charge?

1996 Eagle Talon - 4E3AL54F6TE- Fort Collin, CO: April 4th, 2007
The contact owns a 1996 eagle talon. While driving 60 mph the contact heard a noise and the tires locked u without warning. The vehicle was towed ,and a local mechanic diagnosed the failure as a leak in the transfer case. The dealer/manufacturer diagnosed the vehicle as needing a new transfer case. The dealer stated that the vehicle was part of recall # 098v069002. Records indicated that no repairs have been performed. The current and failure mileage were 112,000. *ak

1996 Eagle Vision - 2E3HD66F1TH- Bellevue, WA: February 15th, 2007
Complete loss of steering control. I was entering a parking garage when power-assisted rack and pinion failed, completely disengaging the steering wheel from the front wheels. Due to slow speed, no crash occurred. *jb

1997 Eagle Vision - 2E3HD56F7VH- San Diego, CA: December 17th, 2006
1997 eagle vision with 64k miles started experiencing vibration on braking, during inspection the inner tie rod bushing on the driver's side of the car is worn and exhibits too much play. Internet search results reveal this to be a common problem on this family of vehicles. *jb

1996 Eagle Talon - 4E3AL54F0TE- Idaho Falls, ID: March 8th, 2006
The transfer case went out of my talon tsi awd turbo in 06/05. I was driving down the road 75 mph & bang! -jerk! Bang! Jerk! Bang! Jerk! The steering wheel also felt funny, like it got loose and wasn't hooked to the tires anymore. I pulled over the and heard a loud clunk (metal on metal sort of sound) and put it into gear to baby it into work, it made more noises and jerks but seemed to run. I could smell a burning smell so i parked. The shop picked it up and could not find anything wrong with it. They asked if i was sure i knew what i was talking about! I had driven the car for 90000 miles! I knew what wasn't normal! I picked it up and guess what, it ran great! I speeded up and slowed down again and again and it just wouldn't act up! I could faintly smell the burning smell but figured i picked up some piece of something off of the road and it had been stuck but fell out when i stopped. I went for 50 miles, no problems, then the banging and jerking started again much worse this time. I kept going to see if it would stop and it got so loud that it sounded like a sledgehammer was hitting some part of the engine over and over. It would bang-jerk- bang -jerk etc.. And kept getting worse. Then it just died. The shifter went slack. There was a puddle of oil under the car and the smell of burning fluid. The mechanic picked it up and replaced the transmission/transfer with a used one. I'm wondering if this was the transfer case and not the transmission at all! The mechanic said there wasn't enough oil in the transmission. I didn't know if the transfer case and transmission share the same oil supply or not. After reading this article about the locking up thing it makes perfect sense. Its felt just like it wanted to lock up but for some reason didn't that first time it acted up. The transmission place said they hadn't heard of a transmission banging and clanging like that. *jb

1998 Eagle Talon - 4E3AK54F2WE- Wauseon, OH: December 19th, 2005
Dt: the contact stated the harmonic balancer in the engine fell apart while driving. There were no warnings prior to the smoke he saw coming from underneath the hood. He drove the vehicle home where he has done the necessary repairs. *ak

1992 Eagle Talon - 4E3BT64U2NE- Winnepeg, 00: December 9th, 2005
Dt: the contact stated there was nhtsa recall campaign 98v069002 issued in 1998 concerning the transfer case. The contact was not the original owner of the vehicle, but knew that the previous owner took the vehicle to dealer to have the recall work done. Currently, has the same problems with the vehicle, and the manufacturer will not solve the problem again.

1996 Eagle Talon - 4E3AK54F4TE- Glendale, AZ: September 29th, 2005
I went through emissions and failed because there was an obd error saying that my check engine light is on, however it was not. I called to the state emissions board and they said it was a recall. I took it to the dealership, at the end of may and it has been in and out ever since trying to fix this recall. It has now been in the dealership consequently for two months. The dealership has told me more than once that they are going to do one more test and then if it fails they will call chrysler and tell them it can not be fixed. But every time they do the test and it fails they end up doing the tests over and over again. I actually had to purchase a vehicle so i would have a car to drive to and from home work school and dr's appointments. I am 8 moths pregnant right now and on bed rest and my doctor is saying i do not need all this extra stress. I called the manufacturer three times whom tells me all i can do is continue to work with the dealership. I have spoken with the general manager of the dealership and same thing, no answers. The general manager actually told me to get a lawyer. I have wrote the better business bureau and now i am writing you. I do not know what else i can possibly do. Please help me!! *jb

1995 Eagle Talon - 4E3AK54F8SE- Lafayette, CO: September 27th, 2005
I own a 95 eagle talon and brought it to pro jeep eagle in early summer. The staff replaced the drivers side but stated the passenger side was not in need for replacement. I disagreed. This morning as i pulled out of my driveway and into the street, before getting 100 feet my front end fell to the ground. The ball joint broke. I called the dealership and they said they were not responsible, again i disagreed. This could have been a wrongful death. Auto recall date: apr 05, 1999 vehicle component: suspension:front:control arm:lower ball joint. *jb

1998 Eagle Talon - 4E3AK24Y2WE- Philadelphia, PA: September 15th, 2005
On aug. 24 2005 purchased an eagle talon(1998)the day we bought it the car wouldn't start. The sales rep messed with some wires and it started. We got it home the following day it wouldn't start. Our mechanic had to replace some of the wiring. The next thing that went was the clutch cables. The same day the cables were replaced the brakes started acting up. We took it to the mechanic and they found that the entire brake system had to be replaced. Someone had put power steering fluid in the master cylinder,which ruined the system. The mechanics are willing to make the statement that this damage was done before we bought it. The car was supposed to be inspected the day before we bought it,that can't be true because the damage would have been noticed. The rotors were so thin that they cracked,they were cracked when we bought it. *nm

1993 Eagle Summit Wagon - JE3CB20C0PZ- Las Vegas, NV: August 12th, 2005
Dt: the consumer states that seat belt does not work on a 1993 eagle summit. The cable jumped off the track and was hanging out. The consumer took the car to a chrysler dealership, and they locked the seat belt in place. This was the driver's side belt. Chrysler said they could not help the consumer and told him to call the hotline. *ak

1995 Eagle Vision - ZE2HD66F55H- Fresno, CA: July 28th, 2005
Dt: the consumer stated the bolts in rack and pinion steering had to be tightened constantly. This has been happening for two years. Vehicle was taken to the dealership, and they stated it was wear and tear. When the bolts became loose the wheel locked. Consumer continued to tighten the bolts, but it only lasted for no more than a week. *ak

1997 Eagle Vision - 2E3HD56F2VH- Peru , IN: June 2nd, 2005
Dt: consumer had a problem with cracked seal rails. This was th fourth replacement. It was leaking fuel all over the engine, and was getting 5 miles to the gallon. Also, went through 2 fuel pumps, and 3 water pumps. Front end ball joints had to be replaced at 30,000 miles. *ak