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2007 Aston Martin Db9 - SCFAB01A37G- Chicago, IL: December 1st, 2011
Since july 2010 i had complaints about an intermittent rattle near the drivers outside mirror. I made at least ten trips to the dealer for repairs and nothing seemed to remedy this issue. During the last time the door panel was removed, another fix made and a subsequent road test, the noise was heard by the dealers mechanic. After tightening some bolts when it was discovered that the left fender near the a pillar was loose, the windshield cracked. During the process of removing this windshield, it was discovered that it was never installed properly at the aston martin factory in gaydon, uk. There was insufficient "primer" applied and this major structural and safety component was literally moving around in it's frame. Since the new windshield has been installed the entire vehicle feels and sounds much tighter. After the windshield was replaced properly, i attempted to secure some form of restitution from aston martin for all of my frustrations an inconvenience with this issue in the form of new rotors and brake pads as the brakes on this vehicle are notorious for almost constantly squealing. To date, they have not agreed to do this, stating "to be honest, i don't see the connection between a rattle and replacing normal wear items on your car. " this reply was received from aston martin's north american rep. I received basically the same cavalier and arrogant responses from the uk. Not once in any of their replies to me did they ever use the word "windshield", apologize for any inconvenience, let alone show even the slightest concern that my well being was in danger every time that i took this car out on the roads. I have reported this incident to the illinois attorney general's office but have not received any response beyond confirmation of receipt of my complaint.

2009 Aston Martin Db9 - SCFAD01E79G- Atlanta, GA: May 19th, 2010
I had my 2009 db9 aston martin parked at the top of my driveway while retrieving my mail. As i walked back to the car (very short distance) it began rolling down the driveway. I watched as it rolled off the paved area &down a ravine crashing into a tree. The parking lite was clearly lit after the crash. My son took pictures. Aston martin would not take any responsibility for this accident saying i didn`t have it in park. I most certainly did have it in park because you can not get out of any car on my driveway without it being in park. I sold the car without repairing it & the insurance company paid me for the car. I of course had to pay my 5000 dollar deductible. I lost money trying to hire a private investigator who kept the car 3 months & never looked at it. He was charging me storage fees + numerous other things that didn't happen. I wrote letters to aston martin of north america & also the owner in england. The response was small only saying they weren't responsible... I never heard from england.. Apparently this "parking issue" was a problem in 05 & 06. They claim to have fixed this problem however i`m here to tell you they didn't. It should 'never" be this difficult to prove this kind of thing. Thankfully no one was hurt but they could easily have been. Just like toyota too many people were seriously hurt before anything got done. Unfortunately it seems that it takes contacting you people to make these manufactures own-up to their errors & make things right..

2007 Aston Martin Db9 - SCFBB03B97G- Los Angeles, CA: December 10th, 2008
All the time when i drive the car spacey when i accelerate there is a strong smell of fumes. I went to the dealer and they agree that there is a strong smell but they say its the clutch and there is nothing to do about it. In those car that's the smell. I told them that in such an expensive car first i don't suppose to have such a strong smell in the car and second even if it from the clutch as they say its not the only smell i felt of strong fumes and burning. Until today nothing has been done and they say there is no fault from their side. Smell comes when i accelerate , when i reversed and every once in a while driving with no reason. Since i bought the car i become sick , doctors couldn't be sure of the reason and i didn't related it to the car until i have been on the er after its occur and i couldn't breath and had strong chest pain and dizzy. Car is 2007 aston martin vantage. You have only db9 as option.

2007 Aston Martin Db9 - SCFAD01A37G- Chino Hills, CA: April 15th, 2008
I bought an aston martin db9 from bauer jaguar/ aston martin (1455 s. Auto mall dr, santa ana, ca 92705) on july 7 2007. The car stopped in the middle of a major intersection in los angeles on august 17, 2007 (2,319 miles). Dealer completed the repairs and returned the car on august 20, 2007. The car continues to have problems and was brought back on march 31, 2008 for multiple problems. At this time the dealer recommend a total engine replacement. The engine was replaced and repairs completed on april 11, 2008. I have send 3 emails to aston martin lagonda factory (scott morgan, after sales manager aston martin, dr, u bez ceo of aston martin) and the general manger of bauer jaguar/aston martin (james peacock) asking them to buy back this car and they are taking the position that all the repairs are done and that i can pick up my car. The car is still at the dealership and i really don¿t want to drive it cause: 1-i feel the car is not safe and/or reliable 2-the engine replacement has substantially reduced the market value of this car.

2000 Aston Martin Vantage - WAUAC68D3YA- Coto De Caza, CA: September 22nd, 2005
Exhaust and engine fumes in cabin. *jb

2000 Aston Martin Db7 - San Jose, CA: November 24th, 2003
Item number six below is the most material safety issue. Also note that the car had a subtle defect in the suspension that caused a dangerous handling problem. The dealership knew about these issues but failed to disclose them despite being asked directly if the car had any known mechanical defects. 1. Ferrari of denver sold me an 2000 aston martin db7 v12, for which i paid in full 2. They delivered it to me here in california 3. The car was materially different from the way they represented it 4. The car could not pass california emissions tests, so i had to spend over $10,000 fixing things just to register it 5. It had an illegal radar jamming system installed (not a legal detector) which will cost thousands to remedy 6. The car did not have working seat belts or airbags. They had to have known about this. The srs warning light was on when the car was delivered. I have several witnesses to this fact. 7. They charged me for an after market warranty, i paid in full, and they have failed to deliver it. This is material: i made it clear in writing that the warranty was a non-negotiable requirement for them to make the sale, and the charge was thousands of dollars. 8. There are issues related to this case in excess of $100,000 and climbing: the car broke down again recently, with a problem that would have been covered under the paid-for-but-not-delivered warranty. 9. They have refused to address any of these issues, or even to discuss them civilly much less seriously. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. *la