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The BMW 5 series Touring editions

The overall performance level of the engines in the BMW 5 series Touring editions are excellent, with different options available depending on the level of power you want in the car’s performance. At the initial level there is the diesel 2.0-litre engine, which gives 181bhp, with the 525d engine pushing the power levels up further to 201bhp. However if this is not enough for you, there is the option of the 535d model that offers a thunderous 295bhp. For those whose preference is for a petrol engine, the BMW 5 series Touring editions offer a choice of three possible 3.0-litre engines, with the 523i giving you a bhp of 201, while the 528i and 535i offer increases of roughly 50bbhp each.

When it comes to the handling and ride of the machines, the BMW 5 series Touring offers a superb driving experience, as long you opt for the additional integral active steering and active ride, add-ons. Although with these, the car offers everything a driver could possibly want from the experience, the problem is that the overall driving experience is considerably less impressive without them, suggesting that they should be more than simply optional extras. As it is, these options are not cheap to purchase and they are necessary – making this the weakest aspect of the BMW 5 series Touring models.

What the car does undoubtedly offer is a seriously refined driving experience, thanks to BMW’s success in suppressing the various types of internal and external noise – from the engine, suspension system, tyres and road surfaces – which can sometimes prove to be intrusive and mar the driving experience. The 530d engine does offer a minor amount of audible noise and some degree of wind noise can be heard above the door mirrors, but this is a relatively small issue. The gearbox – an automatic, eight-speed model – is excellent, whatever force you put on the accelerator pedal.