Datsun Car Problem Reports

Latest Datsun Problem Reports

1978 Datsun Datsun - 9999- Washington, DC: September 24th, 2003
Steering lock up's occuring on 1978-1980 datsuns. *mr *cb

1983 Datsun 280z - JN1CZ0651DX- Mount.home Afb, ID: April 9th, 2001
Ss10, p205/60r15, dot unknown, replacement equipment on a 1983, datsun 280 zx, with 17000 miles. Driver's front tire had a blowout, vehicle rolled twice, tire shredded. *ak driver was injured in accident,firestone firehawk, dot vdunjbb. *slc

1985 Datsun Maxima - JN4HU1152FT- Pearl River, NY: February 5th, 1999
Prior to recall repair work completion of the fuel injector campaign p5137 u11/z31, fuel injector failed resulting in vehicle fire.

1981 Datsun Datsun - JN1PS06S7BU- Brooklyn, NY: February 18th, 1999
Vehicle experienced sudden acceleration on several occasions.

1983 Datsun Maxima - JN1HUOIS8DT- Holland, OH: September 16th, 1998
Engine fire. (ohio state police report)

1982 Datsun 280z - JN1HZ04S4CX- Bakersfield, CA: July 30th, 1998
The driver's side seat belt retractor mechanism broke, causing the seat belt not to go into the retractor mechanism after latching belt into buckle. *ak *tt

1977 Datsun Hlg620 - 1TUDCH8A1HR- Somerset, NJ: August 25th, 1997
Service panel on bus swung open and hit toll booth.

1987 Datsun Maxima - JN1HU11P8HT- Bayberry, NY: March 8th, 1998
A fire occurred in the engine compartment of vehicle. Owner made claim to nissan under campaign #95l00600.

1981 Datsun 280z - JN1HZ06S9BX- Kirkland, WA: February 6th, 1998
Fuel injectors fail leaking fuel onto hot intake mainfold, causing the fuel residue to boil and fill the engine compartment with fumes. This is a potential fire hazard. Vehicle should be included in recall for 1984 to 1989 datsun models.

1982 Datsun Maxima - JN1HUO557CX- Lakewood, CO: August 15th, 1997
Piston rings failed.

1987 Datsun Maxima - JN1HU11S1HT- Staten Island, NY: July 16th, 1997
Fuel injections: received recall notice in april and called to make an appointment to have vehicle repaired. Was told at the time they don't have the part, and she would be put on a waiting list. She has called every two weeks since and still is being told she is on a waiting list. When they get to her number they will call her. *ak

1983 Datsun Datsun - JN1HT1359DT- Davie, FL: December 2nd, 1996
Oil pump failed.

1983 Datsun Datsun - JN1HZ06S6DX- Dallas, TX: November 19th, 1996
Door latch/striker failure. *ak

1983 Datsun Maxima - JN1HU0153DT- Nashville, TN: August 14th, 1996
Fuel injector leaks.

1984 Datsun 200sx - Belleville , 00: March 8th, 1995
Vehicle fire reignited after extinguishment due to inability to turn off fuel system power. *aw

1988 Datsun 200sx - JN1PS26S4JW- Center Mor , NY: April 10th, 1995
Fuel pump failed three times, preventing vehicle from starting, also causing vehicle to stall. *aw